Lessons with the Legendary Mike Austin

Golf’s Longest Hitter

Now, for the first time ever, the secrets of the Mike Austin swing are revealed in detail, by the Legend himself, in never-before-seen, full-length lessons with students – including yours truly, a friend and student of the controversial, cantankerous, genius for over six years.

Rent Episode One for one year: $59.95 (Quarantine price offer.)

Episode 2 Now Available for one year: $59.95 (Quarantine price offer.)

If you desire a graceful golf swing producing effortless power while being easy on your body–young or old–you’ve come to the right place.

Join me in keeping the Legend alive,
Chuck Dayter, llenroc enterprises, LLC

The Swings of Mike Austin Students

Mike Austin, past holder of the Guinness Book of Records longest drive in competition – 515 yards – and instructor to the likes of Long Drive pioneer and Hall of Famer, Mike Dunaway, introduced kinesiology – the science behind the efficient use of nerves, muscles and skeletal joints – to the golf swing. Conventional instruction be damned, learn how you can put your body in a position where you can “kill it with your hunds.”

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