The Stomach and the Right Knee

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Guys and gals, I will get to the release but I really want to you to get down the pivot. You can kill it just with the pivot.
Really study this video. I can’t tell you enough that it’s a shift AND a turn. Look at my first swing. Looks fine. But if you really look closely you can see that I stopped my body ever so slightly near the end. I cut off the swing motion. Mike Austin yelled at me all day to keep the stomach and right knee going. Look and LISTEN to the next swings. See the flow and HEAR the high pitched, lively hit? That’s what you are looking for. Actually, that’s what you are listening for. It provides your very own feedback. Hear the sound and look at the flight.
“That’s killing the ball”.

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  1. Hey Jim,
    Glad you like the site. More lessons are coming.
    It’s all linked together, so I’d go back to the stance and backswing pivot.
    From there it’s not a sit down motion, but rather you right (rear) knee and hip go from 4 o’clock (12 being the ball, 6 behind you)to 10:00 position. That’s the first move but doesn’t stop there. You’re right knee and hip then move in a semicircle to complete your lower body move. Your back knee will be facing toward left field. Your upper body stays as a unit and follows. Your sit down move may have helped you to avoid spinning, but that’s only a guess without seeing any video.

  2. Chuck … I hope that it is not a bother for you .. but I have been searching for information on the Mike A swing for about 5 years. I found from watching your Youtube posts and some other posts in various forums that I have developed a swing which is already in large part, like MA’s. But, I am lacking the distance effect, which, I believe is because I have the pivot wrong. I am nearing 60 and have several illnesses which I will not bore you with. Recently, while practicing my swing without a club.. I turned my back to the target and made a sitting motion in that direction and that got my left knee over my left foot. Am I on the right track for that move? And are you, or do you have, a web site with lessons or extended videos with Mr. Austin? Thank you for your time. jim

  3. It only matters what happens in the “real world” (for our purposes – the golf course).
    I would rather see you check out demo’s or borrow clubs from others.
    You can go to demo days but the results are limited to the range.
    Call ranges and golf courses and see what they will let you demo on the course.
    Some courses will charge a rental but put it toward a purchase.
    Personally, I like to feel the clubhead also.
    BTW, sounds like you are killing it with the clubs that you presently own.
    Go make more putts. 😉

  4. Hey Chuck, This evening I went to my local golf superstore and hit some various woods in the hitting bay. They clocked my swing speed at 115 + mph (these in-store monitors are jacked up so Im not sure if that is a real number). They said I should be using extra still shaft 85 gram weight but when I tried them I did not like them. I use a stiff flex shaft 65 gram weight. This lighter shaft and stiff flex allows me to whip the club head into the ball, and I like that feeling of snapping/delivering the energy into the ball. On the extra stiff and heavier shafts I lost that feeling. Question: Should I start using what they recommend and adapt to it or continue with what I like now? Nowadays everybody emphasizes proper club fitting so I am wanting to do what is right.

  5. Hey Chuck, I’ve posted a few times here already but am excited to report results still. I’ve studied your videos on the hip turn. Thought I was doing it OK. Then I decided to really practice faster shift and faster turn for the past week. I am happy to report yesterday (thought it was a fluke) and again today (no fluke afterall) I am hitting my 3wood 300 yards straight!!!! It was only going 270-280 on occasion. I have gained extra distance just as you said by improving the hip action. All day today my buddies kept watching me intently. There was not one tee shot where someone did not mutter ‘you hammered it’ or ‘you crushed it’, or ‘no need for a driver if you hit your 3wood that far’. It was quite an accomplishment as I was 50-70 yards in front of everybody on all the par 4s and 5s. It almost seems now like I might snap the shaft in two pieces when I take a full swing. Many thanks for your website and videos. I’m well on my way now.

  6. thanks for the response on distance Chuck. no wonder in one your videos Mike said something like a lot of people would be happy if they could hit their drivers as far as your 6 iron!

