What’s your QL ?

People have asked if Mike Austin mentioned the QL in my lessons. The answer is “yes”. The QL is the quadratus lumborum, the muscles which attached the pelvic bone to each side of the spine.
There’s been much study and some dispute of late as to the precise function of the QL. Some argue that it aids in lateral flexion, as in a side bend. Others say that it has little to do with that motion. What is intriguing is the studies generally agree with how Mike Austin told me to utilize the QL. Namely, when one side is activated it brings the lowest rib (the 12th rib) down toward the hip.
To get a feel, stand erect and act as if you are going to raise your left heel but don’t allow the foot to raise. You are activating the left QL.
What does that mean to us as golfers? At address the right knee (for a right hander) is flexed. You then straighten it which bumps the right hip to 4 o’clock. At the same time you utilize the QL to crimp in (concave as Mike would say) your left side. That lowers the left hip and shoulder and sets the plane upward. Now your swing can move on the previously discussed “in curve” and the path of the club will naturally move up as it travels along the upward plane set by the left hip and shoulder. But remember our past lesson. You don’t move your head. (You’re not a dinosaur!) How is that possible? You start raising you left heel which allows the turn.
Gray’s Anatomy FIG. 389– Deep muscles of the back.

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It’s An “In Curve”

Ok guys and gals. Let’s get going on the backswing and the path of the hands and arms.
I am pretty sure this is my second day with Mike Austin. As you can hear, he gave me a hefty dose of his “enthusiasm”.
I took the heat, now you can learn from the comfort of your home.
The bottom line here is that unlike a lot of teachings (and many incorrectly teaching Mike Austin’s swing), the clubhead and arms do NOT go straight back on a line from the ball. They move on an “in curve”. This is crucial to a circular motion.
[wpvideo x6MeibaH]
Hope this helps.
Happy New Year and thanks for all of your support this year. We’ve got some great things in store for your game next year.
Best, Chuck
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Mike Austin – The Man

Many have commented that they have enjoyed learning and/or reliving the feats of Mike Austin.

One of my prized possessions is a poetry book that Mike gave  me that he authored. Included were several great photo’s of Mike including those taken in movie roles. If you look closely at the cover of the 20th Century Fox movie dvd pictured below you’ll see a distinguished gentlemen at the right front of the table.

Yup, you’ve guessed it. That’s Mike Austin as Judge Lange in “The Star Chamber” (1983) starring Michael Douglas.

A Mike Austin Imperative: Use of the Right Hand

The proper use of the right hand is an absolute imperative to the power and accuracy of Mike Austin’s teachings.

Mike even had me hit balls with only my right hand. Look at the way the balls jump off the clubhead.

Give it a try. You will know immediately if you are using the right hand correctly.

[wpvideo crII9riO]

BTW, note Mike Austin’s reminder not to use a closed stance (a/k/a “blocked position”).

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“Under Pressure” with Mike Austin

Here’s me hitting some shots at the surprise request of Mike Austin and other students.

Mind you, I had not swung a club yet all day as I had been observing Mike giving lessons to several students. Just a wee bit of pressure:

[wpvideo 8bvjqWkc]

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Cruising Speed – Mike Austin and Tempo

One of the biggest misconceptions that I read regarding Mike Austin’s teaching is that his methodology was designed  for power hitters and/or long drivers. Not true. Mike’s technique was not based on brute strength. Yes, it resulted in powerful shots, but  it was based on effortless power and supple quickness, without the pain and strain normally associated with such shots.

Nor was Mike Austin infatuated with distance. Mike constantly reminded students about tempo. Further, he was very interested in a student obtaining a nice “cruising speed” where there was a “nice reward for the amount of energy expended”.

Here’s an example of a great swing at a wonderful “cruising speed”:

[wpvideo nSL2UdG2]

(BTW, this was the student’s first lesson with Mike Austin. I watched the entire lesson unfold before my very own eyes and my camera – from set up to puring the ball – all in the course of one hour. The most amazing lesson I have ever witnessed.)

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The Modern versus the Mike Austin Pivot

Mike Austin’s pivot differed from the modern pivot. Before getting into the details, check out the overall  move. Both types of pivot are used by today’s Tour players.

An example of the modern pivot is Camilo Villegas. Note how the feet are anchored to the  ground in the back swing for stability. The knees are often kept wide to inhibit lower body movement. The upper body is then turned against the stable lower body.


Source: You Tube, bignogga

Compare that move to the Austin-like pivot of Bubba Watson. Power is generated through mobility versus stability.


Source: You Tube, golfer 221

In  Mike Austin’s opinion, the modern swing led to “arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, and lots of other  -itises”.

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Mike Austin is "Cryptic"?

[wpvideo cqfN83cL]  I’ve heard many comment that Mike Austin’s teachings were “cryptic”. They must be joking . . .

The clip evidences a rather direct approach.

The clip below debunks the cryptic myth by evidencing Mike’s “hands-on” approach”.

Few were as passionate in their craft!

[wpvideo Y4ZHzKkE]

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I've Had Enough!

There, I said it.  I’ve sat back for years now reading forums, blogs, and the like on Mike Austin’s golf instruction. My blood has boiled. Some of the commentators and self-proclaimed gurus never met the man, yet alone took lessons from him. Several sought him out in the twilight of his life when his health limited his teaching to his front yard and in later years to his living room Barcalounger or motorized hospital bed.

My face reddened while reading mischaracterizations that his teachings were “mystical” and “cryptic”. I grew disgusted by those who claimed that they discovered the secrets, yet never studied under the man. My blood pressure sky-rocketed by unsupported and self-serving assertions that Mike’s teachings were only aimed at long drivers.

My name is Chuck, president of llenroc enterprises LLC, and for over 5 years I spent dozens of hours with Mike in one-on-one instruction. I was also fortunate enough to be allowed by his side while he gave  hours of lessons to numerous other students.

We sweated together, challenged each other, and had a lot of laughs. We became the closest of friends. Mike was gracious enough to permit me to document those lessons and witness and document the small miracles that he worked with other students.

I promised Mike that I would, when the time was right, make sure that his teaching legacy would not be abused or forgotten. That time is now . . .

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