The Heels

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I was hitting balls at the range a few days ago while a pro was giving a lesson based on the most recent, advanced, body movement research.
The student hit but 2 balls. They were weak shots. I overhead the pro say, “I love the way your lower body stays still.” Most of the lesson was foot and ankle stretching- designed “so that the heels could stay completely flat on the ground to build up torque”. Meanwhile, I was flushing it and had 2 members come over to ask what in the world I was hitting and how I learned to hit so far and straight . . . We have 2 new fans of Mike Austin.

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A Treasure Trove of Mike Austin Swing Secrets

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Check out the number of tremendous Mike Austin swing keys in this short clip.
These aren’t vague, esoteric swing motions. These are the real deal – precise movements that can be readily incorporated into your swing.
Don’t bend your knees as you push your butt back to take the address. Otherwise, you lose your height.
Raise the heel!!! How many times have I told you that while others refuse to correctly teach Mike Austin’s swing?
The left knee bends/flexes toward the ball.
The left shoulder lowers and the right shoulder raises in the back swing.
AND, for those that argue that the head moves, take a look again.
Better yet, listen to what Mike Austin taught: The head stays in the address position.
But, it only does so when you perform the individual movements of the Mike Austin swing correctly – as he taught it.
That was the genius of the man.

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A “Shout Out” to Sammy and the Boys. And the Girls . . .

For those that haven’t found it yet, check out the Facebook site for the “Mike Austin Golf Swing” that Sammy Smith started. Great stuff.
And, a great tribute to Mike Austin. Thanks Sammy.

The following video is submitted in response to a comment posed to the group questioning the validity of Mike Austin’s results:

[wpvideo SfTYr3IQ]

Enough said.

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The Foundation

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Here’s an example of the level of detail that’s in store.
So many people asked me how they can improve rapidly. I told them what Mike Austin did in his teachings. You can now witness it.
He had people hit balls with just the leg action. Forget the hand action at first.
You must build the foundation. You must go through Kindergarten. I know, I know. Sounds too elementary.
Guess what? You need to get it down. You need to own it. It’s like scales and chords in music.
There’s also magic in proper sequencing – the order in which you learn things.
Study this and practice it. It’s a fundamental to the golf swing and the short game. I will show you later how I failed to do this basic, fundamental move in the short game and the wrath that ensured.
So much is here. Despite what others have preached, notice the left heel raise and then the right heel raise.
See how the right knee continues around in a circular motion. See where it ends up. It’s NOT just a weight shift.
Witness Mike Austin ensuring the proper movement of the right knee.

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Big News

In light of all of the great interest, the launch of the Membership site will be ready shortly. This will also hopefully thwart the dreadful pirating of ideas and copyrighted materials experienced to date. It will also create a platform for more complete discussions and swing analysis.

Say “so long” to all of the inaccurate teachings by those claiming that they teach the “Mike Austin swing” or have “discovered” or “figured out” the Mike Austin swing. I am sad to say, that most everything I have seen is total conjecture and wrong. Dead wrong.

As a member, you will learn the Mike Austin swing first-hand. And, just as Mike Austin taught the swing – not during rapid fire demonstrations, but how he taught the swing during hour long lessons. You will learn crucial Mike Austin swing principles that have NEVER been revealed – NEVER. You will also witness, first-hand, the changes that Mike Austin made in his swing and in his teachings. And yes, he made changes. We will also detail the short game – the way Mike Austin really taught it. And, it’s nothing short of amazing.

One of our followers reinforced a goal that I have had from the start. It is particularly poignant at this juncture –
Keeping it pure. No embellishments. No guesswork. The Real Deal.

Much more to come as we get closer to the launch date.

Also, check out the comments we have received to the posts – some incredible results.

The Stomach and the Right Knee

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Guys and gals, I will get to the release but I really want to you to get down the pivot. You can kill it just with the pivot.
Really study this video. I can’t tell you enough that it’s a shift AND a turn. Look at my first swing. Looks fine. But if you really look closely you can see that I stopped my body ever so slightly near the end. I cut off the swing motion. Mike Austin yelled at me all day to keep the stomach and right knee going. Look and LISTEN to the next swings. See the flow and HEAR the high pitched, lively hit? That’s what you are looking for. Actually, that’s what you are listening for. It provides your very own feedback. Hear the sound and look at the flight.
“That’s killing the ball”.

