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Here’s an example of the level of detail that’s in store.
So many people asked me how they can improve rapidly. I told them what Mike Austin did in his teachings. You can now witness it.
He had people hit balls with just the leg action. Forget the hand action at first.
You must build the foundation. You must go through Kindergarten. I know, I know. Sounds too elementary.
Guess what? You need to get it down. You need to own it. It’s like scales and chords in music.
There’s also magic in proper sequencing – the order in which you learn things.
Study this and practice it. It’s a fundamental to the golf swing and the short game. I will show you later how I failed to do this basic, fundamental move in the short game and the wrath that ensured.
So much is here. Despite what others have preached, notice the left heel raise and then the right heel raise.
See how the right knee continues around in a circular motion. See where it ends up. It’s NOT just a weight shift.
Witness Mike Austin ensuring the proper movement of the right knee.

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30 thoughts on “The Foundation

  1. “Study this and practice it. It’s a fundamental to the golf swing and the short game. I will show you later how I failed to do this basic, fundamental move in the short game and the wrath that ensured.”

    Did you ever put up the piece you refer to – I don’t think i have spotted it? Thanks.

  2. This is just an awesome lesson. I’ve been into the Mike Austin swing for a year and having some problems lately. I’ve been thinking too much of the pivot and the throwing release that I’ve been forgetting about the turn. Just by doing this move helps me hit the ball a very long way. Thanks a lot for the great work! /Ulf

  3. Been working hard on the swing, caught a bad case of the fats. I know its because I’m not performing the pivot correctly.

    So today I’m at the range and the fats are bad, I finish my bucket of balls and head over to the pitching, chipping area. While practicing my pitching I decided to work on my pivot by hitting little 15 to 25 yard pitches. I try to remember everything I have learned and then I remember Mike stating in one of the videos on the Internet that he feels as if his right ankle extends to start the down swing. It appears to me that causes the left heel to plant and then you can “turn around the right side around” the post that is the left leg , “like closing a gate.”

    All of the sudden the fats were gone. As long as I felt like I was extending the right ankle I could just turn the right side around the left leg post. I felt like I was really turning the right knee to the target as well with this new feel/move. I hope that is correct way to perform the down swing part of the pivot. I will try it again tomorrow to see if it is still working and hopefully I will also get a chance to try it at the range with full shots.

  4. CB,
    Incredible results. Plus, I love the fact that you are playing golf and able to use the Mike Austin swing out on the course. That was the idea. Effortless power and accuracy on the course. Great job. Thanks for all of the support. Please keep us updated!

  5. Hi Chuck,
    I’m continuing to make great improvements! This past weekend I played a very tough couse with narrow fairways. I’ve got my MA swing tuned up and have faith in it. I was picking a target line close to the tree line on many fairways, and sure enough hit the ball perfectly straight and far down the fairway. I was playing with one of my usual foursomes. These guys dont let me use my driver because ‘i hit it too far’. So they make me use my 3wood. Believe it or not, I was sailing the ball 280 yards straight with my 3wood, in the narrowest of fairways. I trust the swing more and more and so doing, I can relax knowing where the ball will go and how far. With that relaxation I can really let my body pivot and my hands release freely through impact to full finish. One guy said (and they tell me this all the time) “you just crushed it”, when we got to my ball, mine was the only one in teh fairway and at least 50 yards in front of everbody. The MA swing is amazing. The more and more I trust it the more and more I relax and amazing speed is generated. More to a useful comment or observation here for the readers: do exactly what Chuck is saying and showing in his instraution videos with MA. It works. And one more thing: don’t get caught up in all the philosophy and terminology. It’s as easy as swinging the club to and fro. It’s a very natural movement. Listen and learn from Chuck. I wish I would have come across his website long ago!!!!!!!!

  6. He lives on my man – through us. Somewhere Mike is smiling.
    Thanks for all of your support.

  7. Wonderful that you’re back. I had a suspicion way back in the seventies that Mike would live forever. It’s like he never left. You’re accomplishing your mission with valor. Thanks a ton.

  8. I’ve been searching for the best explanation of the compound pivot and I think Chuck has nailed it here.

    One question I have. At initial setup is more weight on left leg, say 60-40 more or less depending on club, or is it an even 50-50 weight distribution.

    Many advocate especially with scoring clubs to start out with more weight on left side.

