“Under Pressure” with Mike Austin

Here’s me hitting some shots at the surprise request of Mike Austin and other students.

Mind you, I had not swung a club yet all day as I had been observing Mike giving lessons to several students. Just a wee bit of pressure:

[wpvideo 8bvjqWkc]

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12 thoughts on ““Under Pressure” with Mike Austin

  1. The downswing goes “under, out and up”.
    From the top of the backswing it goes under the right shoulder, not in front of it. Very critical.
    Thanks dennis.

  2. Yes, that’s exactly my question.

    What did he mean by “under”. I can’t see the reason why he suddenly told you that and the difference in your swing after that.

    I try to get his swing down for years now. I fought my way through GIMI Peaceriver and the whole 7.5h of Austinology. Trying to learn this without feedback is somehow difficult to impossible.

    The best i could get out of my research is a relatively good game without much practise.

  3. Hi Chuck,

    In the “pressure” video, we can hear Mike bark “Under, Under – understand?”. What is he referring to – can you explain? Thanks.


  4. SB,
    Sorry, I can’t tell you why.
    All I can say is that in my later years of taking lessons with Mike Austin we used a 1-2 count.
    Wish I had a better answer for you, but I don’t.

  5. Chuck,

    Again re: forward press, why did MA take it out of the swing (his reason)?

    In Austinology MA states that the forward press was in the swing to get the tension out of the body.

  6. SB,
    You are more than welcome.
    Mike emphasized the forward press in my early years of lessons. He viewed it as a timing device. There’s a video with Mike Dunaway on you tube with the 1-2-3 count.
    In my later years we used a 1-2 count and I saw him do the same with other students.

  7. Chuck,

    Am i correct in that you are not using a forward press? Did MA take this out of the swing latter on?

    Thanks for the videos. I am glad that you and MA had a plan to disseminate the truth to us hacks that have been seeking the truth.

  8. Matt,
    Glad to hear of your progress!
    I have a very standard, neutral, overlapping grip. My left thumb is approximately at 1pm. I don’t try to extend the thumb.
    In my early years of lessons MIke Austin showed me how to a very strong grip for some punch shots and chips.
    I intend to have short game lessons from Mike in the future as his technique really creates deft touch.
    I’ll look for clips for you.
    Best, Chuck

  9. Hi Chuck,
    Your tip about starting the backswing with the straightening of the right leg really helped me a ton, I appreciate it!
    In the spirit of having to graduate kindergarden first, I have a question for you….
    What does your grip look like….weak, neutral, strong? Is it in the palms or more in the fingers? Do you have a short , medium or long thumb left thumb and are you trying to get it to run it straight down the shaft or more at a 1:00 position. If you had closeup video of you taking your grip more than a few of us would probably learn a lot from it. I keep trying to look at it in the clips but it is tough to tell for sure.
    I am looking forward to the upcoming tip on starting the downswing. Thanks again. Matt

  10. SB,
    Sorry, but I never heard Mike Austin utter the term “front foot stomp” in my 5 years of lessons with him and hundreds of hours of lessons that I saw him give. I hope to upload a video shortly on that exact subject. It’s the next step in our progression.

  11. That’s your best one yet Chuck, excellent
    What did Mike mean when he said “under, under” ?

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