Precision Hitting and Practice

It frustrates me to no end to hear people speak of Mike Austin’s instruction as if it was devoted only to power.
Note the effortlessness and accuracy (check out the barrel) of these partial shots utilizing the same motions and technique.
Also, note how Mike Austin had me practice – picking targets at various distances.

Get your game on and go practice these partial shots. You’ll be amazed at the effortless power and accuracy.

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2 thoughts on “Precision Hitting and Practice

  1. Robert,
    Fantastic. I really like the points you are focusing on.
    Tempo, as you point out, is really important. Mike Austin use to point out to me that if one part of a machine is moving too quickly the machine will destroy itself.
    So true.
    Glad you have enjoyed the site and thanks for your comments.

  2. Since I’m a student of the Mike Austin swing not having the privilege of studying directly from Mr. Austin. This site and a few others along with DVDs’ I have purchased have been extremely helpful.
    Personally I like practicing with a SW in a nearby park and have discovered the better the pivot right hand and arm association the more accurate the shot especially when controlling the speed with the pivot.

    Thanks Again

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