“-itis” and the Modern Golf Swing

The dangers of the modern swing as only Mike Austin could describe them. With all the injuries suffered by those on the tour, one can only hope that  more golfers, pro’s and amateurs alike, find their way to the Mike Austin golf swing. Copyright March 2016 llenroc enterprises llc

The Hip Pull Drill

It’s a shift and then a hip turn. It’s not just a tilt or a stretch.  There’s a turn. Here’s the real deal.

Check out the drill – MIke emphatically teaching the power that comes with the hip turn. (Something to practice while the snow flies.)

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“Under Pressure” with Mike Austin

Here’s me hitting some shots at the surprise request of Mike Austin and other students.

Mind you, I had not swung a club yet all day as I had been observing Mike giving lessons to several students. Just a wee bit of pressure:

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The Start of the Mike Austin Backswing

Many have asked how Mike Austin started the backswing. Here’s how:

Remember, when you took the proper stance, the trailing leg was flexed. The trailing leg now goes into extension, meaning it straightens.

For right handers, the right hip gets a bump to 4 0’clock.

The arms begin to move because the body begins to move.

The arms do not swing independently!

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