It’s An “In Curve”

Ok guys and gals. Let’s get going on the backswing and the path of the hands and arms.
I am pretty sure this is my second day with Mike Austin. As you can hear, he gave me a hefty dose of his “enthusiasm”.
I took the heat, now you can learn from the comfort of your home.
The bottom line here is that unlike a lot of teachings (and many incorrectly teaching Mike Austin’s swing), the clubhead and arms do NOT go straight back on a line from the ball. They move on an “in curve”. This is crucial to a circular motion.

Hope this helps.
Happy New Year and thanks for all of your support this year. We’ve got some great things in store for your game next year.
Best, Chuck
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“You’re Not A Dinosaur Batting the Ball With Your Ear”

I decided to do a quick clip on my own in response to questions about the pivot and on the lack of precision hitting experienced by some viewers. If you don’t take the proper measurements at address and don’t keep the head steady, problems with precision may creep in. Actual clips from Mike are to come but this will provide you with some critical foundation.

Hope that helps!

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MisInformed About The Mike Austin Stance

Wow! I have received a lot of emails concerning Mike Austin’s stance. Apparently, there’s been much internet banter asserting that Mike Austin advocated a closed stance.

Sorry, but this is simply not accurate. From what I can discern the advocates of a closed stance are doing so in order to address additional wrong moves such as coming over the top. Unfortunately, building on an incorrect foundation is only going to impede your progress.

Let’s roll the tape. Mike Austin’s instruction to me quite clearly discredits the assertion that he advocated a closed stance:

This is an important point as it builds on Mike Austin’s swing principles.

Remember, the ankles, knees and hips are the engine of the Mike Austin swing. A closed (aka blocked) stance will impede the hips and reduce your power!

Moreover, Mike Austin was adamant that you had to build the proper foundation (which includes the stance) before  you put the roof on your swing.

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