The Heels

I was hitting balls at the range a few days ago while a pro was giving a lesson based on the most recent, advanced, body movement research.
The student hit but 2 balls. They were weak shots. I overhead the pro say, “I love the way your lower body stays still.” Most of the lesson was foot and ankle stretching- designed “so that the heels could stay completely flat on the ground to build up torque”. Meanwhile, I was flushing it and had 2 members come over to ask what in the world I was hitting and how I learned to hit so far and straight . . . We have 2 new fans of Mike Austin.

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  1. Hi Chuck, Thought I was an MA expert having studied your website and watching all of MA videos hundreds of times. But just had a major breakthru, hit me like a bullet between the eyes. MA always talks about the muscles used in the golf swing. I always thought I was using the correct muscles because I was reaching all the positions and hitting the ball far and accurately. Then just for kicks I was swinging a club while watching Austinology, and noticed I was not using some of the larger muscles the way MA suggested. I was using shoulder muscles and lats to make my turn and shoulder swing back. Yes, I achieve back to the target and swing pretty good. But MA says that is wrong, instead to use the erector spinae. I’ve watched that and heard it over and over and now it makes sense. Now I get a huge amount of massive power during the downswing, even more than I was getting with shoulder and lats. More easy on the body and more efficient. And this is why I think many people have trouble with the golf swing and why instructors make money teaching. Because the human body is flexible and can move in so many ways, in appearance looks right. However if the right muscles are used properly much better consistent results. It is hard to discern if the right muscles are being used in pictures and video because the wrong muscles produce a simuilar position and appears correct. But is incorrect. So in addition to getting body parts in the correct position in a swing, it is just as equally important to use the right larger muscle groups. Just like MA says over and over in all his videos. Erector Spinae far more powerful and consistent than simple ‘shoulder turn’ with the lats. They look the same, but feel entirely different. No one ever taught me which muscles to use, even some MA instructors. Everyone is always just focused an positions, but you can get in seemingly right position but using wrong muscles. Just goes to show how superior MA understanding is compared to traditional and modern day instructors. In any event I noticed I’m still learning and many thanks for all your videos and sharing the method. As a side note, I played golf yesterday with different guys and the guys I was with kept saying ‘you have a great swing’, ‘if I only had a swing like that’, ‘very nice’. So I told them about your website here. Credit where credit is due.

  2. Hi Chuck, I just wasted my time reading other websites and blogs about the MA swing. So many instructors profess his method and discussion goes off the deep end arguing about this little thing or that little thing, and the instructors only can perform the swing marginally and Im very surprised they put their swings on video on youtube. Once someone learns the MA swing then looks at the youtube videos the expert instructors are no less than a funny joke (there is an old saying: them that can, do, them that cant, teach). They just dont focus on the important things and priority of things as you do in your website here. No need to publish my comment here because im not out to cause a raucuss. But I can say I’ve got the basic MA swing going pretty good now, thanks to you and your website. So, that will be the last time I visit any other website. Your website is pure and unadulterated. Thanks Chuck!

  3. Hi Chuck, Thank you for the suggestion of swinging left handed, reverse of what I usually do as a normal right handed player. I found by practicing a left handed swing, and the backswing weight shift to left leg, actually really helps me on the follow thru to left leg when I swing normal right handed. By practicing left side, I can feel a slightly more stretch and use of the body parts, and weight shift, which I was not fully using on the normal swing follow thru.
    I now feel as if I am posting correctly on the left leg with my normal right handed swing during weight transfer. And my right leg comes around the left and not into it. Now my backswing is more like a door opening, and the downswing and follow thru like the door closing. Amazing suggestion for practice, thank you.

  4. hi chuck, still the same problem with the replies .
    today i tried on different PC and also with IE .
    with http and/or www

    so i hope when posting this i can see the other replies

  5. They all sound like good ideas. Sometimes I practice the pivot as a left hander. Sometimes you discern new feels.

  6. Hi Chuck, I’m an avid fan of your blob and website here. I’ve made some earlier posts. I had to travel for the past ten days on business unable to play golf (painful withdraw!). Finally I was able to play today. All I thought of was how the body moves according to kineseology, natural movement of a swing. Well, after a short warmup, I was striking the ball very good. The swing mechanics came right back. This is total confirmation that the MA method is the really only way to swing a club. Earlier years when I played golf and took a break I almost had to learn to swing all over again. I remember in one of the posts in your website that MA was quoted saying that if a golfer learns according to kineseology then they will not have to play as often but still play pretty good. I am a living testament to that. The MA swing is not about being at the practice range hitting hundreds of balls, once the mechanics are established it is like going for a walk, it comes back! Do you have any advice I can do while in a hotel out of town unable to swing a club? Practice just the ankle, knee and hip movement (no arms because of limited space)? Or maybe hand wrist release? I was thinking of taking an old club and shortening it so just have the grip and about a foot of shaft (a mini golf club without the head). Then I could pack it in a suitcase and swing it in a hotel room?

  7. LOL. Thanks Dave.
    Your insights, stories and incited laughter are always appreciated here.

  8. What a wonderful wakeup to see you’re still around. I always wanted to be Mike if I ever grew up. Now I want to be you..if I ever grow up.

  9. Sounds like Mike says “You have to start it.” “They start at the same time.” Step Down and Pick Up starts at the same time? I am under the impression that the left heel is put back down as the first move from the top. Then the Right heel raises. Is my understanding wrong? I kind of hope I am wrong.

    I sometimes watch some lessons at the range and think to myself, “Oh Boy!” If only those folks understood what a great swing is out there to for them to learn. But they all want to swing like eldrick. So while I go on my merry way I keep hearing the thud, whack of fat shots behind me. Thud Whack, Thud Whack. While my shots just go THWACK!

  10. Nice to hear your story. I am a fan of Austin swing too and gradually getting more and more swing speed. But my flight is always push-draw instead of straight.

  11. Sad… It’s hard to discribe the experience (tongue lashings included).
    At least we have the videos.

  12. Try going directly to the web address

  13. A good friend of mine from Atlanta , another teacher of Austinology and former Long Driver was scheduled to visit Austin for a lesson. Mike unfortunately passed on just before the lesson.

  14. And please keep stay in contact and share any of your insights and successes!

  15. hmmm… so after posting this comment i can see all other replies,


  16. Recovering from surgery to repair a fractured knee cap 2 months ago. Car backing out of a parking space at a local never saw me and swerved into me . I moved quickly to avoid being struck , but landed on my left knee.
    Prognosis is very good though. Most likely won’t do long drivers this year anyway.

    I’m jealous you were able to meet/ learn from the legend himself..
    I’ll enjoy staying in contact.

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