  7. Comments about how Mike was absolutely specific in his instruction ring back to the words in Philip Reed’s “In Search of the Greatest Golf Swing” where he asked Mike what leg action he recommended… well… Mike thundered out that he did recommend ANYTHING… there was only ONE WAY.

  8. Wow! These are truly outstanding results.
    Thanks for your update and your appreciation of the site. I also love the fact that you are experiencing both the power AND accuracy that comes with the swing.
    You are correct – one cannot incorporate embellishments and what amounts to guess work (most often totally incorrect) into what Mike Austin called “the formula”.

  9. Harold,
    Thanks so much for your comment. I am with you. There are a lot of critiques out there. But I witnesesed it with my own eyes as well. In addition, I saw him work wonders with my swing and countless others – just amazing.
    And you can you imagine . . . the man, Mike Austin, was out there teaching – and giving it all – in his late 80’s/early 90’s. Thanks again for your imput and support.

  10. Hi Chuck,
    Just once again I wanted to share my success with my golf swing because of your website. Yesterday I played a round of golf with two buddies and a third walk-on. My buddies commented of how my swing has greatly improved. The videos on the hip action definitely increased my distance by 20 or 30 yards easy. I actually watched them over 100 times already. All my golf buddies and others now refer to my golf swing as ‘that swing’. For the first time I hit my 3wood 260 yards four times during the round, and best of yet my driver 320 yards twice, and 290-300 yards twice. The balls flew straight and my buddies said ‘you launch it like a bullet’ with ‘that swing’. On several holes my tee shot ended up with only 50 to 100 yards to the pin, I think I hit every fairway and every green in regullation. The MA method is true, awesome and one must learn it exactly correct just what this website is about. If you mess with it, enhance it, embellish it, try to improve it, forget it. You have just destroyed the Mona Lisa. What I like most about your website is that we are like a student attending the MA lesson with you in person. We are right there hearing straight from the legend. No blending of someone elses interpretation or other understanding. Many thanks for the effort you are putting forth. Keep up the great work!

  11. Hello Chuck, I love your site and truly hope that you produce videos or a book on Mr. Austins swing. I was lucky enough to see him give a demonstration in Oklahoma City. I believe it was in the late seventies. I’d just like to tell everyone that never got to see him it was absolutely unbelievable how far he could hit a ball. At the time I thought what I was witnessing had to be some kind of a trick. I thought surely it must be illegal golf balls but in fact they were ordinary range balls. There just aren’t enough superlatives to describe it. He would hit low long iron shots that when surely they would have to start declining in height they just kept going and going, just incredible power. I’ve seen a lot of long hitters by normal standards but no one like him.
    I’ve seen a lot of derogatory comments on the web that he couldn’t have done a lot of this stuff. I know I wouldn’t have believed it either if I had never seen him. I doubt anyone like him will come along again, at least they haven’t in the last 35 years in my opinion. Chuck, it has to be very special memories of your time spent with him.
    Thanks for all you do! Harold

  12. Hi Chuck,
    I have all the DVDs and have had personal instruction by MA instructors. Even so, there is a great amount missing. Some but not all instructors hold back and teach little steps by little steps as this is how they make an income. They focus on the process and not the outcome. Remember when we were kids in school and one kid at the front of the line said a sentence to the kid next to them, and it was repeated lid after kid until the last kid…the last kid heard an entirely different sentence than what was originally spoke. The problem with instruction is someone is adding their interpretation and using their language and words to desribe the actions. What makes your MA instruction so unique and quite excellent is that we are hearing MA himself in his own words. We are hearing from the source. No room for misinterpretation. Also you are demonstrating what MA is teaching and we hear MA comments as he critiques your movements. Your approach and instruction method are far superior in every way than any other MA instruction. Keep up the great work! And thank you for your time sharing the precious knowledge!!!

