Let's Start at the Beginning – The Mike Austin Stance

Here is part one of the stance taught by Mike Austin in detail:

“98% of the swing is in your stance and alignment. All the angles: Your arm angles; your angle of your spine; the angle of your legs in relation to your hips, so that you have yourself balanced . . .”

Stance keys:

Don’t squat your knees. Maintain as much of your height as possible.

Standing erect, move your derriere backwards and your head moves down. You didn’t move your head independently.

What brings your head down, is the movement of your derriere.

Move the derriere back and let your head come down until the arms hang down above the tips of the  toes.

That action gives you the proper angle of the spine.

Now, put your palms together.

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7 thoughts on “Let's Start at the Beginning – The Mike Austin Stance

  1. thaks for the inside view of Mikes Teaching.

    I have a qustion about the setup:
    how do you adjust to different clublenght without flexing your knees ?


  2. Thanks so much.
    I appreciate that greatly as it takes many more hours than people would think to locate, edit, etc. But thank goodness for modern technology.
    Glad you are enjoying it.

  3. Let the arms hang straight down over the toe line.
    At the time, Mike is trying to push your hands there. You wanted to push them out.
    The arms should hang free from the shoulder sockets
    tension free. This way the arms can return in a natural manner as the arms position will be dictated by the turning torso.

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