“The Kid”

Check out this teenager from California.

He’s new to long driving and just qualified in Nevada for the National Long Drive Championship with a drive of 436 yards.


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Note the leg action and the speed generated with the hips ala Mike Austin.

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7 thoughts on ““The Kid”

  1. I have been posting on many of Jamie’s Youtube videos on the things that he can do better – at my own peril!

    Domenic does many of these things. Yeah he is a little bit raw but so was Mike Austin at this age.

    He also reminds me a lot of Washington National’s #1 draft pick Bryce Harper – 113 mph batspeed documented! Same body build, same age – hailed as possibly the next Babe Ruth. Bryce is much more accomplished but not any more talented.

  2. JimTee,
    I see (and hear) a heck of a lot of good things.
    The leg work is super. He sure isn’t coiling his upper body against 2 feet cemented into the dirt.
    The hip action is tremendous. Note how he’s hitting off the side of his body.
    He also has tremendous tempo which was extremely important to Mike Austin. The kid exudes smooth, effortless power.
    BTW, did you hear the sound of the club swooshing AND the sound of at impact?!!
    He may not bow the left wrist like Mike advocated but I would suspect that his strong left grip creates similar benefits.
    Finally, if he is hitting it straight, the results speak volumes.

  3. I am with you Steve.
    He seems to have a heck of a nice disposition and attitude.
    And, he’s young. I am sure he’ll take away some great experiences.
    Appreciate the comments.

  4. I was thinking of Jamie Sadlowski as well. This guy looks so smooth in comparison. He stayed tall through the swing unlike Jamie.

    Chuck – curious what you would say Domenic does that doesn’t follow Mike Austin’s teaching.

  5. hey Chuck,

    I think we would have heard the phrase, “That’s keelin it mon!” quite often. Hopefully Domenic will hold up under pressure. I see him getting through to the finals just from having a swing that puts the ball in the grid consistently.

    Thanks for all you do.

  6. Hey Steve,
    I totally agree. It’s effortless power at its best.
    It should be some competition.
    How much would Mike Austin have loved to have seen this kid?

  7. hey there!

    I saw this video a few days ago and I drew the same conclusion – he is making very close to a Mike Austin swing. It is more proof that our swing is natural and intuitive, as I would be willing to bet that this kid has never had a golf lesson (or very few). Rather he uses his athletic instinct and the same principles he uses to pitch a baseball.

    To my eye, Domenic is hitting as far as Jamie Sadlowski, but hits straighter more often and is doing it with less effort. His swing is more efficient, visually.

    I can’t wait to watch those two go head to head at Mesquite!

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