  13. Hi Chuck

    I’ve been following the Mike Austin principles for about 2 years now.
    Do you have any general thoughts on why I tend to hook or pull hook a lot when I try to accelerate the swing. I really feel like when I swing harder it’s my body slingshooting the arms to throw the club, but it almost always results in a nasty hook.
    Ay ideas to why that could be?

  14. Wonderful to hear of your improvements. Keep it going. I will be providing the real deal as to the Mike Austin short game. It will give you soft hands. Then, get out there and play, play, play. That’s how you really improve.

  15. I have actually witnessed Mike Austin refer to it in 2 ways.
    The pivot is the engine of the swing. That’s a definite. At the same time, you are making a throwing motion.
    However, once you get the pivot and the throwin motion down, it can feel like the pivot is the motion that permits you to “hit the crap out of it” with your throw.
    Golf is a funny and fickle thing. The good news is that you may benefit from having both thoughts in your repetoire. Some days the first thought will prove productive. On other days you will find value in the second thought.

  16. Thanks Staale.
    From seeing what’s out there, there are some incredible misstatements and total guess work as to what Mike Austin taught. Plus, there are some big ticket, essential items that no one has recognized it. I will break it all down for every one.

  17. Cool. Sounds like you are starting to get some “feel” in your hands.
    This may be your own, unique, feel. But, if it works and is repeatable, you know own it in your repetoire of short game shots. Best.

  18. I found myself slowing down through the finish the other day and immediately thought of this video and Mike’s voice popped into my mind. Started ripping it right afterwards. I have a question about the throw of the hands in the full swing and how it directly relates to the short game. I understand once the pivot is correct and you are hitting the ball straight all that is left is to add a little speed, the throw, with the hands and you will undoubtedly add distance and the ability to move the ball. My question and I think I’ve found the answer or my answer is, is it a throw of the hands or the throw of each individual hand. Especially when trying to work the ball the balance of the throw of each hand moves the ball. I was hitting shots the other day finishing only with my left hand on the club, i’m right-handed, by taking the right hand off in the downswing and hit every shot dead straight or a slight cut. Not one ball moved anywhere left. All I was doing was hitting shots with the pivot and a throw of the left hand. Once I put the right hand on the club and still only threw with the left the ball would slightly draw. The more I threw with the left hand the more the ball would draw. Then I started adding in the right hand. The harder and more aggressive I threw the more the ball would cut. This concept directly relates to the short game for me. The higher and the more spin I want I make sure i throw my right hand under and up getting my palm facing skyward.The lower i want the more passive my right hand gets and i allow the feel to almost be completely left handed. Sorry for the long post Chuck. Hope some of that makes sense.

  19. Hello Chuck! :=)

    That sounds great!
    Althoug I have most of the dvd’s with Mike Austin, Mike Dunaway and Dan Shauger, I feel like I am missing something to get this fluent swing 100%.
    I beleive that you can explain the missing parts and that my Austin swing will come together before season starts in may.

    With regards Staale

  20. Hey Staale,
    I have been hard at work creating a membership site. It takes more effort than you might imagine.
    That should allow the opportunity to provide more complete video of Mike Austin together with a break down of actual steps, progression and sequencing.
    It will also provide the true, pure Mike Austin method on short game and shaping shots.
    Hopefully, that also reduces the issue we have been having with people “borrowing” clips and all of our ideas.
    I hope to have it set up in the next 2 to 3 weeks, if not sooner. My hope is to get you guys in Mike Austin shape by spring.

  21. Hello Chuck!
    This site is by far the best one explaining the Mike Austin method of swinging a golfclub.
    Can you estimate when you could put up a downloadable video for sale for us Austin fans around the world? :==)

    With regards Staale, Bergen, Norway

  22. Thanks Chuck,
    It raised a question for me of what powers the MA swing ? I had worked on the basis that the throw was what gave the swing its power and that the pivot just stopped the body getting in the way. Seeing how powerful the pivot is on its own is making me question that. So whats the low down ?

