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“You have to go to kindergarten before you graduate college!” I can still hear Mike’s voice ringing in my ears.

I witnessed him work miracles with students in a very short time “building a foundation before you put the roof on”. Fortunately, I can save you hours of sweat equity and provide detailed demonstrations at each step. I can also have you side-step my  personal experience with the all-to-often documented flubbed shots and resultant tongue-lashings.

I also spent hours with Mike on instruction on the short game, speciality shots, and the secret parachute shot.

But, I’d like to have your input. What interests you?  Does it help to see my swing? Thanks!!

24 thoughts on “Let Me Know What You Think

  1. Chuck,

    It would be nice to have a section of your site dedicated to the raw uncut footage to see the magic and wisdom at work.

  2. Thomas,
    I’ll do my best. I locate bits and pieces of significant teachings from hours and hours of tape.
    BTW, Mike never used the term twirling the club head to me or any other student lesson I witnessed.

  3. Hi Chuck,
    could you please publish a video about MA explaining “supple quickness” with the hands “twirling the club” and “shaping” the ball ?

    Hope I do not ask for too much at once 😉


  4. Thomas,
    Glad they help. Hopefully, people are seeing the overall motion along with the details that make the difference.
    Mike Austin use to say, “I learned in the fourth grade that if I learned the formula, I ALWAYS came up with the right answer.”
    He was providing his pupils with the formula for effortless power and accuracy.

  5. Hi Chuck,
    comments seem to work again..
    Your litte videos are the small but very important details which are missing at the known DVD’s “Mental Imag.” & “Secrets from the Games..”, even if you look very carefully. Such as the videos of the hip action; it was a real eye-opener to me and helped me a lot…but you regrettably wont find that elsewhere. In my eyes you are the last source of MA’s teaching and his methods, thats why your videos are a real treasure and I hope you’ll go on publishing.

    Best Regards

    PS: Is there any chance to check out more of the raw material?

  6. Stu,
    Thanks so much. I am actually working on just that.
    You certainly didn’t learn a lot of what Mike had to say in the traditional, classic instructional golf book.

  7. Stu,
    Thanks for the insights. I don’t doubt what you are saying.
    I can tell you one thing – when I am practicing, I can hear Mike Austin’s voice in the background.
    He use to also say that he was feeling exactly what the student was feeling while taking a lesson. I do not doubt it!

  8. My theory on Mike’s teaching style:
    Whether Mike knew it or not, I believe his style of teaching had a purpose – and it can be explained scientifically. From all accounts, Mike Austin used a psychological technique (i.e., ‘cursing and yelling’) when he corrected students’ faults as they made them. According to motor learning theory memory cells in your brain can be permanently altered with practice. Emotion and memory are also closely linked; therefore, I believe Mike was ‘yelling and cursing’ to impart an emotional reaction in his students – and this has the effect of heightening and accelerating the learning of the skills he was teaching… At least his students would learn what movements to avoid doing over again!

    Stu C.
    Calgary, AB

  9. I gotta tell you Chuck – I love the ‘Mike-isms’! Keep ’em coming! (You could put them all together in a format not unlike Harvey Penick’s ‘Little Red Book’ in fact!) I think those Mike-isms contain so much wisdom and are golden nuggets of golf swing knowledge. But equally, I really like how you interpret those Mike-isms… We get a vicarious MA lesson experience. Great stuff!
    Stu C.
    Calgary, AB

  10. Thanks for the email. I have been trying to figure out how to best present the material and have been contemplating an internet course. I’ve tried to proceed logically as some of the steps, taken out of order or context, might serve only to frustrate people.
    I saw MIke give lessons to both sexes of all ages and physiques. He taught the same things since the joints all move pretty much the same. The swings looked differently in some respects due to flexibility and body type. However, there was a common look and certainly commonality as to how well the shots were struck.

  11. I hope you continue with this blog. The videos were informative and not overly complicated with a lot of verbage that some other “experts” include.

    Have you thought about promoting an internet course from the start to finish of the swing? Also did Austin teach a single method or customize his instruction to his students given their age, flexibility, and general physical condition?

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Matt,
    Glad you stumbled on the site. It is new. I think I started it about 2 weeks ago. Welcome.
    I am hoping to continue with going through the swing in detail. I have gone through and identified relevant clips.
    As we get going, I plan to put in largr clips as well. I’ll be getting into the pivot and the takeaway shortly.
    Thanks again.

  13. I feel lucky to have stumbled upon your site…is it new? I would love to see more lesson footage and longer duration, it is amazing what you can learn from them. I have been hesitant to go with any of the competing Mike Austin swings video/instruction because they seem to contradict each other and so I then question which one is legitimate. One of the discrepancies is the takeaway… I have seen footage of Mike Austin discussing the use of a muscle on the outside of his shoulder and yet Shauger says something similar to Dante. What was your experience? I feel like that movement and the throw at the top are two vital parts that I hope you can clear up at some point in the near future. Thanks for putting in your time.

