Cruising Speed – Mike Austin and Tempo

One of the biggest misconceptions that I read regarding Mike Austin’s teaching is that his methodology was designed  for power hitters and/or long drivers. Not true. Mike’s technique was not based on brute strength. Yes, it resulted in powerful shots, but  it was based on effortless power and supple quickness, without the pain and strain normally associated with such shots.

Nor was Mike Austin infatuated with distance. Mike constantly reminded students about tempo. Further, he was very interested in a student obtaining a nice “cruising speed” where there was a “nice reward for the amount of energy expended”.

Here’s an example of a great swing at a wonderful “cruising speed”:

(BTW, this was the student’s first lesson with Mike Austin. I watched the entire lesson unfold before my very own eyes and my camera – from set up to puring the ball – all in the course of one hour. The most amazing lesson I have ever witnessed.)

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