The Fundamentals Part 1

Rather than make everything perfect at this point, I thought I’d present some video I shot last summer in an effort to provide Mike Austin swing fundamentals. Hopefully, it will allow people to pick up the overall elements of the swing and allow people to pick up on some of the subtleties and nuances of the actual Mike Austin teaching clips. Here’s the first of a series.

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The Left Spinae

Mike Austin’s secrets reside in the efficient movement of the muscles and joints. Mike had a keen mind. He used his background in kinesiology to ascertain the correct movements and then used mental imagery  to efficiently and effortlessly perform those motions. Here, Mike Austin’s  hands-on lesson highlighted the QL and the spinae erector muscle groups. More specifically, Mike demonstrated which spinae to activate. As a right handed player, the QL contracted the 12th rib of my left side down toward my left hip. The left spinae then provided the rotary motion allowing the front of my body to swing like a door in front of me. Notice the difference in motion when the player improper activates the right spinae.


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The Right Knee is the Trigger

The right knee is flexed at address. Straightening the right knee pulls the right hip back thirty degrees. (You are now at the 4 o’clock / 10 o’clock position that we have visited before.) The right knee is the trigger. You did nothing actively with your right hip. You then need to move that right hip 120 degrees to the finish – your hips finishing perpendicular to the flight line. Of course, that’s done by the ankles and knees – not by spinning the hips.  Note Mike Austin’s “hands on” teaching method. Critics (who, by the way, never took a lesson from the man) love to allege that his teaching was overcomplicated and that he excessively utilized medical terms. To borrow  an oft-cited phrase of Mr Austin, “That is crap!”

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The Real Deal

Here’s the beginning of the end of all of the rubbish out there regarding Mike Austin’s teachings.
I’ve split clips ups due to system constraints. I’ve also done so in order to emphasize key segments.
You start to see many key components of the swing: the movement of the heels, the weight shift, the clubhead facing the ball.
As you watch these clips over and over again and watch additional clips you will capture new nuances that you can add to your own swings.

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Don’t Stop At Impact

From my second day of lessons with Mike Austin. The swing does not end at the ball – far from it. Keep the body moving. The ankles, knees, hips and belly button must continue to turn even after reaching the ball.

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The Genius of Michael Hoke Austin

Sure, Mike Austin taught long drive pioneer Mike Dunaway how to crush it. But his gift of a free flowing, powerful swing was not limited to the Arkansas slugger. Mike Austin’s genius rested in taking doctors, lawyers, accountants, movie studio production people, authors and good old hardworking ladies and gentlemen and giving them incredible power and accuracy in short order. He despised the modern approach – keeping the feet attached to the ground and twisting the upper body above a stable lower body; spinning the hips; swinging the arms; and maintaining a bowed wrist at impact. Instead, he applied his expertise in engineering and kinesiology to golf – just as he did previously in his boxing career.

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Barrels of Laughs

This clip should provide some insights into the laughs, bragging rights and enthusiasm that could accompany a lesson with Mike Austin.
It also reveals the level of precision hitting that Mike Austin imbued upon his students.

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Never Swing The Arms!

Here’s an absolute essential to the Mike Austin swing, as explained by Mike himself.
Never swing the arms! The arms move with the chest as a unit. The chest moves via the actions of the ankles, knees and hips.
Your C7 is like the hub of a wheel. Your arms are spokes. Swing your arms independently and you have broken the structure of the wheel.

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You Don’t Hit It On The Backswing. You Prepare To Hit It.

I have the opportunity to view a lot of clips from Mike Austin enthusiasts. Just remember, it’s not all about speed. It’s about pace and hitting the ball solidly. You can be too fast as Mike Austin made clear to me. That prevents all the parts from being synchronized. A tell tale sign is taking it back too quickly in the backswing. Be cognizant of becoming too fast. Finish your backswing.

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The Heels

I was hitting balls at the range a few days ago while a pro was giving a lesson based on the most recent, advanced, body movement research.
The student hit but 2 balls. They were weak shots. I overhead the pro say, “I love the way your lower body stays still.” Most of the lesson was foot and ankle stretching- designed “so that the heels could stay completely flat on the ground to build up torque”. Meanwhile, I was flushing it and had 2 members come over to ask what in the world I was hitting and how I learned to hit so far and straight . . . We have 2 new fans of Mike Austin.

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A Treasure Trove of Mike Austin Swing Secrets

Check out the number of tremendous Mike Austin swing keys in this short clip.
These aren’t vague, esoteric swing motions. These are the real deal – precise movements that can be readily incorporated into your swing.
Don’t bend your knees as you push your butt back to take the address. Otherwise, you lose your height.
Raise the heel!!! How many times have I told you that while others refuse to correctly teach Mike Austin’s swing?
The left knee bends/flexes toward the ball.
The left shoulder lowers and the right shoulder raises in the back swing.
AND, for those that argue that the head moves, take a look again.
Better yet, listen to what Mike Austin taught: The head stays in the address position.
But, it only does so when you perform the individual movements of the Mike Austin swing correctly – as he taught it.
That was the genius of the man.

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A “Shout Out” to Sammy and the Boys. And the Girls . . .

For those that haven’t found it yet, check out the Facebook site for the “Mike Austin Golf Swing” that Sammy Smith started. Great stuff.
And, a great tribute to Mike Austin. Thanks Sammy.

The following video is submitted in response to a comment posed to the group questioning the validity of Mike Austin’s results:

Enough said.

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The Foundation

Here’s an example of the level of detail that’s in store.
So many people asked me how they can improve rapidly. I told them what Mike Austin did in his teachings. You can now witness it.
He had people hit balls with just the leg action. Forget the hand action at first.
You must build the foundation. You must go through Kindergarten. I know, I know. Sounds too elementary.
Guess what? You need to get it down. You need to own it. It’s like scales and chords in music.
There’s also magic in proper sequencing – the order in which you learn things.
Study this and practice it. It’s a fundamental to the golf swing and the short game. I will show you later how I failed to do this basic, fundamental move in the short game and the wrath that ensured.
So much is here. Despite what others have preached, notice the left heel raise and then the right heel raise.
See how the right knee continues around in a circular motion. See where it ends up. It’s NOT just a weight shift.
Witness Mike Austin ensuring the proper movement of the right knee.

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