Long Driving With Mike Austin

Many have asked to see the driver swing. So, here goes:

[wpvideo fWd4CR5u]

The driver swing motion is the same as the irons.

Note the ball acceleration and the straight path of the ball flight.

Mike Austin provided me with these results in my second (!) lesson with him. Best of all, there’s no pain and strain.

“That’s killing it!” And, so can you.

Remember, it’s supple quickness.

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49 thoughts on “Long Driving With Mike Austin

  1. It seems like your hands are coming back on the “in curve” as MA prescribed but the club head appears to be coming straight back on the flight/target line. Am I seeing that correctly? Is this something you recommend or something you had to work on to correct later. I know this is one of the early lessons. I think I’m getting my driver too far on the inside. And thank you for this site, I can’t get enough.

  2. Indirectly. The right arm slid back along the right side- like a trombone. The upper arm then raised to form a throwing motion.
    That action of the right arm would pull the left lat thus pinning your left arm against your pec.

  3. Now that’s dedication. Great to hear of your gains. When the weather and the golf balls warm up, you will be ready.

  4. Sorry about that “Chuck!” I use an editor a lot as I get pretty fired-up about golfing stuff. Went to the range tonight, 25 degrees F. on my phone with a slight bone-chilling wind! Balls were frozen so my 7 iron only went 150 yards dead straight with a slight fade, 3 hybrid went 180 yards in the air as did my 4 iron, and the driver bounced off the cold ground, at 200 yards for the first time- with a little draw. I have to find a better ball position I think, i want that fade! Thanks for the explanation of lifting the heel and straightening the back arm! I figure my distances will go up about 20% when the weather gets warmer!

  5. I think there are any definite similarities in their movements – tempo, no attempt to deep the right knee flexed, even hand action. As to the fade, I think it’s a matter of clubhead angle at impact and perhaps path – the fade definitely being safer than a hook. Mike Austin certainly warned to never fall in love with a hook. You simply can’t control it over the course of a round. The really great fades, btw, go out straight and then drop to the right. Unless required by the shot, there’s not a great deal of curvature.

  6. Chick, knowing what you do, is it possible that Freddy couples and other pros-including Hogan and Nicklaus, used this type of motion on occasion. It produces good results in terms of distance and an “Angle Hinge” leading to a predictable fade.

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  8. Any time. Feel free everyone to join in.
    If any one has any video please feel free to send it in!

  9. Hey Don,
    Thanks for the comment. Been caught up in work/business and also trying to set up things here to prevent people from “borrowing” all our good stuff.
    Mike kept his left arm next to the pec. After the initial move with the right leg straightening and the hip going to ten o’clock the upper body turned. I think the major item is to have the body and arms move as a unit.
    At the top you kick your right knee toward 2 0’clock and then rotate the lower body. Despite what others say, I can tell you they are wrong. Mike Austin wanted you to unfold the right elbow right away. It’s like an underhanded throw or an upper cut. I saw Mike utilize what you describe as a more vertical loop when the student was tending to come over the top. The move is a bump first. Then rotation.
    Hope that helps. Best, Chuck

  10. Hi Chuck,
    Missed you lately. Hope all is well. Got a couple q’s. 1.) Did Mike have you use the Rt arm to pull the Lt arm tight against the chest? 2.) Do you keep the upper body assembly intact (no arm swinging, feeling like your hands stay behind your head) until the QL crimp/hip shift bring the club back to the ball on downswing? Then let the Rt elbow go? This would require a terrific sideways spine tilt. 3.) Does the takeaway feel like the club is going around behind the body, or do you “feel” like you’re trying to make a vertical loop with the clubhead so it kind of loops up “on top of itself” at the top? Sorry for being wordy; trying to get the image and feel of the move in my head. Love the site, and really appreciate what you’re doing for Mike and for us. –Don

  11. Glad to hear of your success! Thanks for your comment.
    Having a strong Irish lineage, it’s great to hear from Ireland.
    Keep watching. I have some tweaks and tips directly from Mike Austin himself (that differ from Shauger) that may assist you even further.
    Best, Chuck

  12. as a self taught 9 handicap i changed swings using dan shaugers book and youtube videos as a reference,I can confirm that the ballflight from the counter rotation wrist cock is dead straight although the swing looks a little strange it really is a perfect swing .as a physical therapist i can also confirm tha t this swing concept is the most sensible on the musculoskeletal system also, cheers from ireland .

  13. Dr. Smith,
    The developers contacted the site and I placed the email/information on the message board.
    I have not used the product nor am I associated with it.

  14. Hi Chuck thanks for the quick response!
    They seem to have the classic slice. Start off dead straight, perhaps a little high, but then tail off to the right about 30m. I can hit 10 balls in this way and they’ll all land almost right on each other! I know Mike/Dan Shauger talked about letting the pendulum swing and I feel that with the irons but for some reason not with the driver. I have adapted my drive to compensate by swinging lower and further inside the line on the backswing and then really focussing on pushing the wrists to hit the ball which can easily get me 220metres. You’re video above looks great so I might film my drive swing and see if I can spot anything that looks out compared to yours? Sorry if this sounds like rambling, any thoughts?


