MisInformed About The Mike Austin Stance

Wow! I have received a lot of emails concerning Mike Austin’s stance. Apparently, there’s been much internet banter asserting that Mike Austin advocated a closed stance.

Sorry, but this is simply not accurate. From what I can discern the advocates of a closed stance are doing so in order to address additional wrong moves such as coming over the top. Unfortunately, building on an incorrect foundation is only going to impede your progress.

Let’s roll the tape. Mike Austin’s instruction to me quite clearly discredits the assertion that he advocated a closed stance:

This is an important point as it builds on Mike Austin’s swing principles.

Remember, the ankles, knees and hips are the engine of the Mike Austin swing. A closed (aka blocked) stance will impede the hips and reduce your power!

Moreover, Mike Austin was adamant that you had to build the proper foundation (which includes the stance) before  you put the roof on your swing.

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3 thoughts on “MisInformed About The Mike Austin Stance

  1. I went and hit some balls today on a simulator. I noticed that when taking my stance I kept putting my right hand on the club with it turned to far to the right or underneath, this led to inconsistent shots.

    I discovered that if I piut my right hand more on top of the club (grip) I was able to hit the ball straighter and longer. It seemed the whole feeling of the swing changed dramatically. It became more effortless and powerful.

    Now I am just starti8ng out and am in no way doing everything correct. This is just an observation on my part as to my swing.

    Am I on the right track?

  2. Finally the last piece to the Pivot. Now if only I can figure out the stimulus to the throw. Do you have any tips on this? Thanks for this it helped a lot.


  3. We visit your holy site daily with hopes of peering through recently unlocked portals of time, electronic windows into the past. Swing voyeurs, we are. A generally happy and appreciative lot. Glimpses of Hollywood golf history bring us back.

    Your Mentor inspires us all.

    Long live the Hollywood Three!

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