  23. Hey Chuck,
    Gotta say, I played golf today with some folks that I have not played with before. I started using my 3wood on the first few holes to get warmed up. I was knocking it there 250+ yards, straight. They were using their driver and still way short of me. When I eventually pulled out my driver, I was hitting it 300 yards easy, straight down the middle. Every time I drove the ball, they watched intently. Every time I hit the ball my driver makes a loud crack, and they said ‘just like a canon’, or that ‘flew like a rocket’, or ‘wow watch that ball fly’, or ‘it’s still going!’. Thank you again, Mike Austin and to Chuck for keeping it pure!
    First a few notes of what the five MA instructors told me. There was plenty of consistency in how they described MA which leads me to believe they knew him and was probably ok for me to learn from them.
    They all called him ‘Mighty Mike’, and they all said he hit a long ball with every club, and that he liked very high ball flight trajectory. They also all said when you looked at his golf clubs, every iron club face looked new except a hole about the size of a dime in the middle of the club face. Mighty Mike was very precise on striking the ball.
    One story is that one instructor competed against him in a Southern California PGA event. On the first day Mighty Mike showed up on the first tee, with his baseball cap turned sideways, and carried his driver over his shoulder like a baseball bat. At the 1st tee Par 5, 580 Yards, he hit his driver, with only his right hand, 325 yards down the middle of the fairway. For his second shot, he hit a one iron using both hands over a lake to the green. He hit the ball so high no one knew where it went. When they got to the green, they still could not find it. They looked to see if it was in the hole. It was a two feet from the hole, plugged down into the green one inch below the surface. He eagled the hole. Everybody else used three shots to the green and made pars.
    Another story is that Mighty Mike was a real showman. He liked to interact with the other golfers and boast to the fans about how good he was. And then when he swung his golf clubs, he proved it. He walked the talk.
    Getting back to the abominations, remember I paid probably ten to fifteen thousand dollars for this advice over four years from five different MA method instructors. The list follows for your amusement and to my dismay.
    “Mike Austin held back one secret he only told a very few close friends. There are two swing circles, not just one. One swing circle is located at the top of the spine. The other, less known and secret, is the swing circle center at the top of the right shoulder. A circle within a circle.”
    “It is better to stand with your feet wide apart, almost a yard apart. This gives a solid base and better balance especially if you are overweight if you want to hit the ball far”.
    “The swing only works for people that have narrow thin chests. Women, tall men and muscular men will have trouble keeping their arms straight. They will have to hunch their shoulders and therefore unable to make the correct swing”.
    “The MA method is not about centrifugal force, it is about leverage. Leverage using the arms, legs, body in such straight and mechanicals ways as to create tremendous force when used properly”.
    “You glue your left arm to your left peck muscle, and glue your right elbow to your right side of your stomach. Never let them move off these points during the entire swing. When you swing, it is like your body swings, and only your arms from your elbows to your hands sticking out. This keeps the swing compact and efficient.”
    “Never pick up your left heel. Mike did because he had long legs. If you leave your left heel planted down, it is always in exact same place on the downswing and you will have much more precision with your ball striking”.
    “Mike threw the club at the ball at the point when the club shaft was parallel to the ground waist high. You don’t need to take the club up to full back swing. The same force is created if you quickly start the downswing from waist high. And the swing will be more accurate since the club will travel less distance back to the ball and less chance to get off line.”
    “Forget about throwing the club from the top. That is old school teaching from the 1980’s”.
    “The downswing and hit of the ball occurs as a slide then a turn. Never turn your hip until long after you hit the ball. This ensures a straight trajectory.”
    “MA contradicted himself in his teachings. You have to look at how he hit the ball. Don’t pay any attention to any little detail he says, keep an eye on the bigger picture.”
    “The only thing different about the MA swing is how he released the club early. The rest of the swing is 30 years old technique which will hurt your back. So we will use his release method but with modern teachings he did not know about in his day”.
    “I’ll teach you most of the swing, but I changed it to make it easier to learn, and you don’t really need to know the exact swing.”
    “You have to hit down on the ball hard. Mike always took a one inch deep divot he hit it so hard.”
    For any of the students out there if you hear anything remotely similar to what I’ve stated above, then run don’t walk from whoever is teaching you. There are many dubious charlatans who are benefiting from having known MA. Trust no one unless they can repeatedly demonstrate exactly what you see in the videos here. None of the five MA instructors could demonstrate the swing. They all told me “I am in my seventies and too old for a swing like that”, or “I can explain it better because I don’t practice it very often”. “Its better you learn the swing in little pieces and we can put it all together once you have all the smaller movements perfected.”
    You have everything you need from this website to learn and perfect the MA swing.

