Mike Austin is "Cryptic"?

 I’ve heard many comment that Mike Austin’s teachings were “cryptic”. They must be joking . . .

The clip evidences a rather direct approach.

The clip below debunks the cryptic myth by evidencing Mike’s “hands-on” approach”.

Few were as passionate in their craft!

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3 thoughts on “Mike Austin is "Cryptic"?

  1. Yes it helps thanks – tough to see but now that I know what to look for I can see it.

    I understand your purpose in posting – working on my pivot so was curious as to what was up here.


  2. The video was presented at the time for a limited purpose. Before I started the blog, many commentators had suggested that Mike’s instruction was “cryptic”.
    The video is just one example negating that statement. Mike’s instruction was very direct and very hands-on.

    I plan on getting into the specifics of the video soon. It has to do with the pivot which constitutes a more powerful move than spinning the hips.
    Mike is actually standing on my right foot if you look closely. He’s showing, in quite a dramatic fashion, that if I kept my back foot fixed to the ground, I
    could not make the proper pivot. Hope this helps. More to come.

  3. Chuck – could you elaborate on what’s going on in this video? It appears as though you are leading with or spinning your hip and then Mike grabs your neck and asks you to do something you can’t. Would love to see the video from a bit before and a bit after.


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