The Fundamentals Part 1

Rather than make everything perfect at this point, I thought I’d present some video I shot last summer in an effort to provide Mike Austin swing fundamentals. Hopefully, it will allow people to pick up the overall elements of the swing and allow people to pick up on some of the subtleties and nuances of the actual Mike Austin teaching clips. Here’s the first of a series.

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8 thoughts on “The Fundamentals Part 1

  1. Hi Chuck,
    Love the fact that you are willing to share this valuable info. with all of us. You are right, there are way too many instructors and people out in the internet claiming to be Mike Austin’s students. It can get very confusing, so I decided to follow you.
    do you by any chance coach or teach? Thanks

  2. Hey Sluggo,
    When are going to discuss Austin’s hand action through impact? I continue to make great progress in my swing change to the Austin method.

  3. Mark,
    Thanks for taking the time and effort to comment. Wonderful to hear of your great results and lack of pain.
    I agree that the narrow stance is critical. Interestingly enough, I am an avid skier. A generation ago great skiers skied with a narrow stance. “Modern teaching” widened the ski stance to enhance stability. Now the World Cup guys and great instructors like Harald Harb (who has advocated a narrow stance for years) are advocating a narrower stance. It actually allows greater movement, increases balance, and reduces, if not eliminates, pain. Loved your contrarian story. There’s is something to said for effortless power.
    Thanks for all of your support. Best, Chuck

  4. Mike Austin

    Love what you are doing. I learned my golf swing based on Hogan’s 5 lessons. I also had a tendancy to snap hook it as well but had a single digit handicap despite the flaw. As I got older I would develop soreness in the left femoral head area and in the left knee to the point I stopped playing.
    After moving to Myrtle Beach last year my interest in playing was revived. I knew I had change my swing because one shouldn’t hurt after practice or a round. In Secret In the Dirt and other golf swing sites where I discoverd the name of Mike Austin whom I had never heard of before. Researching further led me to your sight and it has been a revelation!! I have been coming here often over the last year and have implemented everything Austin taught. Also there is video showing Hogan in 1948 (pre crash) and has Austin in it no doubt. The narrow stance was the epiphany for me as it seemed counter to what I taught myself via Hogan. Not only is the knee and hip pain gone (I can hit balls all day) but I have increased my distance and accuracy (still using my old Hogan Apex Plus irons) and I can hit any old driver long and straight. The Austin Swing is the real deal and it has renewed my passion for the game. Being a contrarian by nature, I enjoy standing there with a 12 inch stance and launching 290 yard drives with little effort and the puzzled looks of the other golfers are priceless!
    Keep up the great work and I will subscribe to your full access site when available.

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