  24. You are more than welcome. Thanks for sharing your great progress. Please feel free to share your list. It would be great fun for everyone to see, comment and learn from. Thanks!

  25. Wonderful. You now possess the best proof available – your own success. Moreover, if you run into an issue, go back to that 7 iron. Thanks for sharing your progress.

  26. Hi Chuck, Thank you for your quick responses to all the inquiries you receive. Very good questions and very good answers. From my earlier posts, I have started a list of all the blatent divergences from the pure MA swing I have been told and instructed by five so called MA method instructors over four years. If anyone out there wants to see it for laughs let me know and I will post the abominations. At this post, I would like to report very good news. The past week after studying this website, and polishing my MA swing-in-progress for four years, I believe I have a pretty good rendition of the MA method. On two different occasions with two different groups playing golf, members from each foursome used the words ‘that swing’ to describe my swing.
    1. ‘That swing’ you have, you must be a scratch golfer? 2. With ‘that swing’, you must bomb it past 300 yards on every drive? So thanks to Mike Austin and thanks to Chuck and his website here for sharing their passion. Thank you for keeping it pure!!!! ‘That swing’ I have is because of you two!

  27. Ok I have tried the hands only (thowing action) with some success but I was a bit dubious about hitting it with just the pivot (even as an exercise) but thought I’d give it a go. It sure feels strange but when I made sure I shifted and turned (Imagining I’m throwing my head to the right as I swing down seems to work for me) I was hitting lovely, dead straight, 150 yrd 7 irons with little of no effort, very surprsing I must say

  28. CB,
    It pains me to hear what you’ve been through. I also cringe out the embellishments. They can go ahead and use them (for better of worse), but don’t call it “Mike Austin”.
    Boy, can’t you hear Mike screaming?! Welcome to the site. I promise to keep it pure. Mike would have it now other way – believe me. Spread the word! Thanks!!

  29. Haha thanks. People thought I was nuts flying out to LA for weeks and years on end. It proved to be quite a journey and now a treasure.
    It’s cool to see the whipper snappers hit it but it boggles my mind how Mike could hit it throughout his years.
    And, can you imagine this gentleman still giving lessons in his late 80’s and early 90’s. He’d drive his caddy down the LA freeway and give lessons all morning, Monday – Saturday, and even Sunday when I was out there. This was AFTER his stroke. Mike Austin – a true golf treasure.

  30. Hi Chuck,
    I just finished reading all your entries and watched all your posted videos. As I previously mentioned, thank for keeping it pure. I do not want to degrade any instructor of the MA method. However, for any of the students out there, please note over the past four years I have sought out, and have taken a series of lessons from, FIVE (get it 5) instructors who have told me they trained under MA, played with him, caddied for him, and competed against him. Spent thousands of dollars. Every one of the FIVE MA instructors have embellished the MA swing. They added things or took away things. “To make it easier”, “to include new concepts that were unknown to MA”, to make it more “powerful”, “if it does not work dont do it, just get most of the MA swing and you will have it”, or best of yet “keep your left foot down to make the swing more accurate”. It took me over a year of frequent play and practice to erase what each of the FIVE instructors taught me. I wish I never met them. Thank you for keeping it pure. For the students out there, this is the real deal. Look no further for MA swing instruction!!

