The Left Spinae

Mike Austin’s secrets reside in the efficient movement of the muscles and joints. Mike had a keen mind. He used his background in kinesiology to ascertain the correct movements and then used mental imagery  to efficiently and effortlessly perform those motions. Here, Mike Austin’s  hands-on lesson highlighted the QL and the spinae erector muscle groups. More specifically, Mike demonstrated which spinae to activate. As a right handed player, the QL contracted the 12th rib of my left side down toward my left hip. The left spinae then provided the rotary motion allowing the front of my body to swing like a door in front of me. Notice the difference in motion when the player improper activates the right spinae.


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6 thoughts on “The Left Spinae

  1. On the backswing.
    There’s a video on point here on the site with Mike Austin wearing red paints.

  2. If you use the right, it pulls your right hip back behind you. The resultant action happens behind you and you end up in a negative position. As Mike use to say, you would be like a bear, wiping it’s butt against a tree.

    Instead, the correct action uses the left. That naturally induces the front of your body to swing around in front of you- like a gate.

  3. What happens if you use the right? He said something, but I couldn’t hear… Does if make you come “over the top?”

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