Mike Austin – the Golfing Bandit – Getting Impetus to the Clubhead

I wanted to share one of my golf treasures with fellow Mike Austin fans – some very rare footage.

Here is Mike Austin, aka, the golfing bandit, at age 90 hitting balls “on a string” one-handed for me during a lesson.  At the time, Mike had an 80% loss of locomotion in his right arm and right leg due to a stroke. Fortunately, he had incorporated his improved swing tenets. Sadly however, most of his later lessons were restricted to his home.

Can you believe the power and accuracy generated with one hand, with virtually no pivot? It’s effortless power. Little wonder why Mike Austin’s long drive competitors commented that it looked like was “just playing with it”.

You can benefit from watching that action, over and over again. It’s an invaluable lesson in itself. There’s no cranking of the body. There’s no forced effort. That’s the beauty of the Mike Austin swing.  It can benefit the athletic person and the not-so-athletic person, the strong and the not-so-strong, the young, and the not-so-young.

But don’t stop at just watching the clip. See if you can duplicate that action – with your left hand and then your right hand. Mike had me hit many balls one-handed. The resultant shots will tell you if you are properly using the hands.

As you can see, the name of the game is not brute force. The name of the game, as Mike clearly states, is getting impetus to the clubhead. He did that via a proper pivot and proper use of the hands so as to not impede the swinging clubhead.


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9 thoughts on “Mike Austin – the Golfing Bandit – Getting Impetus to the Clubhead

  1. Chuck, Could you put up the clip of MA swinging one-handed again? The feed somehow seems to have been corrupted (or perhaps it is my computing prowess!) – Beyond these amazing clips, who do you believe effectively teaches the Mike Austin method? I would love to have some “hands on” instruction – To see if I am correctly following the precepts and techniques of Mr. Austin’s technique..

  2. SB,
    Good question. He’s hitting it with his hands.
    It’s the second part of the equation.
    The first part is the pivot. The second is “providing impetus to the clubhead” via the hands.
    Contrary to a lot of modern teaching, Mike Austin was adamant that the hands supplied a vast amount of power in the golf swing.
    I really liked this clip since you can clearly see the reaction of the ball caused by use of the hands.

  3. Kris,
    You are more than welcome. I’d have to check the tape to see if I can determine what iron Mike was hitting.
    Amazing ball flight for that simple effort!

  4. Thomas,
    Glad you liked the clip. Great drill.
    As you can see when Mike does it, when performed correctly the ball will rocket off the clubhead.

  5. Dennis,
    Glad you enjoyed the clip.
    I agree with you on the student part, but as you know, it is an awesome drill as it really teaches the proper use of the “hunds”.

  6. Thanks again for the posts. I saw Mike Dunaway hit balls one handed and he emphasized what a great drill it is. Now I know where he got the drill. I’m going to try to incorporate this into my practice routine.

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