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  1. Love your videos.I have been a fan of Mike Austin for years. I owned a set Mike and Mike Dunaway video for years, gave them away. Dumb move! I still have Mike Dunaway DVD with Mike Austin Secrets, and just ordered the Lesson’s Mike Austin gave professional golfers. Waiting for its arrival.

    Love your site, after watching your posted video I have gone back to the method, I feel I am now very rotating in the swing, love the point of starting the back swing with left side going down and right side (knee) firing along with hands,\.

    In my early 70’s and had lost some power, my drives were about 190 now after watching your posts I had a couple out to 230 last week in Michigan.

  2. Dear Sluggo300. Great job with the site. Been fascinated with the austin swing for 4 years now. Have seen different interpretations of it by Mike’s students.Despite close observation I’ve not been able to achieve the great gains in distance which I believe a better understanding on my part would otherwise yield. I’ve gotten some benefit from power bands and visualization of speed and images. But I would really love some personal instruction. I think that’s the missing ingredient at this point. I like your swing as posted the flow and acceleration ,validated by Mike himself. Thanks, Bob

  3. Sorry, I am waiting for Tiger to call.

    Actually, we have some success in locating hackers and are compiling data to the authorities.
    Sorry for the delay in publication of new material.

  4. The Mike Austin swing has got my attention recently and I came across this site during my search.
    In a response to one question about where to get in person lessons sluggo300 said if you live in NY contact me.
    I live in NY and would like some details on in person lessons.
    Thank You

  5. sluggo300 replied to a post
    “In all honesty – me. If you are in the NY area, let me know.”
    Does this indicate you live and give lessons in NY State?

  6. Tim,
    Thank you so very, very much.
    The support of you and others is greatly appreciated.

  7. Dear Sir,

    I have been checking in your blog from time to time. I wanted to thank you and let you know how much this information means to me and most likely others. The Austin teachings contained here, is in my opinion, the very highest in quality. I have been a student of the game now for quite some time. I moved from my beginnings with an old so called “out dated” teacher who idolized Hogan, to the most modern PGA video analysis, and everything in between. I’ve read everything I can get my hands on searching for knowledge, and acquired a library of vintage rarities from Cecil Leitch, Weathered, Melhorn, Mitchell, Nelson, etc. to name just a few. Had some success with the so called modern PGA method, until my back went out picking up a ball on the 10th green. The “Austin Pivot” is the only way I can swing without causing debilitating back pain and issues. It is also a beautiful type of swing much like the swings of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s that I admire the most. If I had to swing the modern way, I would most likely give up the game. Anyone with back issues knows what I mean. There are other sources of the Austin teachings I have been exposed to. But for me, there are many inconsistencies and anomalies that have kept me from the reach my goals with this swing and overall enjoyment the game. The information here has answered many questions and has erased doubt regarding intricacies and instilled confidence. I work hard raising a family and play golf for enjoyment with friends to de -stress. The information you have provided here has helped me immensely , and brought much enjoyment. I want to thank you and let you know that you will have my support as a member when you get a membership up and running.



  8. Thanks John. I am actively working on the membership site.
    The issue right now is hackers.
    Thanks for the support.

  9. In all honesty – me. If you are in the NY area, let me know.
    Everything else I have seen has been altered for some reason or another.
    Either they think they knew better than Mike or never took and witnessed as many lessons over a period of years.

  10. I cannot read any of the comments. Also, as a web-guy… .m4v is not a format I would use. Perhaps you meant to label the videos .mp4?

    I cannot wait, but I am disappointed that the whole season in Wisconsin is essentially gone.


  11. Do you know of any currently active teachers that teach an unaltered version of Mike Austin? I have read about plenty of his disciples and pupils, but most of the critical review indicates that they have tweaked his ideology in ways that he would not agree with.

  12. Hello Chuck!

    This video is very good as all of you other videos are, and I really look forward to your membership site as I have asked you to do before.

    Regards Staale, Norway

  13. Love it. Thank you for posting. I will gladly become a member with this kind of content.

    Would really like to see an in depth discussion on hand action.


    Chris Putney

  14. Let me know when the membership site is up and running, I’m ready to join.
    FYI, I’m knocking the ball out there, straight and far far away, thanks to your help.

  15. I have really enjoyed your site and always come over immediately whenever there is new material. I would definitely be interested if you were to offer more.

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