  15. Karlos,
    Glad you found the site.
    Regarding your driver, one thought is good tempo as we often try to rush it.
    A second thing to keep in mind is your ball flight. Do your bad shots have a pattern?
    Are they pulled, pushed, hooking, fading, too high, too low?
    Once we know that we can diagnose the potential issues and then you can begin to diagnose the issues on your own.

  16. Hi Guys, great material here. I too have Dan’s book and while its really great, I’m not in the US and finding MA teachers are far and few between. Does anyone have any ‘things to watch out for’ or ‘common faults with learning this swing’? I find the irons are great but I can’t seem to get a grip on the driver. Is there something I should be thinking or focusing on/doing differently? ie releasing the hands earlier? If anyone has some common things to watch out for in the swing that would be great! 🙂
    Cheers for the great site!


  17. Chuck,
    What a thrill it must have been to spend so much time with a man like Mighty Mike Austin. I could talk to you about him for hours. The videos of you with Mike at the range are very helpful, and i’m sure, prized possessions.
    One thing i’m curious about is the action of the hands from take away to impact. A video like the one you did on the pivot would help, but a description in your words would do also.


  18. Hello Mike Austin fans,
    I began reading about Mike just a few days ago and started trying to learn his unique technique. My impression immediately was better balance and high ball flight for me. After a few days I’m realizing how much different this really is from my normal swing and am wondering if I want to go through learning such a change. I’m hoping to get insight into others’ experiences with the MA method and ask if anyone might advise me on whether to change or not. I’ve been a 2 handicap for the last few years. I have a pretty strong grip and hit my 7 iron 165, and driver 250-270. Like most of us I want to drive farther. I’m pretty strong, athletic, and flexible and think that with the right physics I should be able to. Has anyone used Mike’s instruction and really picked up major distance? Thanks for anyone’s comments.

  19. Stephen,
    The complete lesson consisted of a mixture of nudging, twisting, coaxing, yelling, subtle praise and disgust. (Not necessarily in that order.)
    My arms swung independently from my body. My head dropped toward the ball. I pulled the club head straight back from the ball.
    I did not complete the swing. My tempo was much too fast.
    I am putting together lesson clips so people can learn from my mistakes.
    I can recall exactly what I was thinking in the last frame – “Wow. That was amazing. It’s totally different than any lesson I have ever taken. I am using less effort and the ball is flying off the club face. Thank heavens. There may be hope for me yet. Please let me hit another one like that.”
    Best, Chuck

  20. Chuck a couple of questions,
    If this this was your second lesson, you could already
    hit a golf ball, can you remember what Mikes early impressions were and what did he have you work on ?
    Also, I like the last frame where you’re watching your ball flight, I know what I would have been thinking, what was going through your mind ?

  21. Brian, Mike eliminated the upward cocking of the wrists. That put the club into 2 separate planes. He saw no reason to do that. He had a bow in his leading hand which was unleashed on the way down as he stepped over to his left side. Hope this helps!! Best, Chuck

  22. Carl,
    Terrific. Please feel free to share any discussions/stories that you had with Mike.
    I am sure we’d all love to hear them.
    He’d often call me as well with either holiday wishes or a newly discovered joke.
    Quite the good friend and character.

  23. As a golf professional I met Mr. Austin in Michigan in about 1967. I’ll write later all that he taught me. I was in contact with him by phone every couple of months until his passing, what a great loss for golf. Keep the legend alive.

  24. Stephen,
    LOL. Now you are really going to test my tech skills!
    Let me see what I can do. It’s a great thought so maybe aI can introduce it in other clips as well.
    Thanks for the comment and all the best,

  25. chuck
    is it possible to post these in slow motion ?
    I like watching this , but it’s too quick to take in any detail

  26. Brian,
    Mike eliminated the radial flexion. He did not cock the wrists in the traditional manner.
    I will have upcoming actual lessons.
    Best, Chuck

  27. Brian,
    Your email made me smile. How true.
    At least the “chewing out” was dished out equally – He chewed out the experienced golfer, the inexperienced, middle aged and old . . .
    You add the accent, and it was something to behold. I think I wrote elsewhere that he used this 4 wheeled chair. I knew I was in trouble the second I heard him yell,
    “No, no . . .” and then I heard the rumble of the chair caused by MIke trying to scramble out of his it to demonstrate something.

  28. Chuck,
    Do you have any information to post on the movement of the hands in the take-a-way. In Mike’s skeleton video he states that he starts to ‘cock’ the hands after they get past the right hip. That he pushes down with the left hand. If the wrist is bowed slightly, there is not much cocking that can happen. Is keeping the bow in the left wrist possibly one of the things that Mike changed in his swing toward the end? Mike Dunaway (in the same video, ‘Secrets from the Games Longest Hitter’) does not show a wrist cock, but a slow rotation of the left arm, using the shoulder (not the forearm or wrist). Dunaway also shows a very inside takeaway from this shoulder rotation. Dan Shauger does teach a slight counter rotation of the left hand during the take-a-way in order to keep the club face square to the target line longer. I need clarification of the left arm and hand in the take-a-way, can you help me?

