It was December of 1996. A magazine article entitled, “Mike Austin: Longest of the Long. Golf’s Venerable Big Hitter Talks About Taking It Deep” led me cross-country to Studio City, California to meet the legendary golf instructor. During my first lesson I was tongue-lashed, twisted, pushed and pulled. But within an hour, I was hitting golf balls farther, more accurately and with less effort than ever before. That evening I headed back to the Studio City golf range and launched 4 large buckets of balls into the California night. Onlookers gathered around my stall. I woke up with absolutely no pain or stiffness. I jumped out of bed and headed to my second lesson. So began my golfing odyssey and friendship with Mike Austin.

Mike Austin holds the record for the longest drive ever in a sanctioned tournament – a shot recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records – a mind-numbing, 515-yard blast during the 1974 National Seniors Open. He was 64 years of age. A student of medicine, engineering and kinesiology, Mike was a pioneer in the study of muscle movement as it related to the golf swing. “If you practice kinesiology, the science of muscle movement, you don’t need to play often to play well”, he once told the L.A. Times.

Mike’s life was the stuff of legend. He recounted practicing golf at East Lake Country Club, the pro at the time being Stewart Maiden of Bobby Jones fame. Mike was a member of the PGA and played the likes of Lloyd Mangrum and Sam Snead. His golfing exploits as a hustler earned him the nickname, “The Golfing Bandit”.  Mike roomed with Errol Flynn and gave lessons to Howard Hughes. He sang in operas, spoke several language and appeared in Hollywood movies. In 1984, at the age of 74 Mike was named Southern California’s PGA Golf Professional of the Year. He was known for prodigious drives and fantastic ball striking.

Mike shared his passion for golf and brilliant teaching with thousands of students, including legendary long-driver Mike Dunaway. Mike Austin gave golf lessons in Studio City, California well into his late 80’s. His revolutionary teaching tenets run counter to much of the modern swing approach. Mike continued to provide golf instruction from his home well into his 90’s. Mike passed on in November of 2005 at the age 95.

While the golfing world lost a legend, you now have the opportunity to witness, first-hand, actual lessons with Mike Austin via mentoredbythelegend.com. You will learn the true secrets of this legendary instructor and re-live his passion. Welcome!

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  1. Hello- Have you given up on a member website? Are you considering publishing newer clips?

    Would love to know.

    Best regards,


  2. Hi,
    I’m Joe, I have a huge interest in the Mike Austin swing, I am playing my best ever golf using the principles of this swing.

    The only part of swing that I am a little unsure of is the hand and forearm action on backswing and through swing that Mike used,
    Could the correct action be explained,
    I would be very grateful,
    Joe o Connor

  3. Hi Joe,
    Glad you found the site!
    Yes, Mike Austin taught me the “honda grip” short game.
    Later, he also later showed me hours and hours of short game with a standard grip.
    I will put some video on.
    I will be having some type of member site. Right now I am battling people hacking in and also setting up a suitable website.
    Keep in touch.

  4. I have been searching for a good golf swing for 30 years, I got into the Golf Machine material and had lessons from Ben Doyle in Carmel,Ca.
    I purchased the set of video tapes called Austinology after about 15 years of trying the Homer Kelly book.
    My wife threw out a lot of golf books & tapes that I had collected, Austinology was a set of 4 tapes I lost. Mike in that series taught Mike Dunaway the short game grip called “honda grip” and a unique way of executing the short game swing. Do you recall any details about his short game teaching. Would love to join your site and become a member but don’t know how. Thanks, Joe Wood

  5. Hi, I’ve just discovered the Mike Austin swing methods and can’t wait to get to the driving range to try to improve power thru his swing teachings. I really like the idea of the spine tilt as you extend your right hip and throwing your right pocket as you start the swing while straightening your left leg. I can feel the power already 😉

  6. From Thailand, I am a slow learner in regards to body movements, but I am getting much better after study Alexander Technique. Your exposition of Mike Austin swing is the best so far for me to mimic, please hurry up and start an internet training course (or something). I want to play better golf from now on (I am 52.) I don’t want to be too old to learn. Sorry for the selfish reason.

  7. Hi Chuck,have been driving myself crazy trying to get the hand action down consistently.when it works the ball just takes off straight and far,but I am not quite sure what exactly I am doing.Are you going to demonstrate,with video,soon so I don’t go completly off my rocker.Thanks for all your other great vieos.

  8. Thanks Jim.
    Mike Austin constantly evaluated the sound of the hit – both in long shorts and in chipping.
    Sound remains a good source of feedback for us all.