  31. Thank CB. I greatly appreciate the comments from you and all of the contributors to the site.
    Love the success that you are having. The stuff works. You can hear me laugh in amazement during some of the videos of Mike Austin students.
    When there was a blue sky out in Studio City, which was often, you could follow the ball’s flight perfectly. It looked surreal against all that green and the distant palm trees.
    A new student would stand up there and, all of a sudden, launch the most perfect of shots.
    Then the student would launch 10 to 15 in a row – high and dead straight – effortlessly with perfect form – in their first lesson. Unreal.
    I can tell you, the short game stuff will be really cool too. Effortless and deadly accurate. As Mike Austin told me, you start to gain “soft touch”.
    Thanks again. “Keeping it pure”.

  32. Hi Chuck, I have been studying the MA swing for four years. I have watched as many of his videos and read as many MA books as can be found. I have watched them hundreds of times, hundreds of hours. Your website and writings are by far outstanding than any other, the instruction is honestly the best ever. It’s nice to hear it from the source. Your website fills the gaps left out by other instruction. By the way, I hit my irons with laser like accuracy and my driver straight 300 yards like a bullet with no effort. And I’m only at the tip of the iceberg of my full potential. MA is truly the legend, true genious. Thank you very much for sharing your video clips and discussion. Thank you for keeping it pure.

  33. Chuck,

    Thanks so much for the video, and all the videos you have brought us.
    Your pivot / hips look like greased lightning.

    I am anxiously awaiting the release video.

    Thanks again


  34. Hi Chuck,

    Unfortunately they won’t, unless they’re blessed with your fast-twitch muscle fibers. To quote an old track expression, “you can’t coach speed”. But of course they will be able to harness whatever speed they have into a better golf swing.

  35. I know my hands are too active.

    I will have to work on leaving the hands out of the swing. Its something ingrained from fighting the slice when I first started learning to swing a club and now its just a bad habit that causes me all manner of troubles whether using the Mike Austin swing or the conventional swing.

    Interesting tidbit. Until I started learning about Mike Austin and this swing I never heard anything about using a more neutral grip to stop hooking. I heard open the face at address, which didn’t seem right to me, but I never heard anything about making the grip neutral enough so that the face could not close at address.

    Whether that is too neutral or not, all I can say is it worked for me today. But here is the main rub… I am sure I have many other faults going on that I need to address and my grip will propbably need to change a bit as I iron out the other faults in my swing.

    Its all part of the journey!

  36. You lucky Son of a Gun!

    Seriously that had to be the coolest thing.

    Maybe you need to start giving lessons and find a young protege` to mentor. If I was young enough I’d volunteer, but, you need one of them young whipper snappers whose brain would be like a sponge eager and able to soak up all the Austin training/wisdom that they could absorb.

  37. Thanks John. Good call. I did some sprinting in my time.
    I hope I am able to convey the information well enough. I think most of our readers will be able to obtain that hip speed.
    It’s really a combination of all the movements and an efficient flow. Thanks!!

  38. Hi Chuck,

    Thanks for the posts – wonderful information. Looking very much forward to your footage on the release. Speaking as an old track & field guy, you must have been a sprinter in your younger days – the speed of your hip turn is stunning; reminds me of Graham MacDowell.

