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  1. Jon,
    Thanks for the comment. Mike Austin’s instruction changed. He either came up with a better system or finally decided to release his true secrets. Those that personally knew Mike Austin would not find either scenario surprising. That’s the answer to the apparently conflicting point on pronation. Mike also did not raise the arms. Because the body is bent forward and the lead shoulder and hip lowers, the arms remain in the same position, relative to the body. Hope that helps.

  2. Dear Sir,
    I noted in one of your last blogs a statement that at no stage does the blade of the club rotate open. I’m sorry but I am quite confused, there are major contraditions here. I quote from Austinology and the man himself, ‘the left arm pronates and the right hand dorsi flexes…underneath.’ Oh, the important quote from Mr Austin, ‘I don’t want the blade half way back facing the ground, it opens 90 degress..’ and faces the ball along the swing plane arc.
    I think the problem has occurred here due to the fact that people are merely pronating their left arm and cocking the hand/thumb, which is correct. But you must also dorsi flex and wind under the right hand, wrist and forearm on the proper plane, otherwise it will I assume negate the power and accuracy we are seeking.
    The plane can be checked according to Mike Austin in number of ways. One way he mentions without becoming too technical is to check the shaft half way back or around waist height and see whether it is on a line parrallel to the shoulders. Yes, parrallel but one arm’s length lower.
    Mike states, ‘do not raise the arms’ at the early stages of the backswing. The arms do of course raise but on plane.
    PS I would appreciate a reply to the comments as you may correct me or explain to me that I have somehow not grasped what was explained in Austinology.

  3. Mike Austin generally had me play the ball off the front foot instep unless we were hitting a punch or a specialty shot (the “low boy”).
    We would also move it back if we wanted a more driving pitch.

  4. Thanks Dennis.
    I understand that you knew Mike personally also.
    I trust that we are doing his memory proud!

  5. Yes, Joe.
    I am generally on the east coast near NYC but do travel.
    Perhaps send me your locale and your golfing history. (llenrocenterprisesllc@gmail.com)
    There’s been some interest in putting on group seminars as well.

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