The Genius of Michael Hoke Austin

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Sure, Mike Austin taught long drive pioneer Mike Dunaway how to crush it. But his gift of a free flowing, powerful swing was not limited to the Arkansas slugger. Mike Austin’s genius rested in taking doctors, lawyers, accountants, movie studio production people, authors and good old hardworking ladies and gentlemen and giving them incredible power and accuracy in short order. He despised the modern approach – keeping the feet attached to the ground and twisting the upper body above a stable lower body; spinning the hips; swinging the arms; and maintaining a bowed wrist at impact. Instead, he applied his expertise in engineering and kinesiology to golf – just as he did previously in his boxing career.

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3 thoughts on “The Genius of Michael Hoke Austin

  1. I thought you fell off the earth. Thrilled to death to find my inbox with you. Studio City was my office for years and Mike was my TV. He might have looked like he was only teaching one student at a time, but the whole darn range was watching and being like E.F. Hutton. Stay healthy…we need you.

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