There’s a Turn!

There are many Mike Austin self-appointed guru’s/ experts out there that have, as Mike would say, “the damn thing wrong.” That’s hurting a lot of the guys and gals that are trying to learn the real deal. There’s a turn in the Mike Austin golf swing. It’s not just a shift. Why else would Mike Austin be saying to keep the rear knee and hip going until it reaches the big toe? That action is driving the swing. It’s a shift of weight and a turn.

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  1. Great. I think the right hand drills are really a key. I’ve gone back to them at length this year. Make sure you are gripping the right hand where you would normally at address. I’ve hit thousands of balls that way. But also, be conscious of what feeling worked. When the ball comes off perfectly you, and you alone, will know.

  2. Chuck,
    I have done the one arm drills with my left (lead) arm the way Mike Austin demonstrates in the videos. That drill has been a major light bulb in ball striking for me. However, when I put my right hand on the club…I cannot get the same feeling for extension and freedom.

    Any ideas?
    Thank you.

  3. BW,
    Glad your ball striking has improved.
    Mike never had me hit it any harder with the driver. It’s a driver for a reason, let it work.
    Really slow down the pivot, but make a complete one. Never a descending blow with the driver.
    If anything, feel up on it. That also prevents the lead shoulder from dropping and simply spinning left.
    See the video, “Think Up”.

  4. Chuck,
    I am very pleased with my distance and accuracy of all my iron clubs. However, there is definitely a diminishing return with the driver. I would much rather hit a 5 wood off the deck than hit my driver. Due to the ball being on a tee, I have a tendency to lift my arms in the backswing which creates all kinds of problems. My tempo is horrible with the driver as well. I have three questions:
    1) Did you experience any of these issues while applying the MA swing to the driver?
    2) Do you think this is mostly mental? Due to trying to hit it far and causing tension.
    3) Should the driver hit the ball on a descending or ascending blow, or the exact bottom of the arc?

  5. Chuck, would you say that the right hip leads the right elbow in the downswing, or does the right elbow lead the right hip? When I make a throwing motion, the hip leads the elbow. Thanks

  6. I have really enjoyed and received so much from this site! Thank you!

  7. The mystique of Ben Hogan.

    I do not know if Mike Austin had any discussion with you regarding Ben Hogan. Hogan was no fool, he sought and took information from many different sources in pursuit of perfecting his golf swing. He was however not very forthcoming regarding what, whom and how he developed it but it certainly was trial and error with a dedication and devotion to incessant practice.

    After his auto accident Hogan was forced to change his swing of pre 1949 because of abdominal surgical procedures that rerouted the blood flow preventing him from swinging as he did. By Hogan’s own admission he stated that he never was as good as he was in 47-49 from a swing perspective.

    I do know that Hogan and Mike played golf together and Hogan sought Mike out for advice but to what effect I do not know. Hogan developed his swing to eliminate the hook but could work the wall right to left on demand and played a power fade as his preferred shot and it certainly worked for him.

    Anyway, what may have transpired between Mike and Ben is conjecture but I think that Mike could have had a positive role in Hogan’s swing thoughts and swing development(s).

    Hogan was the head pro at Tamarisk C.C. back in the 50’s which was in Mike’s backyard per se. If you watch Hogan’s post 50’s swings you will definitely notice a very different pivot action than previous swings which was much deeper than before (also watch the right knee backswing action and position).

    I watched Hogan play and practice and he was an exceptional ball striker with phenomenal ball flight control. The sound of his ball impact was unlike that of anybody else and if you heard it, it was very distinctive; unmistakably Hogan.

    Thanks for you response and time.

  8. Thank you for doing this website.

    I had been having a problem hitting “at” the ball (decel, no power, clubface open, etc.). The “There’s a Turn!” video may have just saved my summer! I haven’t hit any balls outside, yet, but my “whoosh” has returned!

  9. Just wanted to say thank you for this site.

    From now on, this is the only place I will took information from. For over 10 years, I’ve studied everything, I can’t find anything on the web anymore on golf instructions I haven’t seen, I think I have an obsession 😉

    That being said, only by watching and reading comments for all of the videos on the site, I’ve hit the best shots of my life yesterday. Longer than ever, straight and high, and I know it’s only a start. I think I now understand most of the Mike Austin swing and needs to practice as much as possible until it’s ingrained, which should take a while but I’ll commit to it.

    So thanks again and keep up the good work!

  10. Sandor,
    Great! Glad it worked for you.
    The weather has finally lifted. If you ever out this way, let me know!

