A Mike Austin Imperative: Use of the Right Hand

The proper use of the right hand is an absolute imperative to the power and accuracy of Mike Austin’s teachings.

Mike even had me hit balls with only my right hand. Look at the way the balls jump off the clubhead.

Give it a try. You will know immediately if you are using the right hand correctly.

[wpvideo crII9riO]

BTW, note Mike Austin’s reminder not to use a closed stance (a/k/a “blocked position”).

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17 thoughts on “A Mike Austin Imperative: Use of the Right Hand

  1. Closing of the stance blocks the engine – namely, the ankles and knees are blocked thereby encumbering the movement of the right hip, thereby encumbering the movement of the upper torso. The upper torso carries the arms.

  2. chuck
    when the right foot is in a blocked position…closed, what is being blocked. Did Mike ever elaborate? Regardless i was having trouble recently with the swing until i made sure when i look down at my feet at address, that they appear ever so slightly in an open stance. what a huge positive difference this has made. Mike was correct and i was just curious as to the reason.

  3. Please disregard my last post I was busy confusing myself.

    Just got back form practicing short wedge shots using an interpretation of Abe Mitchell’s use of the hands and arms and found a steady throw.

  4. Hey Robert,
    Can you elaborate on the first part of the question? Not sure I understand the pulling reference.
    The bottom line though is MIke Austin did not teach me to resist with the left.

  5. Hello Chuck,

    In order to throw under handed with the right hand arm you are pulling the object threw in order to straighten the right arm. My question is did Mike teach in order throw the club to pull with the right resist with the left?

  6. Whew. Swinging like Mike Austin, I was finding it next to impossible to take a divot. The club head just barely hits the grass under the ball. The newest video on the power drill was amazing. Initially I thought there is no way to move the left hip that much laterally and not fall all over the place. The power move, after leisurely straightening of the right knee on the back swing, with the right hand throwing motion on the downswing, has taken my ball striking to a new level. I can’t wait to learn the upper body power move. One more discovery. While leisurely straightening the right knee, I leisurely move the whole upper body, (it feels like the right leg straightening is tossing the upper body complex to the top in a relaxed fashion) seems to be a great feeling.

  7. Hi Chuck:
    Did Mike ever teach that a conscious effort was needed to “hit down on the ball”?

  8. Thanks for the email Dale.
    The right hand and the right knee come through together. I will have more details on that.
    Mike often used that train analogy. In this case he meant that he you don’t properly use your ankles, knees and hips, your swing motion will stop.
    As in a train, the box cars will all then collide and run into the engine.

  9. When the right knee ???? the box cars run into the engine. Can you recall what he said there? Is he referring to not moving the right knee toward the left in the downswing?

    I Really enjoy this site! I have been a follower since renting his GIMI tape at a driving range in the mid eighties.


  10. Chuck,

    Another great post, but what is MA saying in the first couple of seconds of the clip?

    Hope you nail all the scammers with alot of paperwork,,,just one mans opinion.

  11. Joe,
    Thanks for the enthusiasm. On a broader matter I wanted people to understand that Mike Austin taught an active use of the right hand. It supplies incredible power. I’ve received many inquiries on that issue and many are confused since there are persons teaching otherwise. On the finer points, hope to more coming soon. As you can imagine it’s quite the task going through hundreds of hours of tape, locating pertinent clips, editing, formatting and publishing.
    We are also running into issues with persons who are “borrowing” our materials once published. Fortunately, my day job as a trial attorney should come in handy there.
    Best, Chuck

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