The Weight Shift

From my second day of lessons with Mike Austin – a cornucopia of wonderful swing tips direct from the legend.

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  1. The lead arm stays close to the pec until after the hit.
    There’s no pulling of that arm. The elbow may appear to be pointed somewhat toward the target because the body is tilted but we never focused on pointing the elbow.

  2. Jim,
    My apologies, but I’m not quite sure I understand the questions.
    The feet are flared at address. The weight does shift to the front leg. There is no sitting action.
    As your back knee fires toward the ball (and then continues to turn) the weight shifts to the front leg which then is a post.
    Feel free to send me another question if I’m not understanding you correctly.

  3. Sorry Chuck, one more inquiry about MA’s swing. When he got to the impact position, it looks like he has his left elbow pointed towards the target line and then pulls it into his left side letting it fold and the left hand going almost straight up. Am I seeing this correctly?

  4. Chuck,
    more specifically about the pivot.. when I make the pivot without a slight “sit” at the top of the back swing, or without a lateral shift to the forward leg to “post up” the forward leg, I almost always keep my weight on the hind leg. I can not keep my forward foot square due to injuries. So I have that foot flared to the target and I make the “shift” by tilting the forward foot-ankle to its’ outside edge or by using a sit motion at the top of the back swing. Is either correct? Thanks again. I understand about the troubles with building a website. My website has been two years in the making. It is worse than watching paint dry .. and listening to hacker conformist babble.

  5. Thanks Jim.
    Yes, it was an unbelievable experience to know Mike Austin. I truly treasure all of those moments and friendship.
    Yes, I am working on a more detailed site. As you can imagine there’s a lot of technical hurdles to overcome.
    For now, did you have any more specific questions on the pivot?
    Glad to help.

  6. Chuck,
    jim [ ] in pittsburgh here.. hope all is well with you.. I have been working through these videos.. Lots of golden nuggets .. you must have had a great time with the old man. I am still working on the pivot and reviewing more of the videos here.. are you going to have another site.. with full videos of the lessons? Thank you for making this site. It has been great to get insight into MA and his teaching and ideas.

  7. The clubface should remain square to the points on the compass, Mike Austin would say.
    There’s a post to the effect here.
    Turning the toe of the club down means that the club is no longer square to the circle.
    The shaft is rotating around and closing the blade. That’s one way to hit a hook.

  8. Great Stu.
    One think you can do once the hip is feeling better is to take some practice swings downhill.
    Gravity will then help you make a complete finish. After you’ve captured the feel jump over and hit some balls without much thought.

  9. Thanks so much for the advice, Chuck. Took your suggestions to the course last weekend, and the warm-up on the range went great!! Then, as usual the Ranger Rick scenario on the course – but hey, I’m really optimistic I can get the ball going straight again. I think your first thought – finishing the downswing – is the biggest culprit in my case. I’ve been experiencing some pain in my left hip lately and I was likely trying to protect it and wasn’t totally rotating around on the front leg. Now I know what to do! Thanks again.

  10. Hey Chuck, did Mike mention anything about the lead ankle supinating during impact and follow through? I have been having ankle issues lately and it seems a tad worse the next morning after golf. I believe it’s due to the lead ankle supinating at impact due to the weight shift, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do it without the big toe coming well off the ground.

    Any idea?

  11. Stu,
    Fighting the hook:
    Make sure that you are completing your pivot with the right shoulder in front of the left when complete.
    Be sure not to be turning the toe down.
    Watch you pace. One second on the way back. One second all the way through to the finish.
    Let me know . . .

  12. Chuck: HELP! My divots are all pointing right (RH) and I fight a hook… What would Mike say I’m doing wrong? I may be overdoing something in the pivot; I might be taking it back too far inside, (but isn’t that what Dr. Austin promoted?). I’d like to zero out my plane and get my divots pointing slightly left!!

  13. Ugh. Sorry. When I return I’ll try to repost in another movie format. Maybe that’s the issue for some.

  14. ahhh – no video for me either bro – was really looking forward to this one. tried on chrome and explorer on windows 7 pro. audio only. weird. not techy enough to suggest the cause/solution.

    regardless – really glad i found your site! you posted on myswingevolution on fb there the other day.

  15. Thanks Chuck,
    I figured that’s what he was getting at. Hope you had a good 4th!

  16. Hey Brandon. Mike was talking at that moment at the transition at the top.
    This was an early lesson and I was surprised in reviewing the clip how much emphasis Mike Austin placed on tempo.
    He really wanted me to slow down the back swing and then smoothly transition into the forward swing.
    Notably, the tempo was motivated by the ankles and knees.

  17. Sorry. I’ve been checking on all my devices and in different geographic areas and they all work.
    Let me know if still a problem.

  18. Hey Chuck,
    There near the end of the video when he is talking about tempo and he says you got ahead of it, you have to stop it. What was he referring to exactly? Thanks!

  19. The video isn’t working for me either; nothing at all in Firefox. With the Chrome browser, I get audio but no video.

  20. yes, works fine now.

    Don’t make the videos so rare. They are phantasic. Is there a possibility to watch more than just the short clips?
    Your swing was (or is) awesome.
    How about your grip? Strong? Closed face?

  21. Thanks Chris. Appears to be working from all of my computers and devices.
    Does it work now?

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