  39. It’s tough to honestly say, because there was a screen out there and it ran out much further going out to “right field”. Perception was also difficult as, if I recall correctly, there was only one large green out there. (There were also barrels that you can see on some of the clips that were used as targets for shorter shots.)
    With range balls we figured they were218 plus or minus. However, the key was how towering the shots were and how straight. We are not talking one shot, but shot after shot.
    This was in the late 1990’s and early 2000 era. Hard to believe, but everyone back then, except Mike Austin, frowned at a high shot. There was virtually no serious talk of launch angle etc. Mike Austin was way ahead of his time. Mike’s description of his swing, “I could fly the ball farther than most people could with a roll.”
    On many tapes you can see Mike Austin call guys over to witness the shots and confirm the swing technique – creating a bit of pressure on me. since if I did not perform up to snuff, he would let me have it – right in front of the onlookers.(And, from past experience, I knew it would be coming.)
    BTY Mike told me that Mike Dunaway would smoke his 6 iron over the screen. And, that screen was high! I don’t doubt it. Got to speak to Mike Dunaway a couple of time’s while at Mike Austin’s house. We use to laugh at how Mike would tug, twist and pull us – not to mention the tongue lashings. Dunaway seems like a great guy – a real gentleman. Incredible swing.

  40. Thanks Jesse. It’s pretty wild when I look at it. I can tell you that there was no effort. Everything worked together.
    Another thing. I would take lessons from Mike Austin for a week. I would warm up and then go through an hour or 2 hour lesson. During that time I would hit about 2 to 3 of the largest buckets of balls you ever saw. Next Mike would have me watch lessons that he would give that day. We’d do to lunch at his favorite asian food place or large buffet. Then, I would often go to his house where we’d watch tape or share stories. I would then return to Studio City that evening when the driving range’s lights were on, and hit 3+ more of the super large buckets. Repeat for 4 days. On Saturday, I would either do the same or go play golf with Mike Austin in the cart. No pain whatsoever (apart from some hand blisters). It works.

  41. Thanks Rick T.
    I am going to put on some clips soon for people to get a better understanding of Mike – a wonderful friend, buddy and character. He use to call me up from California all the time just to say “hi”, wish me a happy holiday and/or tell me a joke. Plus, his interaction with people around him was wonderful. And the whole scene was great. The Studio City tennis and golf facility is located right in the little neighborhood within the city of Los Angeles. Celebs would frequent the place. As the name suggests it is near studio facilities. Don Cornelius (R.I.P.) use to hit balls right next to us. Legendary football great Jim Brown was there as were countless actors, directors, and film personnel. The best however was Mike’s stories and laugh. No description can do them justice. I will gather some for you guys.
    I have been holding back in the release because I want people to get down the pivot.
    Also, the hours and hours of up-close footage that I have on the release and how you are suppose to use it is going to blow people’s minds. There’s been arguments over it for years. There’s been years of controversy, rumors and speculation. No more. The tapes will end it all. Incredibly, no one has it right to date. You guys will.
    For now, I can tell you, hit it without much if any action of the hands. Get that down. It’s the way Mike Austin taught the swing. Then, as Mike Austin would say, we will add the “coup de grace!!”

  42. Hi Chuck, Rick T. here again. Thanks for the new post regarding the importance of the pivot, I agree it is absolutely crucial. I look forward to every post you make because it not only helps all of us get a better understanding of the type of swing Mike made but it also gives us insight into the person Mike was and how compassionate (in a sometimes rather “vocal” way) he was in transferring his knowledge to his students. A quick question that I’m not sure has been covered in the videos; did Mike ever comment on the position of the left wrist at the top of the backswing? I have a tendency to cup the left wrist at the top and was wondering if Mike mentioned anything? Thanks and keep up the great information.

  43. Excellent post.

    Its instruction I definitely needed to see.

    Its amazing that you have so much speed and power with what looks like not much effort. You can see some effort of course but if I was to try and swing with that speed I’d be jumpoing out of my clothes. And thats a sight no one wants to see.

    You are “killing the ball.”

  44. Those are two of the three keys that have helped my swing. along with the concept of the swing being like a tilted ferris wheel.

  45. hi chuck, thanks for the video update. is that a 100% or full power swing?
    i have been following your site and the ma swing for a long time now and
    and a couple of things i would really want to know and confirm from you are the type of hand “release” you actually do and where does maximum clubhead speed occur. thanks and good luck on your project!

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