12 thoughts on “220 yard 3/4 shots

  1. It looks like you are swinging the shoulders more around now compared to your lessons with Mike.Is this intentional?

  2. Joe,
    Sorry but despite my best efforts to override, unfortunately you must leave a comment for now. I apologize for any inconvenience.

  3. Chuck,
    comment section still not available/visible?!
    any ideas…I would appreciate if you get it running

  4. Chuck,

    Why is it that I am unable to access the comments section of your site … when I click on the comments, it directs me to this page … Leave a Reply??

    Let me know when you have a minute … thx


  5. Yes, there’s been a new wave of attacks. Very disheartening.
    This has to be resolved before I can activate the membership site unfortunately. I can’t speak for Mike Dunaway. I spoke to him a couple of times by phone when I was at Mike Austin’s house. He seemed like a very nice, humble gentleman.

  6. Hi Chuck,
    the old Videos are missing ..is this a result of the hacking?
    Do you plan to restore the site or start a new member section as mentioned somewhen? How far are your efforts on that project?
    You have the pure source, all others only have interpretations of Mike’s teaching and I’d like to see with my own eyes how Mike himself taught.
    To me Mikes swing is the real deal and it makes so much fun to hit balls and I’d like to hit it at least to the moon…;-)

    Do you know why Mike Dunaway is kind of hold off regarding the discussions about Mike’s Ideas. since Mike passed .he should know

  7. Incredible comfort and easiness hitting the bal! wow! Congrats for the swing, really looks a Mike Austin swing applied.

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