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The Hip Turn

As I pointed out in a recent comment, still shots can be deceiving. There are photo’s of Mike Austin from behind and people are being led to believe that his right hip is not turning prior to impact. First, remember that camera angles can be deceiving. Look at this photo from in front of Mike – the hip has clearly turned before impact. Remember, on the backswing it rotated back 30 degrees (simply from the straightening of the right leg). Just to get back to a position parallel to the target line it would have to regain that 30 degrees. Also, remember that you obviously aren’t seeing motion in a photo.

Pick Up The Heel !!

[wpvideo SL9DtBUc]

I went back to my mission statement and recalled that I started the blog because I was quite upset at those who were espousing incorrect versions of what Mike Austin taught and claiming that they had figured it out or had taken lessons from Mike (more likely one lesson) and consequently could enlighten Mike Austin fans as to what the great man taught.

Prime example – Here is a student shifting his weight by rolling between the insides of the ankles.

Mike Austin’s response? “Pick up the heel! Pick up the heel!”

To teach otherwise and call it Mike Austin, is, as Mike would say, “A bunch of crap”. Note too, Mike explaining the benefit of a narrow stance enabling you to work with the hips. With a wide stance you are working “against the hips”.

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The Hip Pull Drill

[wpvideo NKucBvOC]

It’s a shift and then a hip turn. It’s not just a tilt or a stretch.  There’s a turn. Here’s the real deal.

Check out the drill – MIke emphatically teaching the power that comes with the hip turn. (Something to practice while the snow flies.)

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The Blade Always Faces The Ball

In honor of the Masters, here’s a fantastic lesson from the Master, Mike Austin.
Viewers are interested in how the club and hands move, so here goes – in vivid detail.
The first lesson is (drum roll please):
The blade always faces the ball.
That negates most everything you’ve heard about the Mike Austin swing – the forearms pronating, etc.
Second item: Remember the post “It’s an In-Curve”? Notice how the club doesn’t go straight back.
It faces the ball but moves in a circular path. That negates half of the other incorrect information out there about the Mike Austin swing.

Don’t believe it. Here’s the legendary Mike Austin himself.
[wpvideo Cn3QNVqD]

Note too, the importance of the pivot. That’s why we have spent a lot of time on it.
Mike goes right back to it in teaching the action of the blade.
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Get Busy

Here’s the result of a one hour lesson with Mike Austin. I saw it live. First time the guy ever went to Mike Austin. Mike started with the stance, moved to the pivot, then on to the swing.
Within 1 hour the guy was bombing it, dead straight with no effort. He stood 5’7″ and weighed 160 pounds.
And, check out the swing. Simple. Efficient. Smooth. Note the tempo.
Hear the “click”? You can hear my reaction on the clip:
[wpvideo TKERNo6U]

Would you like this swing?
Good, go get busy. Enjoy the clips. Get in front of a mirror. Watch your tempo.
No more nonsense. We’re going to get results here.

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What’s your QL ?

People have asked if Mike Austin mentioned the QL in my lessons. The answer is “yes”. The QL is the quadratus lumborum, the muscles which attached the pelvic bone to each side of the spine.
There’s been much study and some dispute of late as to the precise function of the QL. Some argue that it aids in lateral flexion, as in a side bend. Others say that it has little to do with that motion. What is intriguing is the studies generally agree with how Mike Austin told me to utilize the QL. Namely, when one side is activated it brings the lowest rib (the 12th rib) down toward the hip.
To get a feel, stand erect and act as if you are going to raise your left heel but don’t allow the foot to raise. You are activating the left QL.
What does that mean to us as golfers? At address the right knee (for a right hander) is flexed. You then straighten it which bumps the right hip to 4 o’clock. At the same time you utilize the QL to crimp in (concave as Mike would say) your left side. That lowers the left hip and shoulder and sets the plane upward. Now your swing can move on the previously discussed “in curve” and the path of the club will naturally move up as it travels along the upward plane set by the left hip and shoulder. But remember our past lesson. You don’t move your head. (You’re not a dinosaur!) How is that possible? You start raising you left heel which allows the turn.
Gray’s Anatomy FIG. 389– Deep muscles of the back.

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The Belly Button

To start the New Year with a bang I am going to give you a big secret of the Mike Austin swing.
It’s your belly button. Yes, your navel. Probably haven’t thought about it that much lately, have you? Unless, it relates to a New Year’s resolution.
However, it’s a major source of power. And yet, you will rarely hear about it. If you swing your belly button back and through you are activating and/or energizing many of the muscles that Mike Austin wanted you to utilize in the swing, including the internal and external obliques, the transverse abdominis, the glutes and the sartorius, just to name a few. The good news is that you don’t have to think about those muscles, if you don’t want to.
Just swing that belly button. The further and faster you move it (albeit smoothly) the further that ball will go.
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