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  1. Hey Joe,
    Ah, the old Honda grip. You have no idea how much that confused Mike’s students.
    First of all, with the accent they often couldn’t recognize that he saying “Honda” – as in the motorcycle.
    Think of how your hands would be on a motorcycle handle bar. The thumbs are generally on the side of the handle.
    Looking down on a golf grip, the left thumb would be at about 2:30 or 3:00.
    That’s quite different from a neutral golf grip where the thumb would be at 12:00 or 1:00.
    Mike used that grip to hit the “low boy”. I am hitting it in the clip “Barrels of Laughs”.
    When done well, you can see how low, piercing, and straight the shot is. Very useful when in trouble or in the wind.

  2. Chuck I had Mike Austin & Mike Dunaway videos for years, never quite understood the concepts as well as I do after watching your videos.

    On thing I liked in Austin/Dunaway 3 hour tapes was Mike’s short game grip which he called “the Honda Grip” I can’t find any reference to it on line. I do remember it was Mike’s short game shots. In which he didn’t take the club back very far and kind of delivered a “punch stroke”. Any information appreciated>

  3. Hey Brian
    Sorry, I never saw your mail.
    Do you still have this version of the flammer? If so, how much?
    I’d be glad to post it for you.

  4. Hey Chuck,

    Like the new look of the site. Can you go into further detail about the enlarged picture of Mike touching your arm between your bicep and forearm? Did you use this part of your arm to help with your awareness of your “hunds” in the swing?

    Thank you

  5. Flammer Fan,

    I have a Flammer I bought from Mike Austin. It is the version with the weight at the end, it does not clamp onto a club. Let me know if you are interested.

  6. Chuck,

    Glad to see back posting and are healthy:

    Are you swing out to right field between first baseman and second ?

    Any news on the DVD?

  7. Hi Chuck,
    I appreciate that you go on sharing you knowledge and observations of Mike Austin with us..I really do. If you ever think about ending this blog please be aware that there are people out there ,like me, that seek deeper knowledge of Mike’s theories. Your “raw-material” is 1:1 Mike Austin on tape without any interpretations thats why to me, who never had tje opportunity to meet him, its that important.
    Best regards

  8. Hey Chuck, so great to have you posting again. Do you have any video of your swing face on? I sure would like to see that. BTW, please come over to Facebook and join my Mike Austin Swing Group https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/168896733171307/ and would love to have anyone else who likes to talk about Mike and his swing!! Keep up the great work Chuck!!

  9. I am a huge Mike Austin swing fan. I have spent countless hours trying to locate a Mike Austin original Flammer. Does anyone know where I can find one for purchase? Thanks guys.

  10. Hi Chuck,
    I have been working the pivot action very well, and I am getting to the backswing position nicely, however, I am also wondering what the throwing motion feels like? What I have been doing is trying to focus on staying relaxed and allowing my hip and pivot action to power my arms through without putting tension in them. Is this accurate? Could you please describe this feeling of throwing the club head and how its powered by the body and when to initiate it? Thanks so much Chuck!

  11. It’s one thousand one going back.
    Then one thousand one going through.
    The cool part is that your downswing will be the same pace, but actually will be 2x as fast as it has 2x the distance to travel.

  12. Great to have you back posting. Is your rhythm then a one thousand one count for both the back swing and down swing? Or is it one thousand one going back and one thousand two going down?


    ball game

  13. Say it IS SO Chuck!! You are alive and kicking, what a great day. Thank you for sharing your passion for MA as well as your teaching. David

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