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Here’s the result of a one hour lesson with Mike Austin. I saw it live. First time the guy ever went to Mike Austin. Mike started with the stance, moved to the pivot, then on to the swing.
Within 1 hour the guy was bombing it, dead straight with no effort. He stood 5’7″ and weighed 160 pounds.
And, check out the swing. Simple. Efficient. Smooth. Note the tempo.
Hear the “click”? You can hear my reaction on the clip:

Would you like this swing?
Good, go get busy. Enjoy the clips. Get in front of a mirror. Watch your tempo.
No more nonsense. We’re going to get results here.

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9 thoughts on “Get Busy

  1. Sammy,
    Great to hear all of your success and thanks for you comments.
    The Mike Austin grip was a neutral one. Not too much special there.
    You may want to really work on your tempo at the range or at least in practice swings and be cognizant of it during your first several holes.
    Mike had me count “one-thousand one” on the back swing and then “one-thousand one” on the downswing.
    He even had me look at a second hand to get it in grained. One second back. One second all the way through.
    The downswing is going to be faster but it has to travel twice as far. From behind you, to the ball, and then all the way to the finish.
    Hope that helps. Best, Chuck

  2. Just wanted to thank you for this website, I love watching your videos, I’m in central Alabama, I found out about MA through Youtube last year after not playing for 7 yrs. But your instruction has been the only clear recipe. I am driving in the 310- 330 range and hitting my 60 deg about 140, my question is that I have no consistant shot, it takes a couple of holes to get hitting straight, I guess I’m get tired,ha, and it comes around. I think it is my grip that is my problem, can you explain the MA grip in detail from the point of touching the club…Thanks again..Sammy

  3. My first thought was slope day, but cayuga’s waters works too.

    Can’t wait to see the next videos!

  4. Justin,
    If it’s “high above Cayuga’s waters” you are right!
    Glad you are a fan of the site. I took lessons personally with Mike Austin for years in the Los Angeles area.
    Wonderful, brilliant character. Much more to come.
    Hit ’em long.

  5. llenroc enterprises??? I think you and I went to the same school…

    Thank you so much for posting these videos. How many more do you have? For those of us who will never get the chance to get a lesson from Mike Austin, this is the next best thing.


  6. Charles,
    Tee some up. Take your favorite club.
    Take your normal stance with your club on the ground. The clubhead is lower than the ball.
    Now, straighten your spine slightly. By that motion, your lead arm raises slightly.
    Do so until the center of the club is at the center of the ball. Your clubhead is now hovering above the ground.
    Take some swings. Work your motion. Check your impact on the clubface.
    The impact pattern, the ball flight and that sounds are your vital feedback. Use them!
    You’ll start to “hit the center of the ball with the center of the clubface” as Mike Austin use to say.
    You will begin to get that “click” and not a “dull thud”.
    Gradually lower the tee. Then hit some off the ground. Repeat process as necessary.
    Also, make it part of your practice routine ever so often. Hope that helps!
    Best, Chuck

  7. Man, how do you get that click sound… I’ve been trying and trying to get into the Mike Austin rhythm and swing, but I don’t flush it like that

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