  9. Chuck,
    I have looked at several of the videos on your site more closely and I can see that an earlier comment I made was, well, just wrong. Think I was confusing the Austin “in curve” with a rolling of the forearms, and I now see briefly from just after impact, and the position of your hands in the follow through that you are using the “new” release. I can’t believe the sound of that ball coming off your club face. That’s crap-smackin’ it! Very impressive.

  10. Chuck,
    I notice that you have a traditional action with the forearms, rolling the face open on the backswing, squaring it up on the downswing, and continuing to roll the forearms over after impact. Was it Iron Mike’s feeling that this was the proper method for power hitters, and keeping the club face facing the ball was for “the rest of us”?

  11. Annabelle,
    I will keep a look out for you but they are very difficult to find.
    Thanks for reaching out.

  12. My boss’ son is a competitive youth golfer and his instructor in Colorado introduced him to The Flammer which as you know was created by Mike Austin. In doing some research, I came across your name and have been trying to track you down. I was hoping that you could point me in the direction of finding the needle in the haystack. I would love to find a used one for sale for my boss so he will have to give me a massive raise! All kidding aside, do you happen to know of anyone selling one? Thank you so much in advance for your help!

  13. I have been studying mike Austin swing and fine it interesting how his takeaway stayed on the target side throughout his swing. Such a simple way of expressing his swing. I have not yet tried this swing on the range yet but am looking forward it. Thanks for all your input and keeping mike Austin swing alive

  14. After watching all the videos numerous times I find myself admiring the way you always had a helping hand or steadying position to help Mike, total respect……….

  15. Thanks for the comments. My very early clips had the old release. I showed up one year however and Mike disclosed his new release. I spent years with Mike when he was teaching the new release. As such, almost all of the clips that I show have the new release. Haven’t seen one “Mike Austin teacher” get it right yet. Too bad since it’s messing people up. It adds incredible effortless power.

  16. Hello from australia Chuck,
    have just discovered the Mike Austin swing through your amazing website,keep it going !!
    Do you do private lessons as iam planning a trip to the US very soon, and would enjoy your techniques with a lesson or two ??
    i have a 1 handicap ,but have never been able to FEEL a release or power..

  17. Hello “Mentored by the Legend”. It seems that you are not posting any more. I am a very interested student of the Mike Austin swing and have noticed you have a unique place in the Austin swing knowledge. From a forum post I have read that you wrote elsewhere you stated that you have been taught BOTH hand actions by Mike. I am very interested in understanding them and hearing an explanation of the differences between the two. I would also be interested in your opinion on the two and the pluses and minuses between them. I assume the hand action in all of Mike’s videod works, Austinology, Peace River, and Golf is Mental Imagery still adhere to the old hand action??? If you see this I’d love to here what light you could shed on this. If you are not posting here anymore please use my email and contact me directly if you would. You are one of the few with a lot of knowledge about Mike that does not enter the “family feud” or carry a ridiculous ego into the discussion of Mike, his swing and his teachings. Your swing shows the great results one can acheive from Mike and his teachings. I hope to hear from you. TY craig PS… In your clips my sense is your swing looks like what I imagine is the “old” Austin hand action. Am I wrong? This add to my intrigue.

  18. Chuck, I noticed that the date of the last post here was over a year ago -April 26, 2011. Have you put up any further clips of your lessons with Mike Austin? I bought the Peace River video tape years ago and had some success with elements of Mr. Dunaway’s teachings but….Your lessons, videos, and explanations (especially the pivot video using the dinosaur head characterization) is clear and understandable! More!!

    How long had you been playing golf before you made that fateful trek to southern CA to learn from Mr. Austin directly? Iam very grateful to see someone clearly and accurately sharing the “Austin Way”. THANKS!

  19. Dear Chuck,

    On my road to recovery from cancer I have rediscovered (after an absence of 35 years) my passion for golf, and this week also your website. Your postings are inspiring and do honour to Mike Austin. Thank you. I note that your last posting was April 2011. Hope all is well, and that this blog is still mobile.

    Seasons greetings from the Netherlands,

    Iñaki Legorburu

  20. Hi Chuck!
    I have been trying to learn the Mike Austin swing for some years now because I just love the fluent and effordless swing he had.

    However i still struggle with the main part, the compound pivot.

    This is crucial to get the correct swingplane and weigt transfer both ways.

    How to you think when you do move this starting the swing?

    And will you make a dvd or a ebook in the near future?

