5 thoughts on “An Upcoming Secret of Mike Austin

  1. If enough people show true interest in a dvd, I’d be glad to put in the effort to get it done or some type of variation thereof. Please feel free to chime in guys and gals.
    As to variations of the Mike Austin swing, I can only repeat my original intent namely, that I intend to put forth precisely what Mike Austin taught me and others that I observed. Fortunately, I took lessons both before and after he changed certain aspects of his swing. Thanks for the comment and please let me here from others!

  2. Sorry, certainly did not mean to offend.
    I was working hard on the process of recovering still frames. I think this will help people learn as well as the video clips. To my delight, the resultant still frames were very, very clear. The posted still frame was an example.
    As to its substance I have been trying to logically build a foundation for people it. Without that foundation, my bet is people won’t obtain optimal results.

  3. I agree with David. Let us see the post. Why don’t you put together a DVD for us to purchase. Obviously your swing is the Mike Austin Swing that we all want to put into play?

  4. Get on with it please! If your picture is a hint of what’s to come, I think it will directly address the question I was having the other day on the course. I am a very new follower of the MA golf swing and have only practiced a couple of times since reading about his principles of the swing. I am a 2 handicap but am looking to get more out of my game so I am trying to transition to a more natural, athletic move and the MA swing fits perfectly from what I can tell so far. Looking forward to as much as you are willing to post. Stop with the teasing already – my game can’t take it. Thanks for all of this.

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