  9. Thanks for the reply, Chuck.

    I have been starting the backswing by straightening my right leg and then swinging my lower spine immediately after the initial movement. This posts me on top of the right femur head in a very powerful position.

    Early extension is my only real problem…causing me to hit pushes and hooks. The hips thrust towards the ball and I have to raise my spine up in order to make room for the arms and hands. Nothing stinks more than hitting a 300 yard drive only to hip thrust and shank the wedge!! Its the difference between a 70 and a 78 for me.

  10. Hey Ryan,
    Yes, it moves right about 6 inches. Just to the outside edge of the right foot.
    But, it also goes rotates slightly. If your toe line is a straight line. The right hip goes 30 degrees to the right.
    Hope that helps.

  11. Hi Chuck

    When you straightened your right leg to start the backswing, did your right hip sway and move to the right any amount? Or did it stay more or less on the original line established at address.

    In some videos of Mike teaching, he has students really moving their hips to the right as they make the backswing. Mike’s hips never swayed in any of his swings, so was that more of a feeling he was trying to promote in order to stop posterior- rotation? Or did he actively teach a sway with a steady head?

    Trying to clear up some confusion.

  12. Great. I think you are on the right track on the finish. Check out some of the video’s that I post with Mike.
    You will notice now that he is saying words like , “Now give me the finish”.
    Let me know how you do and feel free to send video clips.

  13. Hey Chuck,

    I have been doing it a little bit in isolation but had to work to correct a flaw where I was collapsing the left leg instead of turning it, the collapsing left leg is causing me to dip my head during back swing. I suppose turn is wrong term but I am/was collapsing left leg so I’ve been working to fix that. I’m hoping that will help with my swing through to target.

    I’m going out to practice in a few minutes to practice lower body work in isolation mode.

    I’m thinking that as I work on lower body that I must remember to turn the belly button to the target and power my right side through without stopping. I might be hitting at the ball a little too much instead of swinging out.

    During my lesson on Thursday I did manage to hit some of the nicest drives I have hit ever. Very straight and long, I need consistency and that requires more practice. 😉

  14. Hey JesseV,
    I think we are making it harder than it needs to be. I will put up another video and get you on the right track.
    Are you having a hard time when you do it in isolation – for example – no club and hands cross in front of you?

  15. I’m making great progress learning the Mike Austin Swing but I am having a problem utilizing my lower body correctly. More specifically my foot/leg work stinks. I am not turning that right knee to the target. Without the proper foot/leg use its not a real Mike Austin Swing.

    Does anyone have any advice or drills to go along with this video that will work to improve the use of the legs and lower body in the Mike Austin swing?

  16. Staale,
    Wow. Have fun on your trip.
    Here is the sequence.
    When you straighten your right leg (and bend your left knee) your hip goes to 4 o’clock.
    In doing so, note that it also rotated about 30 degrees to your right.
    The right hip stays right there. It does not turn any farther back. You have about 80 per cent of your weight on your right side.
    Now, you turn your shoulders and torso. You will feel like your left side is turning into your stationary right.
    On the way down the reverse happens. You step over to your left side and your right side turns into your left.
    Hope that helps. Let us know how you do. Enjoy your trip!

  17. Hello Chuck!

    2 more days in cold Norway and then off to a 5 days trip to Canary Islands! :=)
    I have a question regarding the pivot and the sequence.
    There is so many explanations of the Austin pivot and I want to here it from you since youre swing looks so fluent.
    Do you turn Your hios at all in the backswing or do they turn due to the rotation of the shoulders?
    How is the sequenceorder of this swing?

    With regards Staale, Bergen, Norway!

  18. If you want to learn what Mike Austin actually taught, you are in the right place.

  19. Hi Chuck,
    This week and mostly today I reached MA nirvanna. Two things happened. First, the two separate foursomes I usually play 18 holes with weekly gave me group consensus feedback: “There is no need for you to hit it that far” and “you either need to use your 5wood off the tee with us or play from the course tips”. Second, today I played with three people I have not played with before. Word for word, almost right out of the MA video ‘secrets from the games longest hitter’ they said “how do you hit it so far and it does not look like you are doing anything” and “you like to hit the snot out of it”. So after four or five years and a number of MA instructors later, I believe I have successfully cloned the MA swing. I honestly believe I could have achieved the same results in less than half the time if I started with your website first. The words herein of MA are second to none. And you have not tried to improve upon his original technique. I’m sure you may have some ideas to do the MA swing differently or better, but for my purposes thank you oh so very much for keeping it pure. I was thinking of entering some long drive contests in the future. One thing will be sure, the balls I hit will be down the center of the fairway and a long long way away!

