“I Don’t Feel Power In The Shoulder”

Check out all the information contained in this short clip:
The name of the game is a fast clubhead – created by the hands, not the body.
As Mike Austin adamantly pointed out to me, “I don’t feel power in the shoulder! You can’t throw [with the shoulder]. You can shot put with power in the shoulder. You can throw with your hands.”
Note also, the “in curve” on the backswing. The Mike Austin swing is circular.
Listen to the difference in the sound of the hit when done correctly.
Finally, check out how Mike Austin used intonations to reinforce key facets of a lesson. Keep reviewing the clips and I guarantee you that you will hear that voice during your practice.

Hope this helps!
Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!

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3 thoughts on ““I Don’t Feel Power In The Shoulder”

  1. Yes, that does help. Turning the chest is better motion. I’m sure you’re tired of repeating yourself on these comments. Thanks again for this site and your responses.

  2. The pivot is started with the ankles, knees and hips.
    (You start by straightening the back knee while flexing the front knee.)
    The chest then turns and the back elbow folds.
    Hope that helps!

  3. Chuck,
    Do you use your shoulders primarily to make your backswing (and the hands follow)? I know the arms move because the body moves, but I can only get my left arm parallel using only pivot. Any suggestions on how to complete the move without adding tension in the shoulders.

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