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19 thoughts on “The Legal Stuff

  1. New website with membership content is being built as we speak. Expected launch is July.
    Preview content forthcoming!

  2. Yes, we have hired a website designer. The site will include membership content. Expected launch is July.

  3. Hi Chuck,

    Are you still running this excellent website? Are you still working on the member site?


  4. Like many others I would love to be able to see more of this great method. Is there any chance of a book and/or dvd?

  5. Hi Chuck, do you teach the Mike Austin Swing ? If so where and what are your charges for lessons ?

  6. Thank you so much for these posts! I’ve been trying to learn this swing through Mike Dunaway’s DVD and tidbits of other videos on YouTube. I stumbled upon this site and learned so much more that I thought I could about this amazing swing. Take care and hope to see some new posts soon…

  7. Many people have characterized the harping action incorrectly.
    By harpooning, Mike Austin meant that the butt end of the golf stick was being pulled toward the ball.
    That’s in direct contrast with letting the head of the club free wheel toward and past the ball.
    Hope that helps.

  8. Chuck,
    Thanks for your enlightening videos.

    Ten years ago, Dr. Miura — a Japanese physicist — introduced the revolutionary concept of “parametric acceleration” that challenges Homer Kelley’s and Bobby Clampett’s claims about the ideal path of hands and the club face into AND through impact.

    Actually, Miura’s findings — if I understand his concept — seem congruent with Austin’s admonishment about employing a “an harpooning motion.”

    QUESTION: Is Austin’s admonishment associated with the “harpooning motion” his way of inducing golfers to quicken and square-up the club head by using “parametric acceleration” and thereby abandoning the conventional, target-line directional path of the hands and club head at and beyond impact?

    Simply put, please clarify why Austin properly rejected the “harponing motion.”

    my best… james ragonnet

  9. Should be good to go. Thanks for your patience. You’d be surprised how many goblins you face in doing this type of project. Best!

  10. Hi Chuck, really love your posts, I do not seem to to be able to view more than 3 of them. How come?also when can we expect a DVD? keep it up Jack

  11. Thanks for making these videos available! Are more coming?

    If you would like to publish more MA in a secure fashion I have an idea that may work for you.

  12. I really like the videos and information on this site. I have not seen much added lately. Is there any plan to do so ? At one time i had heard about a DVD being made is that still planned ? Also I use to get Emails wheich I no longer get.

    Thanks Mike

  13. chuck: your blog is the best information on the mike austin swing i have ever seen, and i have the peaceriver dvd books etc. i see april 2011 was the last month you listed
    i hope there’s more you can provide


  14. Do you sell a dvd on the MA swing or book? Do you offer lessons and if so, where and how much?

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