The Start of the Mike Austin Backswing

Many have asked how Mike Austin started the backswing. Here’s how:

Remember, when you took the proper stance, the trailing leg was flexed. The trailing leg now goes into extension, meaning it straightens.

For right handers, the right hip gets a bump to 4 0’clock.

The arms begin to move because the body begins to move.

The arms do not swing independently!

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9 thoughts on “The Start of the Mike Austin Backswing

  1. I have carefully review your website, Dan Schauger’s book, How To Kill The Ball, Steve Pratt’s site, and John Marshall’s.

    I am working hard at 79 trying to adopt the method – all three have different ways of starting the back swing but they, in effect, seem to end up correctly at the top of the backswing. One practically flattens the left wrist at address others cocks the wrist past the right toe.

    I am getting stuck on a few issues:

    1. Of the methods, the best way to start the backswing ?
    2. Getting the right knee positioned with or ahead of the club on the DS.
    3. In conjunction with 2. ” throwing the club”
    4. Once in a while I spray some to the right and keep hitting my balls very high except for the fairway woods

  2. Chuck

    That last comment on turning the right knee in with or ahead of the left arm should have said — on the down swing.

    Thanks again,

    Tony Izzo

  3. Mike did use his ankles, knees and hips on pitches – just not as much.
    As to jerking the club back, really slow down and smooth it out. It should be rhythmical, like a dance.

  4. Chuck

    I had responded to the web site a few days ago — 79 year old still trying to adopt the method.

    The videos are very helpfull. Still having trouble initiating the back swing. A query on the web produced this particular video.

    Need to work on the take away technique of straightening out the flexed right knee without yanking and jerking the club back. Practicing the short swing basic video to achieve this is also very helpfull.

    Factoring in my age, It will take a lot of work on the range to groove this.

    Grateful for the information out there.

    While the short game seems to be taught mostly with a quiet body, wonder if the method technique moving the knees can be applied to the short game ?


    Tony Izzo

  5. Dr. Smith: So glad you are enjoying the blog and thanks for the kind words. It’s awfully satisfying to see how many Mike Austin fans are out there. I think Mike would be very proud.

  6. Great Website. What a goldmine to have the chance to learn from someone who had actual lessons from the Great Mentor. I am looking forward to anything and everything that you will be sharing with us measly golfers.

  7. I agree …….. this is very useful information for those confused by others claiming to teach the MA method. This instruction is from the man himself and mimics the Austinology series w/ Mike Dunaway. It is science based (physics/kinesiology)which is what attracted me to Mike in the first place. Keep the videos coming!


  8. Thanks for the kind words. Glad that you are enjoying it.
    Mike Austin is one of golf’s treasures.

  9. This blog is wonderful. There is hope for those in search of understanding Mike Austin.

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