A Treasure Trove of Mike Austin Swing Secrets

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Check out the number of tremendous Mike Austin swing keys in this short clip.
These aren’t vague, esoteric swing motions. These are the real deal – precise movements that can be readily incorporated into your swing.
Don’t bend your knees as you push your butt back to take the address. Otherwise, you lose your height.
Raise the heel!!! How many times have I told you that while others refuse to correctly teach Mike Austin’s swing?
The left knee bends/flexes toward the ball.
The left shoulder lowers and the right shoulder raises in the back swing.
AND, for those that argue that the head moves, take a look again.
Better yet, listen to what Mike Austin taught: The head stays in the address position.
But, it only does so when you perform the individual movements of the Mike Austin swing correctly – as he taught it.
That was the genius of the man.

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23 thoughts on “A Treasure Trove of Mike Austin Swing Secrets

  1. the video clips have been very helpful in clarifying some moves. l have been a mike austin fan since i recovered from a stroke. right after my miraclous recovery i went back to playing golf. but to my dismay i could only hit the driver to about 75 yards.it was so frustrating because i lost the power from my left side.then on one occassion i saw a video of mike austin swinging with just the right hand and a string was used to act as the left hand. immediately i got all excited. i wanted to find out about this great guy. it gave me hope.the more i read and studied his method the more i improved.

  2. I gotta say, I have been a student of golf for some time and came across the MA method. After some years I have now almost perfected it, and have experienced the tremendous speed and explosive power and pinpoint accuracy. And many thanks to Chucks blog here which helped. I’m tired of reading other instructors trying to improve upon the MA method, or criticizing it, discussing it in theory only, or trying to modernize it. In fact if you look at their swings on youtube you can see they have many swing flaws and or have changed the essential swing mechanics. Sure, they may hit it far. But their swing looks like an awkward beast using brute force. How can someone be an MA expert if they have not perfected the MA method? At least Chucks blog here is pure, and he demonstartes the movement. There is no instructor on youtube that can demonstarte the MA swing as good as Chuck does in his blog here. There is no reason to go anywhere else for MA instruction. You will become confused, misguided, and frustrated. Stay with this blog only. This blog is as close to MA perfection as you will find. Long live MA!

  3. I will say this. This is something I have learned about the modern driver from other very good instructors. You must play the ball further up in your stance. This is due to the size of that frying pan hanging off the end of a 45″ to 46″ shaft. So playing the ball off of the left toe may be a better option for some.

    Having said that it will not change the swing motion and the Austin swing will work with all equipment in my opinion. Irons are irons and blades are blades, nothing changes about the Austin swing as far as irons are concerned. As for a metal wood? Maybe play the ball a tad bit up in your stance from persimmons. but again the swing does not change, just where you place the ball in the stance.

    But making the change of addressing the ball a little further up in ones stance is not enough of a reason to steal and discredit a mans work and then attempt to rebrand it as your own.

  4. I just saw what was written. The dude has taken the Austin swing, made himself a little bit of a name with it and then has thrown the Austin swing to the wind. He has developed his own swing method based on Mikes swing principles and its now calling it his own swing design. I am sure he has made some tweaks here and there but this is the height of narcissism as far as I am concerned. I could think of a few other things to say but I’ll hold my tongue. If it was me I would stay away from someone who took another mans stuff and tried to call it his own. Even if he made a couple of tweaks here and there, that may or may not work.

  5. Chuck,

    I was on another site reading some posts about the Mike Austin swing and found one quite funny. You had posted a video of your swing and one guy critiqued it saying it looked like you were swinging all out, driver swing with a 6 iron. I had to chuckle to myself as I realize that you are not swinging at full speed. People just don’t understand how the Mike Austin swing works.

    Its just as a former instructor told me once. You can’t listen to what 99% of the people posting on golf sites says as they don’t really know bunk. Present company excluded of course. As I said on the Austin facebook page, it seems to me that Mike Austin Students are some of the most knowledgeable when it comes to how to swing a club, the rest, unless pros or instructors are, I’ll be kind, no where near as smart as they think they are. And even then, some pros and instructors are not as smart as they think they are either.

