The Center of the Club Face

Mike Austin would constantly stress to me that you want to hit the center of the golf ball with the center of the club face.

You could hear the difference and he often commented on the the sound of hits. He did not want a dull thud. He wanted a lively thwack.

In addition, you could see the difference in hits. Often, Mike would grab my club and take a look at the face.

I’ve tried to work hard on my game recently with success. Broke 70 last week and had a great practice session yesterday.

At one point I stopped, thought of Mike’s club face comments and took a gander at the face of my 4 iron.

As Mike would say,

“Now that’s hitting the center of the ball with the center of the club face.”

The impression is the result of the measurements taken at address and the precision hitting stemming from Mike Austin’s action.

While practicing, be cognizant of the sound of impact. And, every so often take a look at your club face.

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3 thoughts on “The Center of the Club Face

  1. Joe,
    Thanks so much for spreading the word.
    I too hope more people participate. People, please keep your questions, comments and experiences coming.
    I’ve always felt badly that Mike’s teachings were not experienced by more people.

  2. Chuck,

    I check your blog daily and have passed it along to many friends who are Mike Austin advocates as well …. I’ve had lessons from both Shauger and Dang and I can say that this information is far more valuable … I only wish that there was more participation …. I look forward to more of your posts …. for those who have not seen the Austinology video w/ Dunaway, your instruction compliments that nicely! Keep up the good work and keep the info coming!



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