The Belly Button

To start the New Year with a bang I am going to give you a big secret of the Mike Austin swing.
It’s your belly button. Yes, your navel. Probably haven’t thought about it that much lately, have you? Unless, it relates to a New Year’s resolution.
However, it’s a major source of power. And yet, you will rarely hear about it. If you swing your belly button back and through you are activating and/or energizing many of the muscles that Mike Austin wanted you to utilize in the swing, including the internal and external obliques, the transverse abdominis, the glutes and the sartorius, just to name a few. The good news is that you don’t have to think about those muscles, if you don’t want to.
Just swing that belly button. The further and faster you move it (albeit smoothly) the further that ball will go.

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27 thoughts on “The Belly Button

  1. David,
    I will check in see. At the very least I can try to create one in the very near future.

  2. Chuck,
    do you have any swings from the side view? I don’t recall any but would love to see them. That should show how the belly button moves pretty well. Thanks

  3. Chuck, I have seen your comments on many forums and always am glad to find them. Will you be starting to update this site soon? You have said that you have lots of footage you have not shared yet..looking forward to it.

  4. Charles,
    People have it all wrong and promote what I can only describe as “hogwash”.
    The head and swing circle center (that slot in your collar bone – the sternum slot) stays still.
    The right knee kicks in from 4 0’clock to 10:00 O’clock. Your left hip moves forward. Then the right thigh and knee rotate, which rotates the hips.
    If you swing your belly button – toward 10 0’clock and then around the knee, thigh and hip will follow.

  5. Hi Chuck
    Quick question for you: When Mike was talking about swing the belly button, did he mentioned if he wanted more of a rotation-swing or a tilt of the belly-button?
    It seems that with the straightening of the trailing knee, the navel would tilt. But when you trigger the downswing, after shifting your weight, do you try to swing the navel using your hips into lateral tilting or turning the hips by activating the abdominals?

  6. Mike,
    Thanks for the comment. In my early years of lessons Mike Austin taught that the hands controlled the blade and that you used the hands to square the blade up
    He definitely eliminated that move. He was now able to keep the blade square to the points of the compass. He never used the term “push”. It was always a throw.
    Whether he changed the release or saw fit to reveal it I suppose will remain a mystery. I guess we are just lucky that we have proof that he did and actual footage of how he did it.
    Best, Chuck

  7. I like that you say that “he finally decided to reveal it” because in GIMI MA says that when he comes in to impact it is as if he is turning a sword on the flat side of the blade( Very loose paraphrase ). I see of only two ways to do that movement: Come into impact like Hogans push release OR use the updated move.

    Please tell me what you think.

  8. John,
    Sorry I missed your comment.
    Terrific. Glad it helped. I can tell you that Mike Austin was adamant about that “in curve”.
    The swing is circular.

  9. EP,
    You are more than welcome. Glad you found the site.
    Mike Austin was truly a genius and it’s been a pleasure spreading his teachings and keeping his legacy alive.
    We’ve been fortunate to have started to develop a world-wide audience.
    I hope that the word continues to spread along with great and effortless golf swings.
    As with the other subscribers, feel free to post any questions or send in some video.
    Best, Chuck

  10. I stumbled upon your site here looking for Mike Austin pointers and I just want to say that I am so grateful for the footage and the tips that are here. Thank you so much for carrying on Mr. Austin’s legacy and putting this together! I’m going to have a lot of fun learning here.

  11. Stu,
    Funny you should ask.
    Mike Austin stressed the QL particularly in the initial phase of the move. I was just going to put a clip up on the subject.
    I will do shortly. Thanks!

  12. Hi Chuck,
    Did Mike ever reference the QL (Quadratus Lumborum) in making this move – swinging the belly button?

  13. Thanks. In early tapes Mike Austin promoted the rolling of the forearms to square the “blade” or clubface.
    In later years Mike Austin refined it. (Some would argue that he saw fit to finally reveal it.) Mike now kept the blade “square to the points of the compass (the type to draw circles) through which it moved”.
    The golfer is the sharp end of the compass. The pencil side inscribes an arc going though the ball. In other words, Mike no longer rolled his arms to square the blade. They were always square to that arc.
    In the traditional swing the lead arm/hand is rotating. In Mike Austin’s swing the lead arm stays square to the points of the compass. So, that may feel like or may be augmented by a “counter rotation”.
    Let me know if that helps!

  14. hi chuck,

    i guess he is refering to a clip of austinology (pico rivera demo with mike at the age of ~70) he is telling something like “everybody is opening the clubface at takeaway… i’m not doing that, i do the opposite” he demonstrates then the move of the hands at takeaway in detail and slow motion. One could interpret this as counter rotation or no rotation to keep the clubface from opening.

  15. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for the comment. Could you elaborate a little?
    I never heard Mike Austin use the term counter rotation in all of my years of lessons. That included hundreds of hours with me and watching him give lessons to other students.
    Thanks. Chuck

  16. Ron,
    Very interesting. Good vibes must be in the air.
    Glad to hear of your solid striking. I agree. It’s a very simple but effective concept.
    Best, Chuck

  17. I just got back from today’s round of golf and it is a funny coincidence that I was thinking of the belly button going back and through the swing and then to read your post today after completing my round.

    My ball striking was solid using this concept.

  18. This site rocks!! I look forward to the emails all the time. I always stop what I am doing and read your blogs and watch the video as the emails come in.

    Many thanks,

  19. Mike Austin was mentioning the transversus muscle (the transversus abdominis) in that particular clip.
    He also emphasized in other clips the additional muscles which I cited in the post which become activated and enervated by the swinging of the belly button.
    Best, Chuck

  20. Mike is mentioning a muscle just at the end of this clip. He says it so quickly I haven’t been able to make it out. Do you recall what he was saying?

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