  29. Chuck,
    Mike Austin would tell me (after chewing me out, usually starting with a ‘Damnit Mon’) that the reason he was hard on me is that I would learn quicker, making it possible to take fewer lessons and saving me money. I do remember once that I had to turn away after Mike ‘corrected’ me, because it made me smile and I didn’t want to give Mike anymore reason to ‘correct’ me further. I have to admit, it made me focus on trying REAL HARD to do what Mike wanted me to do. Mike will be missed, thanks for keeping his legacy alive here.

  30. Brian,
    Really enjoyed your comment. You are absolutely right about MIke’s technique. The distance is effortless and the balls go dead straight. I can almost see them spinning around their north-south expert. 350 + yards while playing is one heck of a drive!! Plus, the distance stays with you regardless of age.
    Loved the “chewing out” comment. I plan on putting some on the blog so people can get some flavor for it.
    As you know however, he was ingenious. What he told me while cussing me out is ingrained forever.
    Thanks again,

  31. Chuck,
    Thank You – For preserving Mike Austin’s legacy! I took a couple of lessons from Mike Austin (after his stroke) at the Studio City golf course. I am an analytical personality, so once I learned the science and kinesiology Mike put into developing his swing (and the results), I changed my swing and have tried to use MA ever since. After MA passing, I did an Internet search and found Dan Shauger and have taken some lessons from Dan. This year my 14 year old daughter decided to join the High School golf team (she has never swung a club before), so I got permission from the golf coach to teach her MA swing. I actually get it now myself! I had to review all my information and seek new sources (that is how I found your site), and along the way I finally got it. My swing is not perfect, but I have finally got the ‘effort’ out of it and simply shift and throw to whip the club head into the ball for easy, effortless distance that is dead straight. I am 49 years old and last Friday I hit my driver 350+ yards on a 425 par 4, straight as a string and split the fairway. The most amazing thing for me is how ‘effortless’ club head speed is created. Once again thanks for all the video clips, they bring back memories of MA chewing me out for doing something wrong.

  32. Jarre,
    Thanks so much. I’ll try to get yardages for you.
    The best is the yardage you get without the pain and strain of the traditional method.
    Plus, the normal flight is very, very straight.

  33. Chuck – Thanks for this phenomenal tribute to Mr. Austin, & look forward to hearing from you [d.]

  34. Steve,
    Thanks for the comments. I great appreciate them and your opinion.
    LOL, we eventually got caught!

  35. Thomas,
    I have read comments that Mike Austin held back secrets. They make me shake my head.
    All I can say is that Mike Austin was never cryptic to me or to any of the other students during the hundreds of hours of lessons that I observed.
    In fact, I would go out to see Mike for a week or two and often take several hours of lessons and watch him give hours of lessons with additional students on a daily lesson.
    If you were ready he’d give it to you.
    I remember one fellow – a very good golfer and a friend of Mike’s who flew in from out of town to see Mike – was kidding him about holding back information.
    Mike growled: “I feed you what you can take!”
    In fact, I witnessed many students asking Mike to hold back information for a moment so that they could program in one swing thought at a time.
    Thanks for the comment.

  36. Hi Chuck,
    can’t express how much I appreciate your insights of Mikes teaching and “secrets”. Can’t believe how efficent his teaching was with such results! Through all the blogs and articles I’ve read (Mr. Reed for ex.)I always got the impression that Mike tried to kind of hide his secrets from anyone and that he charged a lot of money for his lessons. So your input is very important to build one’s own opinion about Mike.
    I am very looking forward to the proper unse of the “hunds”.

  37. hello,

    Thanks so much for posting this. Very powerful motion. I would have loved to see it from the ground up instead of having your legs clipped.

    How did you get away with hitting driver over the fence there? Mike never let me hit a driver.

  38. Emillo,
    I appreciate the comment. The fluidity will come. It stems from having all the motions down and then adding tempo.
    We will get there and will also have clips on the proper use of the hands.

  39. Hi, Chuck.

    Appreciate the long driving video. Really can´t believe the acceleration through impact. I´ve been experimenting with Mike Austin´s swing for a while, 2 years by now, and it´s been great. But looks I´m still not there after watching the fluidity of this driving swing. Congratulations for this great blog, and hope you post some more info in the future about the proper use of the hands. I´m confused with several ways of teaching it (e.g counter rotation when going back or not, etc). Really interested on how Mike taught it…congrats, cheers

  40. Thanks so much Joe.
    It’s awfully nice to see people benefit from all of Mike Austin’s brilliance.

  41. I’m really enjoying your site ….. its a testament to Mike Austin and his unparalleled knowledge of the golf swing. I look forward to your posts daily!

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