Bicycle Pedaling

I realize that everyone is clamoring for the hand action. And, it’s coming. But, I can assure you that the lower 6 joint issues are critical – not just the motion, but the angles. They have a direct impact on all the other motions. Done correctly, you can kill it even without adding the hand. Here is a tremendous video on the proper hip action. You can see the results in the swing when done properly. You can  hear my reactions in the background. Our buddy, the student, also does a great job of describing the incorrect action.

Please note something else. Any medical terms here? No. That’s not how Mike Austin taught predominately. He distilled the action to pedaling a bicycle. Brilliant.

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“You’re Not A Dinosaur Batting the Ball With Your Ear”

I decided to do a quick clip on my own in response to questions about the pivot and on the lack of precision hitting experienced by some viewers. If you don’t take the proper measurements at address and don’t keep the head steady, problems with precision may creep in. Actual clips from Mike are to come but this will provide you with some critical foundation.

Hope that helps!

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The Center of the Club Face

Mike Austin would constantly stress to me that you want to hit the center of the golf ball with the center of the club face.

You could hear the difference and he often commented on the the sound of hits. He did not want a dull thud. He wanted a lively thwack.

In addition, you could see the difference in hits. Often, Mike would grab my club and take a look at the face.

I’ve tried to work hard on my game recently with success. Broke 70 last week and had a great practice session yesterday.

At one point I stopped, thought of Mike’s club face comments and took a gander at the face of my 4 iron.

As Mike would say,

“Now that’s hitting the center of the ball with the center of the club face.”

The impression is the result of the measurements taken at address and the precision hitting stemming from Mike Austin’s action.

While practicing, be cognizant of the sound of impact. And, every so often take a look at your club face.

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A Mike Austin Imperative: Use of the Right Hand

The proper use of the right hand is an absolute imperative to the power and accuracy of Mike Austin’s teachings.

Mike even had me hit balls with only my right hand. Look at the way the balls jump off the clubhead.

Give it a try. You will know immediately if you are using the right hand correctly.

BTW, note Mike Austin’s reminder not to use a closed stance (a/k/a “blocked position”).

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Long Driving With Mike Austin

Many have asked to see the driver swing. So, here goes:

The driver swing motion is the same as the irons.

Note the ball acceleration and the straight path of the ball flight.

Mike Austin provided me with these results in my second (!) lesson with him. Best of all, there’s no pain and strain.

“That’s killing it!” And, so can you.

Remember, it’s supple quickness.

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“Under Pressure” with Mike Austin

Here’s me hitting some shots at the surprise request of Mike Austin and other students.

Mind you, I had not swung a club yet all day as I had been observing Mike giving lessons to several students. Just a wee bit of pressure:

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Mike Austin – the Golfing Bandit – Getting Impetus to the Clubhead

I wanted to share one of my golf treasures with fellow Mike Austin fans – some very rare footage.

Here is Mike Austin, aka, the golfing bandit, at age 90 hitting balls “on a string” one-handed for me during a lesson.  At the time, Mike had an 80% loss of locomotion in his right arm and right leg due to a stroke. Fortunately, he had incorporated his improved swing tenets. Sadly however, most of his later lessons were restricted to his home.

Can you believe the power and accuracy generated with one hand, with virtually no pivot? It’s effortless power. Little wonder why Mike Austin’s long drive competitors commented that it looked like was “just playing with it”.

You can benefit from watching that action, over and over again. It’s an invaluable lesson in itself. There’s no cranking of the body. There’s no forced effort. That’s the beauty of the Mike Austin swing.  It can benefit the athletic person and the not-so-athletic person, the strong and the not-so-strong, the young, and the not-so-young.

But don’t stop at just watching the clip. See if you can duplicate that action – with your left hand and then your right hand. Mike had me hit many balls one-handed. The resultant shots will tell you if you are properly using the hands.

As you can see, the name of the game is not brute force. The name of the game, as Mike clearly states, is getting impetus to the clubhead. He did that via a proper pivot and proper use of the hands so as to not impede the swinging clubhead.


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