A “Shout Out” to Sammy and the Boys. And the Girls . . .

For those that haven’t found it yet, check out the Facebook site for the “Mike Austin Golf Swing” that Sammy Smith started. Great stuff.
And, a great tribute to Mike Austin. Thanks Sammy.

The following video is submitted in response to a comment posed to the group questioning the validity of Mike Austin’s results:

Enough said.

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18 thoughts on “A “Shout Out” to Sammy and the Boys. And the Girls . . .

  1. You got it. Plant the left heel. Raise the right which activates the right knee kicking in toward the ball AND then continuing the its rotation to point to left field.

  2. Chuck, Do you plant your left heel before you turn your right side? What is the sequence?

  3. Hi Ty,
    Rumor has it that there are guys working on a reproduction. As you can imagine, there’s more to it than one can imagine. If I find out any additional word, I will post.

  4. Hi,
    I love your blog and look forward to the new web site. Thanks for all you are doing to keep one of the true icons of the game in the main stream. I first heard Mike Austin’s name from Doc Jim Suttie, my golf instructor, and have been trying to find everything that might still be available from this great master of the swing.
    I’ve looked everywhere for the flammer training device. Do you have any idea where I might purchase one. I used it with Jim Suttie last week and it was unbelievable from the get go. Jim told me to try and find one.

    Thanks again – Ty Freyvogel

  5. I do website work…if you need any help, please let me know.

    Captain Chaos

  6. Will do. I am working actively on it.
    There is a lot more to it – technically and otherwise than people would realize.
    Good to hear from a Cheesehead!

  7. Chuck – Please let us know when the site will be up and running. I’m looking forward to getting more in depth on Mike Austin and wish to start my Wisconsin season off in the most productive manner possible. Thank you for the great work here!

    Go Packers!
    Captain Chaos

  8. Hey Chuck, I was curious if you could elaborate on the new members only site you will be starting up and what we can expect to see. Jason

  9. Hello Chuck!
    What a great swing! :=)
    I wonder if I can ask you about your shoulderaction.
    I seem to “overturn” my shoulders due to wrong pivotmovement.
    My hips turn more than they tilt and this is a habit that die very hard since I see this on video every practice session.
    Any suggestions how to work on the correct sequence with hips/shoulders/arms/vrists? Its frustating at the moment and I really want the Austin way of swinging correct.
    With regards Staale, Bergen, Norway

  10. Hey Jason,
    Thanks for the kind words.
    I think whatever thought works for you. Also, it may change in your thoughts/feelings from time to time.
    You are building a repetoire and thoughts, feelings and actions that you can retrieve as needed.
    I would also make sure I practiced the moves in front of your reflection from time to time. Head stays still while lower spine swings. Head does not drop.

  11. Chuck, Great website and the FB website showing Mike give those student’s grief is just priceless. My question is I have been working on the right knee and the hip pull, should I feel one movement more than the other? Thankyou for the videos and like everyone else we look forward to the membersite opening up.

  12. Thanks Chuck. Sammy’s FB has some wonderful resources and discussions. And your swing rocks!

  13. Chuck, I am sitting here watching Doral and Mike was right. Such effortless power. Thank you for sharing what is possible.

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