Never Swing The Arms!

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Here’s an absolute essential to the Mike Austin swing, as explained by Mike himself.
Never swing the arms! The arms move with the chest as a unit. The chest moves via the actions of the ankles, knees and hips.
Your C7 is like the hub of a wheel. Your arms are spokes. Swing your arms independently and you have broken the structure of the wheel.

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23 thoughts on “Never Swing The Arms!

  1. I recently had a problem cupping my left wrist at the top if my backswing. Aside from all of the great advice chuck gave to help my situation, I tuned into this video. I realized that my firing order was incorrect. I was using my arms to move my body, which didn’t have me turning enough in my backswing; so my arms were struggling to get in the proper position. I then reversed the order by turning my body(of course using ankles knees hips) and my arms just followed along and fell into the proper position. Very important video!

  2. Chuck, thank you so much for the update.
    Hope ur membership site will be available soon for us to join.
    Have a nice day

  3. Want a funny story. This was given by Tanya for me to share at Mike’s home going (memorial service). A few weeks before he went into the hospital, Mike was giving a lesson at home, and as only he could, some of the comments were rather loud and Colorful. Tanya feeling sorry for the lesson ask Mike if he shouldn’t dial it down some (my words). The lesson turned to Tanya and said Shhh, I’m learning.

  4. Your arms move at the speed of your chest. (Your chest turns on an axis. It’s movement is caused by your hip turn which is, in turn, caused by the motion of your ankles and knees.)Your hands move faster than your arms. There’s a progression however. Learn how to kill it solidly with your body (and your arms moving at that same speed) and then we can add the hands. You will save a lot of time.

  5. Sorry Steve. I will check on the issue.
    Sadly, the site is unfortunately under constant attack by hackers.

  6. Tha arms move with the body/torso. If you get that down, you should be able to kill it.
    Mike taught the swing that way – in a progression.
    Once you have that down, you can add the hands, which swing freely from the wrist.

  7. Chuck, one of the things that I’m trying to figure out is how to get my left arm / back of my left hand at a 90 degree angle in the take away when I’m halfway back in the backswing consistantly. When I do it right I hit great shots, but I’m inconsistant at the take away. I’ve heard Austin and Dunaway on SOTGGH say they turn the left arm with the top of their shoulder….Austin goes on to say all you do is turn your left thumb 90 degrees. When I see you guys swing the action of this movement is so fast I have to watch it frame by frame to try to figure it out. Any advice???

  8. Hi Chuck.
    When Mike talks about swinging the hands, does he talk about a free L to L release that happens by it self, with a stabile C7?

  9. Good to see you posting again. Looking forward to the future.
    Mark, 1lovegolf24

  10. Hello Chuck!

    This a great tip for everyone, and expecially us strong arm users! :=)

    Can you please tell me your way of thinking about the swing sequence?
    I have been struggling with this swing for several years and just love the way you and Mike Austin (swung) swing the club.
    Any chance that you will open a membershipsite in the near future?

    All the best Staale, Norway

  11. Hey Chuck,
    I’m also wondering about the precise movements of the hands. I’m sure you are going to give more detail with clips about the hands later, but it would be nice to have a few details to help with the big picture idea. My swing has really come together and I think I figured out the concept with the hands but it would be nice to have some verification. Thanks so much for all of the videos, as well as taking time to answer questions!

  12. Great to hear from you again. Don’t swing the arms. I get it. Swing the hands. What does MA mean by that? Thanks for your sharing your association with MA.

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