Pick Up The Heel !!

I went back to my mission statement and recalled that I started the blog because I was quite upset at those who were espousing incorrect versions of what Mike Austin taught and claiming that they had figured it out or had taken lessons from Mike (more likely one lesson) and consequently could enlighten Mike Austin fans as to what the great man taught.

Prime example – Here is a student shifting his weight by rolling between the insides of the ankles.

Mike Austin’s response? “Pick up the heel! Pick up the heel!”

To teach otherwise and call it Mike Austin, is, as Mike would say, “A bunch of crap”. Note too, Mike explaining the benefit of a narrow stance enabling you to work with the hips. With a wide stance you are working “against the hips”.

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The Stance – Part 2 – The Launching Pad

Didn’t want to leave you hanging on the second part of the Mike Austin Golf Stance. So, here goes:

In Part 1 of the Stance we: (1) stood erect; (2) allowed the derriere to move back until our arms hung freely above the tips of our toes; and (3) clapped our hands together. (We did not squat with the knees.)

Now, we know that the trailing hand (right hand for righties) must go from the clapped position to a point below the left hand. We get there by flexing the right knee and allowing the right hip to drop. This sets the right shoulder below the left shoulder. Here’s a view from head-on and then down the line.


Here’s Mike using his leg to nudge the back of the student’s right knee. The student now feels the motion of going from an extended right knee to a flexed right knee. This allows the right hand to lower properly below the left, with the resultant lowering of the right shoulder.

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