I've Had Enough!

There, I said it.  I’ve sat back for years now reading forums, blogs, and the like on Mike Austin’s golf instruction. My blood has boiled. Some of the commentators and self-proclaimed gurus never met the man, yet alone took lessons from him. Several sought him out in the twilight of his life when his health limited his teaching to his front yard and in later years to his living room Barcalounger or motorized hospital bed.

My face reddened while reading mischaracterizations that his teachings were “mystical” and “cryptic”. I grew disgusted by those who claimed that they discovered the secrets, yet never studied under the man. My blood pressure sky-rocketed by unsupported and self-serving assertions that Mike’s teachings were only aimed at long drivers.

My name is Chuck, president of llenroc enterprises LLC, and for over 5 years I spent dozens of hours with Mike in one-on-one instruction. I was also fortunate enough to be allowed by his side while he gave  hours of lessons to numerous other students.

We sweated together, challenged each other, and had a lot of laughs. We became the closest of friends. Mike was gracious enough to permit me to document those lessons and witness and document the small miracles that he worked with other students.

I promised Mike that I would, when the time was right, make sure that his teaching legacy would not be abused or forgotten. That time is now . . .

Copyright June 2010, llenroc enterprises LLC

11 thoughts on “I've Had Enough!

  1. Mr. Chuck,
    are the changes ‘ the changes that he made to his swing methods in the 1999/2000 era.’ the hand action that Mr. Dan Shauger teaches ?

    Thank You

  2. Alfredo,
    You are more than welcome. Not to worry. I traveled back and forth to California for years to study directly under Mike Austin while he still gave full lessons at the range. I would spend all day with him for several weeks at a time. He also allowed me to observe, participate in and record hundreds of hours of lessons with other students. I also had lessons with Mike while I played full 18 holes several times in Simi Valley, California. Mike rode shotgun in the cart and coached me (and often the other members in the foursome) on every shot. I also had the great pleasure of playing with Mike (he played one handed!) at Studio City. The information posted here is directly from Mike Austin himself. Moreover, the information includes the changes that he made to his swing methods in the 1999/2000 era.
    Thanks for the comment and best of luck. If you have any questions or video please feel free to submit them to the site. I’d love to spread MIke’s methods to Germany and beyond!

  3. Thanks so much Mr.Chuck.
    I too spent the last years to study the DVDs , books,forums, websites and learned from a teacher here in Germany who visited Mr. Austin at his hospital bed together with Mr. Dang. But all the info that i have is incomplete or wrong so that i am very confused.
    So please go ahead !!!

    Alfredo, Germany

  4. They did indeed.
    Thanks for all the enthusiasm and support, Not Yogi. I share your passion.
    Long Live The Hollywood Three!

  5. At last..at last..Mike is free at last. I knew you were out there somewhere…just didn’t know who you were. Take your sweet old time..as us beggers can’t be choosers. You would be amazed how many folks hold Mike on the same pedestal we do. I’m thrilled to death.

    The Hollywood Three surely rocked.

  6. Stephen,
    Appreciate the support. As you probably know, a lot of midnight oil goes into it.
    But it’s rewarding and awfully nice to hear people appreciate and enjoy the info.

  7. Thanks for the comment. It’s greatly appreciated.
    The website was just launched this weekend. I was interested in seeing if there was some interest out there for the real instruction provided by Mike.
    I haven’t begun to talk about the swing. Just wanted to give people a real hint as to the possible results.
    I should be able to have you guys and gals avoid a lot of sweat equity and tongue lashings. I have been editing hours and hours of tape so as to be able to provide the keys in each part of the swing.

    Please pass the word as I am interested in what people are interested in learning.

  8. You should consider having a nice web page, its good but shows very little for thos who want to learn the method, I am interested in learning the MA method, but some instruction and additional videos would be great. I would like to learn it in its pure form the way taught by Mike and not some modified version like Dan Shauger.

    Let me know of any changes best regards and good luck..

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