  14. SB brings up a good point that I didn’t mention but I agree with about why it would be nice to have the option of seeing totally raw footage of lessons with Mike…it’s not so much about the instructional points as it is a way to get to know Mike’s personality – which as you know is one of the things that made Mike so unique.

    Those like us who have been fortunate enough to work with him know what a lesson was like…the cussing, the tugging, the slapping, the yelling, etc. But for others, now that he has passed, the best way for them to experience what it would have been like to learn directly from him is to watch videos like yours. It’d be like watching a Mike Austin reality show and people could live vicariously through your lessons. 🙂

    I envision a product called “Getting to Know Mike” with some sort of catch phrase like “Experience What it Was Like to Take a Lesson from the Legend Himself”…or something like that. Just an idea. :-p

    Selfishly and personally, I also wouldn’t mind seeing your raw footage just for the nostalgia. All I have from my time with him is what’s in my head and a few still pictures. It’d be great to see him in action again. 😉

  15. Chuck,

    IMO I would like to see the raw footage of the great one himself, for me it would give me a real feeling of his personality. Also I like the game plan that you have set up, starting out with the MA tenants of the swing. IMO nobody has been able to show how we come back to impact with the step and throw. What is the first move back to the ball. How do get that huge release that MA gets, with full extension of his arm and the shaft of the club…o i could go on.. etc,,etc,,

  16. I agree with your comments Jaacob. I personally love raw tape. I can sit through hours of it and do so frequently. I have found however, that many won’t sit through it. Also, many people are at different levels and won’t understand the basics and/or nuances. So, here is my current thought process: Having taken so many lessons with Mike and having witnessed him give so many more, I have completed the task of identifying Mike’s key tenets – from the stance to the completed swing, tempo, short-game and specialty shots. I have then identified and retrieved raw footage of example after example of Mike teaching each point in his own words. Under each tenet there’s both footage of Mike carefully and precise explaining the point and then there’s hard-nosed cussing and yelling. It was the way Mike taught. (And, now as the years pass I understand that there was magic in that method and Mike knew it. His voice still rings in my ears. (As I posted someplace else, I heard him once said to a student: “Now, I am not angry when I yell [at which point the entire half of the range closest to us erupted in laughter] I yell to get your attention!.” Hopefully, the lessons will ring in the ears of those that view the tapes. Thanks for the input Jaacob. If readers think I am off base, please let me know how you would like things presented.
    With some of the principles out there, if people had interest, I could put out the raw footage of the entire lessons themselves.

  17. As you said, there’s definitely a lot of misinformation out there surrounding Mike Austin.

    To keep yourself from getting sucked in to that stuff, in my opinion I think it would be great if you post the entire uncut footage of you working with Mike along with a transcript that people could read and study. That way, nothing is getting filtered through you…rather, it would simply be coming firsthand from Mike and it leaves less room for people to associate you with secondhand misinterpretation. You could still provide your own commentary, opinion, and instruction, but I would have have that be separate from the uncut video.

    Even if you charged a couple bucks for the raw video, I’m sure a lot of people would still watch it. Or you could just post the uncut footage here to your blog and put some Google Ads next to the video. In either case, you could make a little cash and be still be providing valuable and relevant content that people could interpret in their own way.

  18. You’ll get it. Hard to do so with piecemeal info and the lack of detailed video so you can see it. We’ll fix those issues and get to some pretty cool drills and swing segments. (You’ll be shocked at how far you can hit it with just your “hunds”).
    One key – As Mike would say, “You need to build the foundation before you put on the roof”. So, take some time and learn the address position (upcoming) -10 minutes and some additional time in front of a mirror. The rest of the swing all plays off of that.

  19. more video for sure,
    I haven’t been learning the MA swing very long and i’m sure there will be others like me, so simple is good.
    I think i understand the pivot but i can’t seem to get, the throw the club concept , specially the rotating arms stuff.
    Have read “the search ..swing” book and have the peace river DVD

  20. Patrick,
    Thanks so much for comment. You have found another Mike Austin fan and addict. I do have more video and will jump on it asap. To me, there has simply been too much misinformation out there. Thanks!!

  21. Stu,
    Thanks so much. The techniques that Mike taught truly resulted in effortless power. I also was lucky enough to see him work one-day miracles with other students. It’s also neat to give people a glimpse of what he truly was like.
    The interest shown by people like yourself has energized me to continue the retrieval and editing process. I will have additional info for you guys soon.
    Thanks again!!

  22. Hi sir,

    Glad to hear about another Mike Austin Addict. I hope you will develop your blog and can’t wait for other videos, if you have some.



  23. yes it helps to see your swing – i hope you post more – about your golf discoveries – mike austin, etc

    i loved to hear or see about your driving technique and your fairway irons technique

    your swing looks wonderful and graceful!

    stu margolis
    glen mills, pa

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