    Regards Staale, Oslo, Norway! :=)

  21. Hi Chuck,
    I look at your site every day to find more little clues about creating the best swing for me. I love the Mike Austin method. And I like you so much putting it on the web. Next January I will try to qualify for the European Senior Tour. With the love for golf I greet you, Rob from The Netherlands

  22. Robert,
    See also the video clip on “Completing the Mike Austin Swing” as to the hip position at the end of the swing.

  23. Hey Robert,
    From address with a bent right leg – When you extend your right knee and the right hip moves back to 4 o’clock – your left knee flexes/bends.
    You are now in the tripod position (see prior video clip).
    With your left knee bent, your left hip is naturally below your right.
    The opposite happens at the beginning of your downswing.
    Now your right knee flexes and moves toward 10 o’clock. That’s going to lower your right hip.The hip then continues to go around however until the hips are perpendicular to the target line.
    (To simplify, just stand straight upright. Flex your left knee. Your left hip lowered and your right hip got higher.)
    Hope that helps!

  24. Chuck,
    Hello. I am viewing, studying and practicing Mike Austin’s and Mike Dunaway’s video. It is going well with the exception of one area that I just don’t get. I have the 4 o’clock 10 o’clock move. I don’t’ get the push down of the right hip movement. When watching Mike D hit the ball he has a sort of upward push like movement. It is a subtle move and I seem to be overdoing it. A man named Shawn Clements advocates that move but his is exaggerated Mike Dunaway’s is not. The up move which is a reaction of the downward hip move is, I believe, a power generating move. Can you provide information on this right hip between the ball and knee downward movement?

  25. HI Chuck

    I would also like to know when exactly in the forward swing you initiate the throwing of the club?
    Do you transfer your weight first by swinging your right knee at 10 o’clock and then from that momentum you throw the club using your hands or you need to transfer weight, swing torso and arms and then throw the club with your hands?
    It seems that I’m still struggling to get the timing right because I’m inconsistent in my ball striking. When I release too early, I pull the ball or duck-hook it. If I’m late, then it’s a push or nasty cut. When the timing is right, I can’t ask for more, the ball goes far and straight.
    It’s only the sequence of action that I need to ingrain in my brain.

  26. Charles,
    Mike Austin was stepping on my trailing foot. Now that you know, you can probably “see” it.
    On both the backswing and the forward swing Mike was big on the fact that if you don’t “raise the heel” you can’t make the proper pivot.
    And, the pivot was the engine that caused the rest of the machine to then move.
    Mike taught me to trigger the forward swing in the lower body with the right knee going to 10:00.
    Hope that helps.

  27. Hi Chuck

    I your video where Mike has you holding to your pants pocket, what exactly does he do to prevent you from turning?

    Also, what do you feel is the trigger for the lower body to provide power during the down swing? Do you find its the front hip pulling at 8 o’clock or the back leg pushing forward to 10 o’clock?

  28. Gene,
    You are more then welcome. For leg action, check out older motions of Nicklaus and many golfers of that era. Also, earlier I posted a clip on Bubba Watson.
    For the bowed left wrist check out the post on Dustin Johnson. Recently, Tom Watson had a recent article in Golf Digest regarding his throwing motion of the right hand.

  29. Thank you so much for such an informative site. Keep the lessons coming. I would like to ask you if you would name a few players from the PGA, Nationwide Tour or Champions Tour that come close to resembling the Mike Austin swing.

  30. I am in New England – often in RI and NY.
    If I know I am in Manhattan I will surely give you a shout.
    Thanks for the note.

  31. Hey Tony, are you still at Yale??

    Chuck, wherein New England are you? If you come down to NYC ring me up, would love to meet with you

  32. Chuck,
    of course we know MA, there have been some dicussions about MA in some german internet-forum and there is a teacher at Hamburg who knows him from his hospital days and promotes the DVD’s. I started golf just 3 years before and didn’t like the art of teaching which I felt was against your natural abilities so I came in touch with MA because I was kind of searching him. Regrettably I was too late to meet him but.
    Thanks again for sharing!

  33. Thomas,
    Thanks so much. Glad you found the site.
    It’s very exciting that this information on Mike Austin has reached Germany.
    More secrets are on the way!

  34. Hi Chuck,
    thanks for those great, new insides from someone who really knew him and was even able to record his lessons..quite outstanding. I just discoverd that blog and I am really looking forward to all new posts. Hopefully soon….

    Regards from Germany

  35. Thank you so so much for keeping these pictures and video around. It brings back a great deal of good memories for me. I have been wishing that I had filmed all my lessons, and Mike’s sessions with other students. There is no question that this is the easiest way to hit it long and straight. Ever since meeting Mike Austin it is nearly impossible to watch pro golf swings on TV.