  11. “Make the knee and that right hand come together.”
    That statement put it all together for me! I was hitting long but spraying occasionally. That timing is so key for accuracy.
    Thanks, Chuck!

    BTW – Are you still in the Albany area? I live near Rochester and would love to treat you to a round. Not today, though. We had an inch of snow this morning 🙁

    Sandor Bors

  12. Hey Chuck, great post, glad to see some new stuff.. Don’t forget to visit us on FB, and keep up the great work.

  13. Hey Tony,
    Great to hear from you. The wrist cock starts right away but don’t be jerky with it.
    As to hitting behind the ball, I’d make sure that your head and/or lead shoulder is not dropping.
    Bottom line is that the proper motion comes with a proper pivot. If you have the proper set up, yet hit the ground too early, something must be dropping.
    Try also smoothing out the pace of the swing. You can check it in a mirror. Then check it while clipping the grass.
    Hope that helps.

  14. Chuck

    Great to see your posts again. Still working on the MA swing as I approach my 81st year. I seem to be going great and then seem to lose rythm. I have even been swinging a weighted flexible club to try keep my arms, club and hips in sync.

    Please review the right wrist cock. Should it occur immediately, past the right heel, or just beyond the half way point. The ball goes straight but seem to be hitting behind the ball and losing distance.



  15. Hi James,
    Glad to. Mike Austin and I never spoke about lie angles, nor did I ever hear him mention it.
    Hey, some guys love tweaking their equipment. That’s part of the allure and fun of the game. Great. Go ahead.
    However, I don’t believe that the swing itself requires or favors flatter lie angles. From the swings that I’ve had the good fortune to look at and provided gratuitous requested comment, none of the issues was a matter of equipment.
    Rather, there were major deviations from Mike Austin swing principles.
    Above and beyond my lessons, I was by Mike Austin’s side as he give hundreds of hours of lessons with dozens and dozens of students of all shapes and sizes, ages, athletic ability, and golfing proficiency. I witnessed incredible improvement and explosive shots with all types of clubs – new and old. I frequently saw Mike Austin grab a student’s club from his/her hand and sail a ball into the distance one-handed. Club lie mattered not.
    My advice – get the basics down. Check yourself. Get in front of your reflection. Get it on film. Bring it to the golf course. Bring it to unfamiliar golf courses. Bring it to competitive venues. Feel free to send video to You should see remarkable improvement in efficiency and ball striking regardless of club lies. After that improvement – tweak the clubs as needed and per your liking (and even that’s usually an exercise in trial and error).

  16. Chuck- Would appreciate it if you could devote a piece on Mike and his views on equipment. I would be interested to get your comments on the older blades Mike undoubtedly used and their flatter lie angles compared to the more upright irons/rescue clubs sold today. Specifically, does the Austin Swing generally favor flatter lies? Did Mike intentionally change the lie angles on his clubs over his playing career? What advice could you give us on this matter?

    Best regards,

    James Head

  17. I just looked at the clip again for you.
    That wasn’t a drill of Mike Austin’s but I think it would be very helpful to many. The focus is on the lower half. It also evidences the circular movement.

  18. Do you mean the one I was doing with just the club by my side?
    If so, see my response to the inquiry of BW. Best to work on the pivot without a club first – preferably in front of your reflection.

  19. I would definitely be practicing the pivot without a club at first. Look what I am doing in the practice move without positioning the club.
    It’s a circular motion of the body, driven by the ankles, knees and then hips – which, in turn, turns the body.
    I don’t snap my legs. It’s just motion to a posted front leg.
    What Mike Austin is saying in the video is directly on point with your question.
    You have to feel that hind knee go toward the ball and then continue all the way until it’s pointing toward the big toe. That gives you the initial leg drive plus the rotational motion.
    Hope that helps.

  20. What swing thought or drill can you offer to help with keeping the turn going through and past impact? I feel like I’m shifting correctly and turning the right hip under the left hip correctly but it seems to stall at impact. I’m not getting the snap your legs have in the video. I post the left leg and lift the right heel, but I think there is another move to keep the turn going through impact. Will turning the right heel out after impact help, or should I focus on a larger muscle action?
    Thanks, these videos are pure gold.

  21. That little practice turn you do with club – Is that an MA drill or just your own move? It seems to give a good model of the move. Thanks.

  22. Chuck, I am so glad you posting again,, all these month I just keep checking and checking the website for new update
    thank you so much for what you did

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