The Start of the Mike Austin Backswing

Many have asked how Mike Austin started the backswing. Here’s how:

Remember, when you took the proper stance, the trailing leg was flexed. The trailing leg now goes into extension, meaning it straightens.

For right handers, the right hip gets a bump to 4 0’clock.

The arms begin to move because the body begins to move.

The arms do not swing independently!

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The Modern versus the Mike Austin Pivot

Mike Austin’s pivot differed from the modern pivot. Before getting into the details, check out the overall  move. Both types of pivot are used by today’s Tour players.

An example of the modern pivot is Camilo Villegas. Note how the feet are anchored to the  ground in the back swing for stability. The knees are often kept wide to inhibit lower body movement. The upper body is then turned against the stable lower body.

Source: You Tube, bignogga

Compare that move to the Austin-like pivot of Bubba Watson. Power is generated through mobility versus stability.

Source: You Tube, golfer 221

In  Mike Austin’s opinion, the modern swing led to “arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, and lots of other  -itises”.

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