    What you are doing is wonderful – keep it up!

  36. Dennis,
    Thanks for the email. I will get into the right arm swing. I can tell you that a lot of it has never been divulged before in any tapes or books.

  37. Chuck,

    Thanks for the webpage – I have bought everything out there claiming to be Mike Austin and it is clear to me they are not all identical! In studying Mike’s swing, it looks like to me that the right arm is used differently than other swings – some have described it as a tromboning action and I look forward to your comments on the right arm.


  38. Andy,
    Thanks so much for the wonderful email.
    It’s fantastic to hear others contribute about MIke.
    I am sure that it helps the readers get a feel for Mike’s intellect, golfing skills and personality. It also must have been incredible to see MIke give lessons to Mike Dunaway.
    Mike use to tell me stories of Dunaway hitting 6 irons over the highest part of the farthest point of the Studio City driving range. I had the good fortune of speaking to Mike Dunaway several times while at Mike’s house. He seemed like a wonderful, down-to-earth man.
    Please feel free to provide any insights and/or stories.
    Thanks again,

  39. Hi Chuck,

    As a friend & student of Mike Austin’s, I greatly appreciate your wonderful website. Your words captured it best, “Mike Austin was a treasure.”

    Having met Mike Austin ~1 year after his stroke in 1990, I never saw him make a full swing live, but I was privileged to see him teach his protege, Mike Dunaway. His swing looked as effortless as a practice swing, but the ball took off like a cannon shot.

    Also, for anyone questioning the quality of Mike Austin’s ball striking, each of his irons had a severely worn dot the size of pea right on the sweet spot. He rarely mishit anything.

    By the way, his clubs had shafts as stiff as telephone poles, with ultra high swing weights (my guess would be well into the “G” range). It’s a testimony to his extraordinary physical strength. One could only imagine what he could have done with the modern golf ball & clubs.

  40. Chuck,
    I’m looking forward to seeing the instructions. Your Site is great resource and thanks for making it available to us. BTW right now I am not counter rotating my wrists. I just let them flow naturally in the back swing and downswing. When my hands are waist high in the back swing the toe of my club is straight up. I hope that is how Mike used to do it.

  41. Thanks Bruce. I am generally in the New England area though I often travel to metro areas on the east and west coasts.
    If interest In Mike Austin’s teaching continues to grow i may try to take it on the road to give those interested hands-on insights.
    In the meantime I have some really detailed instruction from Mike which I hope to get out. Thanks again!

  42. Hi Chuck,
    Nice site you have here. I have been trying to learn the Mike Austin Swing for a couple of years. Sometimes I think I’m close but not really sure. Are you located anywhere close to Northern Virginia?

  43. Tony,
    Welcome to the site. Thanks for your input.
    Please feel free to share any of your insights.
    Love the golf course at Yale. Wonderful, great course.

  44. i took many lessons with mike. i am a teaching pro in ct. i have been teaching for 25 years 8 years at yale golf course. i would never teach anything other than austinology. thanks tony

  45. Thanks for the kind words. Sorry to hear of the demise of the other site.
    I hope that Mike once again gains in popularity. He was a real golf treasure.

  46. Thomas Dang began what was tauted as the official MA site: Mikeaustingolf.com.

    From that site one could purchase the Austinology and Mental Imagery dvd’s.

    The forum at one time was very popular.

    Within the past year or so, Mr. Dang has diappeared. That site is in limbo.

    I am pleased to see someone who is seeking to perpetuate Mike Austin’s memory in a meaningful way.

  47. I didn’t previously participate in any Mike Austin forums to the best of my recollection.
    I read some. I wasn’t a fan of all the arguments going on nor the information that I saw. I do not know the person that you reference nor do I know which forum you are referencing (??)

  48. Chuck,

    Did you ever participate in the Mike Austin golf forum which was started by Thomas Dang?

  49. I’m off to Orlando tomorrow to meet with Rocky who studied under Shauger. Hope to learn the technique to hit the ball consistently..I liked your blog on Mr. Austin..

  50. Great site! I just started on the MA swing a few weeks ago – I have spent just a few hours with Dan Shauger and it helped immensly. Seeing and hearing Mike is both interesting and helpful. I look forward to you posting more video.

    Thanks Again!

  51. I consider myself very fortunate.
    Mike was bigger-than-life:
    A huge talent, wonderful character and dear friend.

  52. I wish I could have been so fortunate to have met Mike Austin. Looking forward to seeing your upcoming vidoes.


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