The Work of Legendary Mike Austin

The swing under the watchful eye of the legend, Mike Austin.

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16 thoughts on “The Work of Legendary Mike Austin

  1. Thank you for clearing up some of the confusing terms in the MA swing..can you recommend a DVD that’s available covering all aspects of the MA swing..Thanks, Tom

  2. Hey Ian,
    There are 2 pendulums – one is the tilting back and forth of your pelvis. The other is the swinging clubhead. The clubhead should swing freely and rhythmically, just like as if it was a pendulum. Think of those old fashioned clocks.
    Hips – the hips first tilt and then turn. Mike Austin never spun the hips. Doing so would make you come over the top. It also would negate the weight shift by making you backshift. It’s a shift, then a turn. To utilize a baseball analogy, you want to feel your weight moving toward home plate. Spinning your hips puts all the forces going toward second base while you are trying to throw home.
    The hunds. Mike Austin’s arms moved because his body moved. However, the hands themselves are used separately to actually apply the hit.
    Much more to come.

  3. Cool. I actually have great clips of Mike Austin illustrating different lies to me.
    He approached those much differently than “modern” teaching. It have proved very effective for me.
    Best, Chuck

  4. In addition to Stephen’s suggestions, it would be nice to see Mike’s recommendations for the golf swing from different types of lies such as ball above the feet, ball below the feet, etc.

  5. Hi Chuck;
    I do not understand some points ( 2,5, 8, 9, 10 )of following, would you please talk more detail about them? Many thanks.

    Here is my questions:
    2 which two pendulums?
    5 the hip will turn ( spin) during the swing: both back swing and front swing, not just tilt, right?
    8 what is the meaning about “hunds”?
    9 & 10 do not understand at all.

    Mike Austin’s “Big Picture Concepts”

    When taking lessons from Mike I realized that it would have been helpful to grasp some of the big concepts first. Here are some big picture concepts that ring in my ears to this day.

    1. The swing is a big circle!

    2. There are two pendulums in the swing!

    3. I am interested in mobility not stability!

    4. The ankles, knees and hips are the engine of the swing!

    5. I never spin the hips, they tilt!

    6. I never raised the arms!

    7. I never swing my arms!

    8. Hit it with your “hunds”!

    9. You are the “green”!

    10. Don’t stop in Kansas City!

  6. If a DVD or book is published, I would like to buy them too.

    Great jobs Chuck, keep going. We support you for sure!
    Thanks so much Chuck.

  7. Stephen,
    Wonderful. Thanks for your comments.
    I was thinking of the same format as to your first part, so it’s reassuring to hear.
    I also like your additonal thought of faults, fixes and pitfalls.
    Best, Chuck

  8. Hi Chuck
    My suggestion for a DVD would be breaking the swing down into it’s core components, set up, back swing etc.
    You explain, talking to camera and have a club in hand with demonstrations for us visual learners. Each component could also have a piece from your archival footage showing Mike teaching the relevant points.
    I’d also like to see a faults and fixes part where you discuss common faults and pitfalls.

  9. Wonderful
    Please subscribers, give me a feel for what you would want in a dvd.
    What matters most??

  10. Terrific! Thanks for the support. We are working on things. Unfortunately, we have to take additional steps as people are “copying” (to use a nice word) the minute we put material out there. Thanks so much.
    llenroc enterprises LLC

  11. Hello, any dvd’s, books, etc. from Mr Austin would be greatly appreciated, Thank you, CGG…

  12. Best swing on the internet! Mike Austin must have been something else. Can you tell me how we can get more insights? Are you coming out with a DVD?

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