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In light of all of the great interest, the launch of the Membership site will be ready shortly. This will also hopefully thwart the dreadful pirating of ideas and copyrighted materials experienced to date. It will also create a platform for more complete discussions and swing analysis.

Say “so long” to all of the inaccurate teachings by those claiming that they teach the “Mike Austin swing” or have “discovered” or “figured out” the Mike Austin swing. I am sad to say, that most everything I have seen is total conjecture and wrong. Dead wrong.

As a member, you will learn the Mike Austin swing first-hand. And, just as Mike Austin taught the swing – not during rapid fire demonstrations, but how he taught the swing during hour long lessons. You will learn crucial Mike Austin swing principles that have NEVER been revealed – NEVER. You will also witness, first-hand, the changes that Mike Austin made in his swing and in his teachings. And yes, he made changes. We will also detail the short game – the way Mike Austin really taught it. And, it’s nothing short of amazing.

One of our followers reinforced a goal that I have had from the start. It is particularly poignant at this juncture –
Keeping it pure. No embellishments. No guesswork. The Real Deal.

Much more to come as we get closer to the launch date.

Also, check out the comments we have received to the posts – some incredible results.

21 thoughts on “Big News

  1. I’m in! I’ve been following you Chuck since your first postings on a golf website. I’m getting old. I need to master this swing! Let me know when this is available.


  2. Welcome Napolean. Glad to have you aboard.
    I’ve been overwhelmed a bit by work but am working on the membership site as we speak.
    Will provide updates. Thanks for your interest.

  3. I have been reviewing all the videos you have posted regarding your lessons with Mr. Austin and every time I view them I find something new to incorporate into my swing. I still have a long way to go. I am wondering how the membership project is coming along. I sure hope you will be able to launch it soon. I am sure there are many of us eagerly awaiting the arrival date.

  4. Chuck, Looking forward to your web site lunch with more complete Mike Austin video and instruction. Can you give me/us and idea when we might see the site launched?

  5. I just heard about this swing several days ago and found your site. I’ve already tried some of Austin’s method. It works, I can’t wait to learn more!

  6. Chuck,

    Glad to hear you are restarting your insightful and accurate teachings of Mike Austin. I have followed this site since it began. Drop me a line when you launch the new site!

  7. Thank Peter.
    No, that’s not my site. From my understanding Wishlist is a program that allows for the creation of membership sites. Wishlist membership is not presently activated on my site.
    I will check into the confusion. Thanks for the heads-up.

  8. Hi Chuck….
    What is this Wishlist thing…I was browsing your site and came across this Wishlist which I thought was your sign up page….it was 97.00 and now I’m thinking it has nothing to do with your site….I thought you were allowing people to sign up….

    Has anyone else asked you about this….I am going to have to now contact the cc company and retract but if I got there that easily just by reading your blogs, who else got hosed…it looks like something legit but nothing I want..


  9. Glad you found the site! Yes, I have short ge lessons with Mike Austin. Very effective technique.

  10. Just came across your site and love the format….always wanted to know more about MA’s teachings. Read MD’s book but it was different from MA’s teachings. This should be alot of fun.
    Will you also go into short game material?

  11. Chuck, thank you very much! We can’t say enough by way of thanks for your efforts. In the short time I have tried it, it resonates with what I believe and felt a good golf swing should be. It turns most modern golf instruction on its head and I have seen plenty having had a plethora of coaches over the years.

    Thanks for the good work and we will be happy to support you and work to spread the word. Thank you for keeping it pure!

  12. Chuck, it’s going to be great. Some of your posts and videos are already an eye opener, and can’t wait to see more!!!!! You’re doing a great website here, appreciate it.

  13. Chuck,
    Great news, I can’t wait ! Thank You for all the great information you’ve given on your lessons with the legendary Mr. Austin

  14. Chuck can’t wait to see the new website. You’ve done a great job already and as I have commented before, the short clips have already helped me immensely. Sign me up !!!

  15. I also have all the available Mike Austin instruction and have watched it many many times. Austinology is the closest thing to what you are planning Chuck but even then it can’t replace, can’t even really come close to, the real time one on one instruction that you have created by recording Mike teaching real time. I KNOW that I am not yet doing the Mike Austin swing correctly and I am so much looking forward to this development.

  16. Chuck,
    Outstanding news. The gold mine of actual Mike Austin instruction that you diligently recorded is nothing short of treasure. I look forward to supporting your efforts and gaining this knowledge. Somehow I believe Mike would be pleased… very pleased.

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