  6. Chuck, I have the pivot down pretty well but still find myself struggling with a good thought to help the “throw” release. It seems when I just think throw i sometimes hit pulls and get my right elbow a little high through impact. Did MA ever talk about trying to push the thumbs/hands away from the top of the backswing to start the throw? I hit it really solid and carry a +4 handicap (Pw-145, 7iron-185/Driver-300) but I’m just lacking the repetiveness to attack left pins without hitting a draw and constantly struggle to hit the fade. Also, could you talk a little about ball position and angle of the feet at address. Thanks!

  7. Hey Jason, Where and whatever website said that, you should run away from them, they have aids. Seriously, the MA swing is about efficient effortless body movement. The equipment is secondary to the natural way the body creates energy from using the legs and hips to shift the weight and the hands to hold the club. Thank you for sharing a most funny thing I have ever heard about MA’s swing. Again, run away from whoever said that!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I just wanted to let you know that I was knocking about my 9 iron very high and straight using the information/truths that you’ve disseminated regarding your training time with Mike Austin! I normally count on 132 yards with that club. I was about a 1/2 club short, but employed no hand action (because I’m not sure of the method).

    I’m looking forward to any light you can shed on that subject. Very late start in Wisconsin this year, but absence makes the heart grow fonder I guess. 😉

  9. I wasn’t able to read the posts until I posted that note thereby making a comment. No big deal…glitch in a matrix.

    I’ll take this opportunity to thank you for sharing this great information and to wish you well!

  10. Hey Chuck:
    This information and site is great. I have been working on adopting Mike’s swing methods. I am getting good results with the drive, but not so much with the irons. I don’t seem to be able to hit the irons that crisply. On the downswing I am really driving the right knee towards 10 o’clock and at the same time activating my hands to hit the ball. I tend to hit the irons thin using this method. I am not sure where I am going wrong.
    A few questions I have based on some of your older posts
    1. What did Mike mean when he said he does not swing the arms? How does the club move then? Does he just focus on the legs, hips, and shoulders to do all the work?
    2. Mike said the club face always faces the ball. Is that before the wrist hinge? It surely can not be facing the ball at the top of the swing.
    3. What did Mike recommend for ball position for the different clubs?
    Thanks for all your help Chuck. I look forward to hearing from you.

  11. Nonsense. Dunaway, myself and countless others were taking lessons with Mike Austin with modern equipment.
    Let me tell you … if Mike Austin perceived and issue with the modern equipment and his lessons he would have tweaked his lessons accordingly.

  12. Wonderful. Thanks CB. Introduce them to the site!
    That’s how many people become introduced to Mike Austin. I had swarms of people around me at ranges. Father’s often come up with their sons or daughter’s stating that they have never seen anything like the effortless power they witnessed. They wanted their kids to get off to the right start.
    We are on to something big here.

  13. Hi Chuck, I conducted my first MA swing group lesson today. While at the range during practice, I was killing the ball. A young female beginner was practicing next to me haveing a difficult time. She mentioned she had taken many lessons from teh local pro and still had no idea of how to swing a golf club. As I explained some basics of teh MA swing and method, I demonstrated a few hits. Well, I was bombing the ball. A few others came by and watched and listened. before I knew it a small gathering of five or six people were there learning about MA. I think what attracted them too was the sound my driver and 3wood were making. A very loud crack each time I hit the ball. So, I gave them your website here and you may soon have many more new members!! Thank you again for all you have done. (By the way, I had just picked up two custom drivers I had built, one a Rage and the other a Bang each with high end shafts). I’m looking to enter long driving distances sometime soon.

  14. Hey Chuck, quick thought. I read on another website that the Mike Austin swing is outdated for modern equipment. Your thoughts sir, I don’t believe it.

  15. Once again Chuck, a great clip and very informative. Thanks for sharing. Any time frame on the new site yet? I bet I speak for a lot of folks here when I say we can’t wait to see it.

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