“-itis” and the Modern Golf Swing

The dangers of the modern swing as only Mike Austin could describe them. With all the injuries suffered by those on the tour, one can only hope that  more golfers, pro’s and amateurs alike, find their way to the Mike Austin golf swing. Copyright March 2016 llenroc enterprises llc

32 thoughts on ““-itis” and the Modern Golf Swing

  1. Chuck,

    Have looked at it all, made some notes…will be 82 in Sept, shot my age for 11 years, MA my mentor….and you are right on with all your comments which get in some nice details that reinforce it all…and it’s from the horse’s mouth.
    Would like more detail on grip..looks like really neutral left and palm facing right. Does not seem to be bowing of left at top but flat thru impact, maybe slight bow there??


  2. Hello Chuck

    Just came across your wonderful website and would like to get more information. I am a Mike Austin fan from a long way back.

    Please update me. Have lots of info but nothing like this!



  3. I purchased one from Mike Austin early on and continue to use it Brendon. It’s great for practice inside or outside.

  4. Hello Chuck, any news on the membership site? I’d love to see more videos, especially of his trick shots. Thanks!

  5. Chuck, thank you again for sharing your priceless work with Mike Austin. I was searching the web to see if you have created the site that you were working on and was not able to find it. Please let me know what the site is or if you are still working on it. Thank you again, as many others try to explain what Mike taught them they tend to lose a little detail in just interpretation, so always nice to see Mike in action himself as he is teaching/explaining.

  6. Chuck,
    This site has been very helpful thanks for keeping it up. Have you progressed on creating membership site? Are you going to release more lessons? Thanks for the hard work. I’m sure I’m not the only one still reading this.

  7. Thank you Chuck for your dedication to spreading the teachings from Mike Austin. Like others I have tried and only struggled with other swing methods; I barely ran across Mike’s teachings through you in depth and it has already made a considerable difference. When you get a chance I was wondering if you could elaborate how Mike showed you to throw with your hands (not the shoulder) while still keeping the connection with your shoulders arms and chest; as I have a massive problem with trying to rid myself of a pull hook; my left shoulder and left upper arm just wants to take over the downswing. Also, when you perform the backswing on the circle move, are you trying to follow the same path diagonally to the right of the target line on the downswing(45 degree angle through the ball)?

  8. iv spent 28 years playing golf and got to 4 but came across mike austin and im so much more powerful at the age of 49 than ive ever been this man is a true god

  9. I saw you were working on a membership site. Still true? Also, like to come back to this site and rewatch the videos, tons of great advice, seems aloft of them don’t load anymore. Enjoy the site an update would be great.



  10. Thanks BW. Looking forward to bringing on much more Mike Austin.
    Thanks for the support.

  11. Chuck,
    Glad to see you’re still working towards a membership site. I’ve been trying to crack the code of the MA swing for about 6 years now. I refuse to learn any other swing because I know this is the only way. I’ve read every written word and watched every video I can find. Austinology is my favorite movie of all time. From what I gather, you are the last best hope of keeping his swing alive. It may be the most natural swing ever created but it does not come naturally. I love these videos of him teaching students because they make common mistakes and we get to see him make corrections. Please keep it coming.

  12. The wonderful thing with the Mike Austin swing is that you need supple quickness not strength.
    I can teach someone to hit it one handed up to 70% of their max. I can have them hit it close to that with just a slight pivot and the use of their hands.

  13. Well I felt thankful that I luckily discovered Mike Austin swing back in 2013 and I was
    on the verge of quitting golf for good as for complete lack of improvement and modern swing that simply lead to aching parts on my body.
    If it wasn’t for this man and Mike Dunaway I would probably scored some hospital bills by now,swinging it the “modern hurt locker” way.
    The way many youngsters swinging nowadays…It made me cringe the way their movements are so rigid and just not natural.
    I’m a youngster myself and I considered lucky that I think a bit outside of the box,
    these kids just got trapped by all these modern swing instructors and coaches,hard to dissolve all the “crap” they all got fed with.
    Took me almost 3 years get rid all the crap that I learned from modern swing.

  14. Hi Carl, I am not aware of any. I can tell you that there aren’t many that really are aware of what Mike taught. Once I obtain technical support, I’ll have a lot more detail and video here that will help you tremendously.

  15. Hi Inaki. Thanks for the comments. No need for strong arms in the Mike Austin swing. The keys are the pivots, synchronization of the 12 joints (including use of the hands and overall tempo.) The arms travel with the chest and shoulders which are powered by the ankles, knees and hips.

  16. I really like your web site. I live in Kansas. Any idea where I can go to get lessons based on the MA swing model?

  17. Good Morning Chuck,
    do you still think about setting up a member section?
    Having access to the raw material would be the most important part to me….


  18. Hi Chuck, alongside the swing of Bobby Jones include the swing of Sam Snead. Samsnead was credited with strong arms and upper body, but when I study his swing and focus on the knee action then I become aware of the Mike Austin thinking. What are you own views on this?

  19. Thank you for sharing this blog with us. I have lost count of how many times I have replayed and studied the video footage. Switching from the modern swing back to the swings of old, and studying the video footage available for Bobby Jones’s swing, how does the Mike Austin swing differ from that of Bobby Jones? The peddling a bike movement of the knees to straighten the legs seems very similar (to my eyes).

  20. Chuck, thank you so much for the Mike Austin videos! Wow, what a difference from the garbage out there regarding this man’s teaching!

    I notice that you have a little golf ritual when gripping the club with the right hand in all of your videos. You swing your right arm in from the inside and it almost looks like you have your palm facing directly away from you. What are you doing with your ritual?

    Thanks so much!

  21. Chuck! Good to see you back. You’ve been missed. Hope all is going well. Hope to see more videos. I learn more every time I watch them.

  22. Chuck,

    Good to see you back in the saddle. Hope to see more of your videos.


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