  20. That did it for me. Been struggling for a while, so I took a step back and swung with the legs only. It was awkward at first, but it got better pretty fast. It allowed me to focus on what was going on down without worrying about what was going up. I had 3 thoughts :
    1. Keep the head over the same spot
    2. Extend right leg while allowing left heel to come up and make sure I don’t sway
    3. Turn right knee toward target

    It was surprisingly easy to integrate. After a few dozen swings, I started including the arms in the action and they just took care of themselves. When my legwork is fully integrated, I’ll work on the arms, but for now, focusing on legs while leaving arms passive seems to work well enough.

    Best of all, no strain, no pain, no madness.

  21. I just came across your site and am interested to know. How much time did you spend with Mike Austin, how many lessons did you take over what amount of time? There are some Mike Austin instructors that spent many years with Mike. I interested to know why the new site will have information that have never been revealed. Just trying to figure who is the best and why.

  22. Great video. It took me a bit of practice and the right mental image but I think I am getting some where on the pivot, in that I am begining to be able to repeat it pretty well. Its also begining to be clear to me that as Chuck say’s the pivot is the first place to start on the MA swing.

    The image that really made the difference for me is the “turn the belly button” from a previous video. If I just concentrate on turning the belly button to my right as far as I can it triggers the in curve, weight shift, shoulder turn and the raising of the left heel. If I then move the belly button back to the left AND DONT STOP IT I get the left heel planting/weight shift back and the right knee pushing forward/moving onto the right toe.
    Exactly the same for the 15 yard shot per MA, I hit it with my belly button and the lower joints just do as they are told.
    At this point I have no consious release at all and my hands arent active in the swing but I am hitting the ball well and long (for me) and straight (well ok I have a bit of a draw going but its playable).
    I am currently playing golf with my belly button, who would have thought.

    I am I two minds with the release, sure I want to know how to do it BUT I am hitting the ball well without it and am tempted to leave things alone.

    Great stuff Chuck, can’t wait for the members site/more info.

  23. Hey Chuck,
    I’ve been watching your videos over and over and over. While at the range today I could swear MA was sitting next to me yelling at me. I heard his voice clear as day. Guess I’ve really internalized and am really absorbing this stuff! On many occasions over time various different people have said or described my swing as ‘that swing’. By george I think Ive got it. I will take some video and let me know if you can review and comment on it. Many thanks. And thanks again for all your hard work and sharing within this website. For whatever reason you may get some flack from other MA ‘experts’ but ignore it. You simply have the pure artifacts they don’t. This wesbite, and MA’s voice, speaks for itself. Keep up the great work.

  24. Hi Chuck, Ive been practicing the hip turn. I must have been stopping or slowing down previously like in your video. My previous 3wood distance was about 250 carry. Now, I turn through to full finish. Today I hit my 3wood 280+ (carry plus roll). I am now hitting way past my buddies using my 3wood while they are using driver. And I’m in the fairway in front of the green. And I’m still no expert on the MA swing! I cant wait to continue practicing the MA swing movements you suggest. This website is good as gold.

  25. Hey Staale,
    Try toning it down a bit. I think a lot of people are going too hard at it.
    Get the footwork down and then gradually pick up some pace.
    Remember, it’s a full second back and a full second through so you have plenty of time.
    Mike Austin would tell me, “You are not trying to hit it into oblivion. You are tying to hit it to a specific distance.”
    Hope that helps.

  26. Hello again Chuck! :=)
    This video is very good showing the footwork.
    However I struggle a bit to get this correct and watching my videoclips from today’s practice shows that I “twist” my left feet/ankle even thoug its flared out
    quite much at adress.
    Am I turning to hard with my right hip, knee and ankle or?
    I also struggle “landing” on my left heel, expecially when I use my longer clubs like 3 wood and driver.
    By the way It feels really powerful when I pick up my right heel and drive the left arm through with the right knee and hip. :=)

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