9 thoughts on “The Power Move

  1. Just nice to be helping!

    Your way of explaining this swing is by far the best I have seen!

    Regards Austin fan Staale, Oslo! :=)

  2. Staale,
    Greetings to Norway! It’s wonderful to see the reach of Mike Austin’s teachings.
    Thanks so much for your comments, suggestions and enthusiasm.
    You guys are really helping me in getting this dvd done. Thanks so much.
    Best, Chuck

  3. Hi Chuck!

    I really enjoy you videos and comments about the great Austin swing!
    I have watched a lot dvd’s with Mike Dunaway,Dan Shauger, Jaacob Bowden, DJ Watts and also read some books about this swing.
    But I find some of it way to “theoryticel” and it is difficult to find the correct way og doing it.
    If you make a dvd (as I hope you do) I will purchase it.
    I have never seen anyone explain the swing in a easy manner from start to finish.
    So I would like to suggest that you do that and put som practice excersises in to get the moves correct.

    Golf regards Staale, Norway!

  4. Steve,
    Aha, you’ve got it.
    It reverses on the way forward. Your left hip will go up and forward. Now, you can launch the ball. As you have witnessed!!
    You are now able to hit with both hands as your original set up dictated!

  5. Chuck Thanks for the power move.

    I really launched a few working on this today. As I move the right knee into extension to start the backswing and move to the top does the left hip feel as if it moves down , lower than address as the right hip moves up? The video seems to show this but camera angles are tricky. How does it feel to you?

    thank you Steve.

  6. Hi Chuck,
    I am dying to watch that videos on your blog.

    Btw: To me your blog is like a big and hopefully endless “Mike Austin advent calendar”, I am always looking forward to open the next window…although it’s not a piece of chocolate 😉


  7. Thomas,
    Mike Austin and I worked on all types of shots. Low shots (“low boys”). High shots (“high boys”). Fades and draws.
    Mike’s technique for moving the ball left and right differed from the modern approach, the latter being to aim the club face where you want the ball to end and to line up where you want the ball to start.
    Mike did not work the ball by opening or closing his stance. That blocked the motion required for power and accuracy.
    Mike faded and drew the ball by the use of his hands.
    i have some nice video on the topic which I will try to retrieve.

  8. Chuck,
    Thanks again for the video!
    There is one other question I couldn’t find an answer to:
    How did Mike teach (all kind of) shaping the ball? …or did he hit always straight at the target?

    Appreciate your feedback.

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