Bicycle Pedaling

I realize that everyone is clamoring for the hand action. And, it’s coming. But, I can assure you that the lower 6 joint issues are critical – not just the motion, but the angles. They have a direct impact on all the other motions. Done correctly, you can kill it even without adding the hand. Here is a tremendous video on the proper hip action. You can see the results in the swing when done properly. You can  hear my reactions in the background. Our buddy, the student, also does a great job of describing the incorrect action.

Please note something else. Any medical terms here? No. That’s not how Mike Austin taught predominately. He distilled the action to pedaling a bicycle. Brilliant.

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10 thoughts on “Bicycle Pedaling

  1. Where’s the video on the hand action thru release? Are you teasing us?

  2. Nice! Funny how that works. It’s also related to the latest video where Mike Austin states that the ankles, knees and hips control the torso (and thus your balance and pace).

  3. I viewed this video on pedaling a bike many months ago. Couldn’t understand the value of it at the time.
    I went on my merry way. Started spending hours practicing to learn and feel.
    Tried tilted hips, stretching the glutes and then squeezing the glutes at the bottom of the swing, you name it I tried it. I eventually tried to emulate Sam Snead at the bottom. I learned what didn’t work and thought I had wasted all my effort, then it finally dawned on me, what if I created a tight passing of the glutes, one forward and the other backwards blending that into the swing. It was ok but still felt wrong, Then , DING DING, DING, what if I created a fast passing of the glutes with one going up and the other going down and reverse that same motion on the downswing. Felt awesome and controllable. Then all of a sudden I remembered this video. The perception of feel in this case makes all the difference in the world.

  4. Sluggo,
    This is great video and another revelation. I was not fully pivoting into the downswing (right hip goes down and around left goes up around). I made the adjustment, it is very subtle, but wow what a difference. I thought I was hitting long but now, grab the other one!
    This automatically puts into the position where I feel as I am swinging into impact past the SIDE of my left leg (as he described in the old skeleton video).
    This was the final missing piece!
    Unreal! What a genius. Effortless power and no pain whatsoever. I’m 53 and can balls all day if I so choose. Your website is a real gift to those with an open mind.

  5. Robert,
    Sadly, I agree.
    Let’s hope Tiger and others some day come to the site.

  6. Thanks Terry. Appreciate the comment.
    The move is really a key to speed and sets up the correct angles.
    I do a lot of mirror work which helps to ensure correct movements. I also think back and refer others to the video I posted some time ago, where Mike Austin is stepping on my hind foot. It prohibits the entire motion.

  7. Excellent video Chuck!
    This really helped me see and understand the proper movement of the hips. I find when I get the proper “angle” as you say, the rear knee and ankle seem to pivot to the target effortlessly with no thought whatsoever. I would think this is the most crucial component of the swing . And WOW the swing speed…

    Thanks so much and have a great weekend!

  8. The modern pivot is why Tiger is sitting at home recovering from back surgery. This pivot is why Mike enjoyed a lengthy carrier and could hit longer than anyone else on the senior tour.

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